However, no one noticed an obscure place in the crowd, and a mysterious man couldn’t help but hum a.

Scanning the field, everyone grinned. "A group of fighters know that Ye Rong Er is my woman and no one wants to take it away!"
Because this person is so humble, even Jiang Feng didn’t notice it.
"Then I’ll try!"
Kun’s bow swaggered away and immediately caught everyone’s attention.
Kungong, among them, is a new show, but no one dares to underestimate their strength.
"Kun Gong heard that he was defeated in one day when he was promoted to Tongtian territory, and one of the two Tongtian fighters was practicing Tongtian territory for five hundred years!"
"The strength is unfathomable, and the average person is by no means his opponent!" Chen Yixuan looked at the front towards Jiang Feng slowly explained.
Although he is a rookie, Kun Gong has been promoted to Tongtian territory for twenty or thirty years, and I am afraid he has been promoted to Tongtian territory now.
As far as he spoke, his guess was confirmed in real time.
A wisp of spiritual force from Kun’s bow excited the celestial realm to rebuild and press it in all directions.
Surprise the fighters and take it for granted at the same time.
Then thick crazy spirit force from his body into the stone plate.
"hey! Hey! Hey! "
The stone plate’s light beat the unprecedented harsh golden light, which made all the great powers squint.
"together! Sandao! Six roads! "
"Nine! Ten roads! " Finally, the stone plate light stopped on the tenth road.
Everyone was shocked. This is the largest number of tests to light up
Even the elders can’t help nodding Ye Rong Er eyes rare Kun bow for a moment, but it’s just a moment.
When the light fades, everyone comes to congratulate.
"The strength of Qing Tianzun is really amazing. In just twenty or thirty years, it has become a promotion to Tongtian!"
"Qing Buddha after this screening can attendance for dinner! ?”
"Qing Tianzun, you are so strong and sufficient if you practice shallow spiritual strength. If you practice sixteen more, you can do it easily!"
One by one, Kungong nodded with a smile and then stepped aside to cross his legs and recover his physical strength.
However, no one paid attention to Kun’s bow and handed him a cold look.
Even the Buddha got the message and came out to test it.
He does have some strength, and after some hard work, he will be promoted by seven rays.
At this time, no one paid attention to the flat-handed Buddha’s fingertip stone plate and immediately popped up a cylindrical stone the size of a finger.
The face is thickly engraved with array patterns.
At the same time, an identical stone pillar appeared in the other hand and was stuffed into the stone plate by him.
Heihei skyclan was in the right position, and no one even noticed his behavior.
If Jiang Feng saw the stone pillar, he would definitely recognize it at a glance.
This is the core of the Falun Gong.
After all, the story of skyclan came to Kun Bow and sat down.
"Everything is completed! ?” Kun’s bow, mouth, skin and micro-motion directly sound in the ears of Pingshi Tianzun.
Hei Shi Tian Zun nodded slightly with the same sound. In the past, "the core of the circle was changed to twice the original one. Fortunately, we learned that it was made the same before the examination."
Think of this thing to pay the price is also let Kun bow their dreary exercise.
"Jiang Feng is doomed to fail even if she can participate in the screening!" Hei Shi Tian Zun’s mouth slightly raised.
This time to deal with Jiang Feng they lost blood.
After Hei Shi Tian Zun, it was Jiang Feng’s turn. He walked slowly, and many people looked at him strangely.
They want to see what this guy who has been in the limelight recently and got Ye Rong Er’s favor is capable of.
"good! Go ahead! "
Jiang Feng put the stone plate in the palm of his hand and the spiritual force rose slowly. It was also the second reconstruction of Tongtian territory that broke out from the other body
At the moment when the psychic force poured into the stone plate, Jiang Feng’s face suddenly wrinkled.
Spiritual power seems to sink into the whirlpool.
"What’s going on can’t be so strong, otherwise I’m afraid everyone won’t pass the screening." Jiang Feng is not stupid and immediately thinks of testing Pingshi Buddha by himself first.
Is it being tampered with! ?
Jiang Feng’s suspicious eyes swept to the flat Buddha, and it happened that the flat Buddha also looked at his eyes and raised a smug sneer at the flat Buddha’s face
I don’t think much of his smile, which has proved everything.
It was tampered with.
"What’s the matter! ? Actually, a golden light didn’t light up. It’s still not borne fighters! ?” Even the Buddha directly sneer at a way
"indeed! This small repair is too fast. It must be something shameful. When it comes to the real test, it will show its true colors! " One person came out to stroke this gray beard and explained it cheerfully.
"I have long said that many lines of injustice will be self-defeating, and it is impossible to be greedy, but the small light of greed is not lit up, which shows how fragile his true ability is!"
"I heard that he once fought against two fighters from the sky in the war of Yan Xu, and it was also exaggerated that the spiritual power was so shallow that even the spiritual sea environment was estimated to be difficult to deal with!"
The man said that he didn’t even take a breath when he was grandiose, as if he had watched Jiang Feng grow up with his own eyes.
They all nodded and said it was a real difference to the extreme.
Chapter 623 Eleven? Twenty-two lanes?
Chen Yixuan a face of consternation should not be like this.
He can feel that Jiang Fengxiu is taller than him. Even when he tests, he lights up seven golden lights. How can Jiang Fengxiu even light up one weight? ?
"This little don’t want to be eliminated! ?” Ye Feiyan looked at the scene in front of him. Although he hated Jiang Feng, he still recognized Jiang Feng’s strength.
She thinks Jiang Feng won’t be eliminated in the first round.
Ye Rong Er mood has also been picked up unconsciously clenched skirt "how could this not be agreed to be the first! ?”
Ye Rong Er low thoughtfully.
"Hum! ? You want to stop me with this power! ? Not too tender! " Jiang Feng mouth let out a drink.
He can expose it, but it’s too much trouble. Since they want to play, play with them.

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