The driver is not sure whether Meng Yunan will get angry or whether he is glad that he carefully looks at Meng Yunan in the mirror and sees the handsome man leaning on the chair with his legs at will and his face is happy.

The driver doesn’t hold his breath. Meng Yunan is in a good mood today. From the past few days, shouldn’t he like stars very much? I also took Su Yun to his room for a few nights, and the housekeeper and servants liked them very much. Their words all meant that Su Yun wanted to be Mrs. Meng Yunan.
After all, I have known Meng Yunan’s driver for many years, and I dare not speculate at random.
After a while, the driver almost forgot about it, and he heard Meng Yunan smile happily. "It’s not bad for a daughter to follow her father."
It happened that the driver almost came to a screeching halt when he arrived at the company. He was scared to death, but he was skilled and finally stopped smoothly.
The driver ran to the back seat and pulled the door respectfully, "Mr. Meng has arrived."
Meng Yunan came out and played the bullet in situ. The dust is not there. The eyes seem to have swept the driver one eye. This is the only way to say "well"
☆ Chapter 15
Meng Yunan hasn’t appeared for nearly a week, and his assistant Liang Ruilai has delivered several things, all of which are for star toys and various imported foods, and so on.
Su Yun has returned to the dance center class, and the nanny Fang Lan looks after the stars at home during the day.
Fang Lan met Meng Yunan on the day of the accident of the star, which is to say, she experienced the changes of the star and Meng Yunan from the beginning to the end.
Meng Yunan changed the vip ward of a five-star hotel to Xing Xing during his hospitalization. Even though Fang Lan is an ordinary working woman, the luxurious decoration of the ward and the doctors all come to sit in the town, which makes her understand how expensive it is to spend one night in that ward, even if her monthly salary is not worth a day.
Meng Yunan’s practice is called "spending a lot of money" and it is no exaggeration that the object is a one-and-a-half-year-old girl.
Then the star was discharged from the hospital, and Meng Yunan directly took people to pick up their mother and daughter and went to his house. What happened specifically was not what she knew.
Although Su Yun and Xing Xing came back after staying there for three days, Fang Lan can still clearly feel that Mr. Meng loves stars very much, right? For this daughter
The stars are so cute and clever that no one will not like Fang Lan thinking like this, but also feel that Meng Yunan’s practice is normal.
But this week Meng Yunan didn’t come to see the stars at all. Fang Lan is a woman with little culture. She doesn’t think it’s good. The stars are still young. Although they haven’t been loved by their fathers in the previous year and a half, shouldn’t they spend more time with their children now that their biological fathers have appeared? Besides, Meng Yunan should have done a very good job so that people will not be short of money.
Now young people … The stars full of work and money are so flattering. Fang Lan is distressed. This little girl can’t help but complain about Meng Yunan.
But fortunately, Su Yun is not busy although she works, and spends a lot of time with the stars. She is a competent mother.
The stars are too clever. When Liang Ruilai sent her toys and food, she actually remembered that when he came to Liang Rui, my girl would hide in Fang Lan’s arms and wait for the other party to leave. My girl pointed to the door and looked back at Fang Lan.
Fang Lan doesn’t understand what it means.
However, in the next few days, the star occasionally popped up a word "ba", which made Fang Lan more and more worried about Su Yun and Meng Yunan.
Meng Yunan has been very busy recently, and his sixth brother, who was kicked out of Monteggio, has repeatedly caused him trouble recently. If it is not for the sake of his master, he and his eldest brother will be sent abroad directly instead of staying in A city, which will give him trouble from time to time.
Meng Tiancheng, the master of Meng, devoted his life to his career and developed Meng into one of the biggest enterprises in A city today. He almost spent most of his life in work and retired before he chose a new heir.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, or if I’m grateful that I didn’t give my wife and children when I was young. I’m lenient and compassionate towards Meng Yunan and his generation of grandchildren.
Meng Sifan, the master of Meng family, made such a big mistake that he almost killed the whole Meng family and recovered the rotten stall. In the end, Meng Yun put Meng Sifan in a foreign country without giving him more serious punishment and saving his life. When Meng Tiancheng was still alive, Meng Sifan could never return to Meng’s family. If he wants to return to China, he must get the master’s consent.
Meng Tiancheng’s practice in ancient times should be regarded as exile, which is more painful than killing him, but in the eyes of the eye, everyone is white. This is the master protecting this eldest grandson.
I can’t go back to Montessori when I’m alive. What if I die? It’s only been two or three years since Meng Sifan won’t be able to return to China. No one can guarantee that Master Meng will take Meng Sifan back to China under the pretext of "being old and wanting to be surrounded by grandchildren".
Meng Yunan thought of here can not but sneer at.
It’s hard to be confused when people are old. Meng Shi, who struggled for decades in the past, actually missed his family after he let go of his grandson and couldn’t give up his family.
Section 12
It’s funny to say that Meng Sifan did those things in those years. If the evidence was conclusive, he would have stayed in prison for several years. Unfortunately, Meng Tiancheng was quick, and Meng Sifan was sent abroad before Meng Yunan collected all the evidence, and the evidence was wiped clean.
Meng Yunan Meng Tiancheng is also his grandfather after all, and he still respects him.
After Meng Tiancheng abdicated, his personality became more and more soft-hearted. Except for a few of them who were left at the headquarters, Sun’s other children were very distressed. When Meng Yunan kicked him out of Meng Tiancheng, he called him back to my old house for dinner every day, while Meng Yunan went back once a week.
Meng Yunan is not allowed to be favored by the master, but it is actually in Meng Yunan’s hands. In recent years, Meng Yunan’s drastic measures have made Meng Yunan’s management popular, showing signs of further expansion of business plans, and people have to him.
In the face, if Meng Yunan doesn’t find favor, it is also Meng Tiancheng’s grandson and the official heir of Montessori today.
At this point, no one dares to take him and Meng Tiancheng for example.
In the office, Liang Rui is reporting the progress of Meng Jia Liu Shao Meng Xinyu’s recent provocation.
Meng Yunan signed a document, put his pen on the back of the chair and rubbed his eyebrows. "Have you behaved yourself?"
Liang Ruidao "has solved the pressure from the master."
I heard that Meng Yunan pulled out a cold smile and said, "Grandpa naturally wants his grandson to talk."
Liang Rui’s expression changed and he didn’t say anything at last.
Liu Shao is Meng Tiancheng’s grandson, so isn’t Meng Yunan? Meng Xinyu has recently become more and more arrogant, and there are faint signs of invading Montessori. However, the master has turned back to him lightly, and he did not bother Montessori before the accident, but he did not care about Meng Yunan’s feelings.

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