"Chu Feiyuan, what’s wrong with you?" Song anqiao looked at him strangely dazed and reached out his little hand to touch his forehead. "Do you have a cold and a fever?"

Chu Fei’s face is far from black.
"You speak" Song Anqiao sound some urgent.
"Yes" ChuFei far calm face gently spit words.
"Then can I invite Jiang He and them together?" Song anqiao hesitated for a second and asked him uncertainly.
It’s crowded and lively. The old lady talked to her about Zhao Shi and them the day before yesterday. Why don’t we all get together while the old lady is discharged from the hospital?
The lukewarm tone of "whatever you want"
With his consent, Song Anqiao bowed his head to feed his daughter and then ignored Chu Feiyuan.
ChuFei far thin lips pursed face every second cold.
Song Anhe smiled at the dining table. She couldn’t understand the couple’s mode of getting along at the moment.
I went to the hospital to meet the old lady and the queen mother Song Anqiao asked if the old lady had any taboos.
The young doctor who answered her question wrote on the paper for a while and said with a smile to Song Anqiao, "Please pay more attention after I wrote the old lady’s temporary taboo."
I didn’t expect the doctor to be so dedicated. Song Anqiao smiled at the doctor gratefully and politely. "Thank you, doctor."
Just a polite smile.
Chu Fei’s face grew colder and colder when he saw it from afar.
Chapter 322 Master Chu is crazy
When I got home, Jiang He and them all arrived at Chu Chang and Chu Mu, and her elder sisters Song Anhe and Zhao Shi played with the two children again.
Chu Fei sent the old lady into the villa first, and Song Anqiao walked out of the two steps with the east and west cars, but he was called to live.
"Mrs Chu"
Luhai villa property company specially sent two boxes of apples when she heard that the old lady was discharged from hospital.
Song anqiao is at a loss and can’t get rid of it.
"Mrs. Chu, these apples are worthless," the property manager said with a smile. "It’s our condolences to the owners. No other meaning."
Song Anqiao smiled politely and said, "Thank you so much."
The property manager waved his hand to show no thanks and then walked away.
Song anqiao looked at the back of the property manager and felt that there were still many good people in the world.
It took Song Anqiao a long time to turn around and prepare to call Chu Feiyuan to help move the apple.
Suddenly turned around only to find that the man did not know when he was behind her.
"You have just come to these two boxes …"
Chu Fei’s distant eyes are gloomy and cold, and the whoosh sound suddenly rings.
It’s cold and cold, and it seems that anger has accumulated for a long time and suddenly broke out
Song anqiao was stunned with his mouth open slightly. His sudden angry voice scared her heart pounding.
Section 212
Sip lip Song Anqiao gawk "not far from you … are you okay?"
Does he seem angry? What?
Chu Fei’s eyes looked straight at her coldly. One step ago, his big hand grabbed her waist and made Song Anqiao fall into the man’s arms with a little force.
An Sok Joe heart suddenly a surprised hand paper bag fell to the ground.
"You … what do you do?" Song anqiao is a little alarmed.
ChuFei far hand tightly hoop her Song Anqiao soft body close to his broad strong chest man strong breath instantaneous surrounded her.
He has great strength. Song Anqiao struggled in his chest and struggled to break free.
What’s wrong with this man suddenly?
Have you made a mental illness again?
Long fingers hold her jaw, Chu Fei is as thick as black ink, and Yinzhi’s eyes are burning with anger.
Forced to raise his face, Song Anqiao stared at him with resentment, but for a second, he saw the chill in his black eyes. Song Anqiao froze and was afraid that "Chu Fei is far away from me …"
"Give me another smile!" The cold sound makes one’s back numb.
Song Anqiao swallowed carefully. "I didn’t offend you, did I?"
"Give me another smile!"

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