Although Xiaochang is strong, I’m afraid it’s nothing in Qingxu City, and I don’t know where I will live.

Yang day staring at the huge buildings can not help but make a difficult.
I’m afraid it’s not easy to find someone when you can’t move your mind.
Hesitate for a moment. Yang Tian didn’t think of a better way. He couldn’t help but look for a place and try his luck first.
Just then, two figures in the front yard went straight to the backyard, and two young people Yang Tian had never seen them.
One is that human beings are dressed in black robes, and the eyebrows glow with purple light, but they are somewhat strange.
Luo Cha master
Today, Yang Tian is pregnant with the secret code of Tianluo, and at a glance, he can see that this human youth is Luo Cha’s eyebrows, and that purple light is the characteristic of uniting the purple Luo Cha.
The other man is a junior demon king. Look at him. His naked skin is covered with fine green scales, but I don’t know what kind of demon it is.
Looking at two people soon came near Yang Tian didn’t move is quietly waiting.
However, as soon as they got to the backyard door, they immediately flashed an old man.
Two gentlemen are here. My grandfather is in it. Fast forward.
The old man was obviously very familiar with them. They greeted each other respectfully and then led the way.
Hehe Lao
The Luo Cha door male smile to nod.
The man listened to his voice, and Yang Tian immediately felt deja vu. After a slight turn, he remembered that he was a person.
It’s not true that friends don’t get together. This person is Luo Cha Mensa
When I was trapped in the underground fire, I heard that it was his voice, and Yang Tian would never forget it.
The robbery of Sister Lingling, Yang Tian, is unforgettable, and an elder died as a result.
The hatred of Luo Cha Gate cannot be resolved in Yang Tianxin’s theory.
Hum, pay off the false public
Yang, as in the cold hum dark material that clear empty male must be JiFeng doubt time let him get away with it, I didn’t expect to meet again so soon.
When the spirit force turns, Yang Tian has been attached to the two of them and followed into the backyard.
All the way through the door and the hospital, I soon came to a big hall, and the old man confessed to it.
Soon a man in the hall flashed in the same white robe, which was not JiFeng.
Haha, Brother Qing Ran, Brother Sa, I’m far away. Forgive me.
JiFeng enthusiasm than laughing to let two people in Yang day also seize the opportunity to follow in.
Haha, Brother Ji, I heard that Xiaochang won another game today.
Three people each sit quietly that green RanGong fuels first laughed
Xiao Chang won six games in a row, and Ji Xiong will make a fortune again.
Sayako kyodo
Thank you, two brothers. The demon is nothing compared with Xiao Chang. To be honest, Xiao Chang won a narrow victory today.
JiFeng but how much pride instead concerned way
Well, we also heard that this can’t blame Xiao Chang’s opponent for being too cunning.
Mr nods
I heard that Xiao Chang moved the celestial device to reverse the war. Did Ji Xiong not expect it?
Green jean valjean eyes suddenly sharp seemingly light asked.
They all secretly agreed that it would be impossible to move the sky when they came here, because it would greatly deter those challenges
Xiao Chang, today’s battle will definitely affect the plan of the death game.
Hehe, Brother Qing Ran misunderstood my younger brother, and he was glad for it. In fact, that heavenly sword was recovered two days ago and left by my younger brother, but I didn’t expect it to save his life, which was his life.
JiFeng wry smile way
recover what one has previously lost

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