Be careful, everyone. I’m afraid the wind will increase in the front range, which will blow our bodies and throw us back to Diji Shuiyue and say to the immortal brother.

Soon they came to the body lying range.
The wind is almost the same as before, and there is no strong wind breeding.
Everyone’s heart is full of doubts, but they dare not be careless. They are still cautious and slow forward.
A group of people went deep into the distance of about Li Xu. Just as the instantaneous wind suddenly intensified, the ears screamed and the ears trembled. Among the nine people in the group, two weaker brothers were blown by the strong wind to blink of an eye, and they had already reached Li Xu and fell to the ground without moving. They were directly killed by heavy falls.
Situhao’s body resisted the wind and kept Chu Yun firmly behind him, condensing the force and moving forward step by step to protect his body from being blown away by strong wind.
The hurricane here should be the Armageddon fortress, which will experience the first Armageddon.
Walking in the hurricane, Situ Hao feels that every step will make him feel heavy. The fortress of Armageddon is really not so easy to break through, and I’m afraid it will be ten times and one hundred times stronger than this in the later journey.
A group of people just trudged forward step by step, and the wind would be huge with each step, but none of them gave up.
Step by step, it was difficult to move forward. It was about two miles away, but it was full of huge wind, but it stopped in an instant. The huge wind disappeared, let alone a hurricane or a breeze, but it didn’t.
Situ Hao and Chu Yun were the first to break through the strong wind and come to this place where there was no wind. After two people looked back, Ji Shuiyue and the other four were still struggling to move forward. Ji Shuiyue and the other two elders were in front, but the other two were far behind.
Looking at other places, some martial arts are also struggling to move forward. From time to time, they fly back and fly to the ground, but they never get up again. Obviously, if they can’t keep moving forward in the strong wind, they will all die in the end.
It didn’t take long for Ji Shuiyue’s other two elders to break through the wind-flooded area in a breathtaking way. One of them, the immortal brother Zong, was about to reach his destination, but he was unable to stand firm and was blown back by the strong wind. He flew straight three miles away and fell to the ground again and never got up.
When the last brother came to this wind with difficulty, his face was covered with cold sweat and his face was in a state of ruin.
Situ Hao can go back and help these immortals, but he didn’t do it. It’s not that he is cruel, but he knows very well that he wants immortals to break through the Armageddon fortress and enter the Arctic ice area. Ji Shuiyue is likely to turn against them. The more people come and live for immortals, the more he faces the enemy. He won’t do such a thing of shooting himself in the foot.
Armageddon fortress Armageddon is really terrible. Ji Shuiyue wiped a cold sweat on her forehead and looked at Chu Yun in disbelief when she was talking.
Maybe she really wanted to order Chu Yun to move on and she came to be protected by Situhao.
Although the immortal Sect of Soul Desire has a strong killing ability, it does not depend on force, but on their practice of Soul Desire Dafa. However, in the face of this powerful horse, Soul Desire Dafa Root would not be in this situation, and it would be a powerful force to save his life.
Armageddon fortress Armageddon is really terrible. We just experienced Armageddon, but it’s just a wind disaster. I think it will be even more terrible on the way ahead. Listen to Armageddon. There is a faint thunder coming from the depths of the fortress. I believe that there is a thunder disaster waiting for us. This is what I am most afraid of, said Situ Haoshen.
Situhao voice fall to the ground people face couldn’t help depressed to face with a look, they listen to the faint thunder but also a feeling of fear.
Anyway, we’re going to enter the Arctic demon domain. Haoer, stop it. Let’s move on. Ji Shuiyue’s voice falls to the ground first, and several others hurry to follow.
Situhao is also determined to win the five elements of nirvana. It is impossible for him to back down now. He directly took Chu Yun’s hand and followed.
Flying forward for about a hundred miles, the Armageddon fortress in front is drizzling, but in the drizzle, you can hear the rushing rain, which comes from the depths of the drizzle, and everyone can see the bodies lying in the depths of the drizzle. The bodies are covered with holes, and the blood is gurgling from the holes, mixed with rain, and the ground has been spread a little.
This is really a strange scene. Situhao, there is not a drop of rain on their site, but the drizzle in front of them falls with it, and those who have been penetrated by rain are obviously penetrated by rain, but the rain drops on the ground just like ordinary rain. These rains are penetrated into people’s bodies. Chapter 3: Lega
Looking at the terrible scene in front of them, everyone was slightly stunned for a while, and they resolutely took a step forward and entered the drizzle.
However, before entering the rain, they all sacrificed their weapons in their hands.
Situhao Teng right hand clutching day crack ray blade left hand clutching Chu Yun let her tightly with his side is very carefully walked forward.
The farther forward, the heavier the rain, and the stronger the falling force. After nearly a mile, they will soon enter the range where the bodies are pierced.
Soon they came to the body lying ten feet away, and Situhao stretched his left hand forward to let Chu Yun follow him, but others made her way forward.
Every step forward, the strength of the rain will hit a lot, and it will hurt a lot. If the rain drops less than 10 meters forward, the thunder blade will crack like a nail, just like an iron ball hitting the thunder blade in the sky.
Look at this situation, people’s faces can’t help but look horrified.
It’s not rain, it’s deadly rain.
Situhao immediately propped up the low-light mask. Chu Yun saw that he followed him to prop up the low-light mask. Situhao read his mind, and the sky crack thunder blade suddenly flew in the middle, forming an impenetrable defense layer above his head. The rain was immediately blocked. He took Chu Yun into the sky crack thunder blade to form a defense range and moved forward quickly. The sky crack thunder blade realized that Situhao’s mind was moving forward with Situhao, and the terrible iron rain was immediately lost to the two people.
Ji Shui-shui’s other three people can also look at Chu Yun Situhao safely with envy, with a malicious look on his face, and directly wave his sword to prevent the terrible rain from shooting down his body and move forward carefully.
The rain range is nearly two meters away from Situhao. Chu Yun soon took off the powerful rain range. The sky cracked and the thunder blade came back just visible and looked at Ji Shuiyue.
Ji Shuiyue, the other two elders, have reached the ninth-order martial situation and reached a very strong level. They waved their swords, and the terrible rain won’t do them any harm. However, the younger brother’s strength is not as good as that of Ji Shuiyue, and they are not as profound as Ji Shuiyue. However, after more than 100 meters of rain, it directly hit her body through the sword wind and several blood gushed, and the waving sword in her hand immediately hit her body. In the piercing scream, her body was lying down in the rain, and her body was directly pierced when her body was propped up.
Ji Shuiyue three people walked in the terrible rain range, took a short break and galloped again.
Thunder is constantly coming in front of the sky, and white light flashes across the road. That is, the more thunder goes forward, the more ground shakes, but it also becomes more divided and rushes in this atmosphere. Everyone can feel the surge of strength.
Soon a line of five people came to Leicuo.
A heavy thunder keeps ringing in the flashing tear. This momentum gives people a murderous look. When Situhao sees the ground, their hearts are pounding even more.
The ground was covered with bloody corpses, but the residual limbs were not covered with all kinds of filth. This was the body that was smashed by lightning, but the body was completely black, and the body was directly burnt.
Situ Hao is a modern society, and his soul passes through him. What’s going on? Those shattered bodies were hit by powerful thunder, but they were split by lightning, which became this in powerful force.
The earth is shaking with lightning and thunder, and waves of majestic forces are coming in. Situ Hao can feel his heart beating harder and harder, but he dare not move forward easily in the face of this terrible scene.
Not SiTuHaoJi hidden at this time is also a face of terror never dare to move forward, and several others are also a face of horror at the place where the front is full of thunder.
The Armageddon Fortress is a place full of terrible Armageddon, and I’m afraid this wonderful area is also held by the Armageddon Fortress, which leads to the Arctic demon domain.
They looked at other places, and a lot of weapons have entered the regia area, but within ten meters, they became bodies.
While marching forward, Wu kept fighting against the powerful thunder of his own weapon, but at the same time he also killed them. However, some of the weaker Wu was able to withstand the powerful lightning strike, and this force could not escape the thunder’s attack on the ground. Some Wu was wrapped in clothes and dashed forward with the handle of the weapon, waving the weapon in his hand to fight directly.
Situhao saw here possessed and said in Chu Yun’s ear that the cloud followed me closely.
Chu Yun told SiTuHao hundred percent letter immediately nodded his head.

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