"You heard it. Do you want it to come over?"

"Why don’t you have a white labor force is not good? Words when scouts fox is much smarter than dogs "uncle plausibly said.
Fang Ning suddenly said, "Then I’ll go back to the system and see what you can do with your desires of the heart, but it’s better than me …"
"I don’t care if it’s your face anyway …" Grandpa said plausibly.
"Lying in the trough" Fang Ning plunged into the Internet cafe and then looked at it and ignored this idiot again
It wasn’t long before the black dog appeared in front of Chivalrous Armor with a white fox.
From a distance, this black and white is still a good match.
It’s black dog’s heart that the goddess of Linghu clan can’t look at herself.
Look at each other at this time, the eyes will be white, and the other person has a master in his heart.
Alas, the world is still a world of faces …
I always suffer from being black and hard.
The black dog ran slowly forward and hung his head and said, "Does the master have orders?"
"Well, recently, two evil gods in the discovery world are planning this mountain gate. You keep an eye on this place and report back immediately if there is any movement from them." The knight-errant said with a straight face.
"Oh, since these are two gods, in case they are invisible by any means, the little dog can be nai." The black dog said with a bitter face.
"Hey, black dog, you are not in the right state now." Chivalrous armor suddenly wondered.
What’s wrong with black dogs when they are depressed?
It should falter, "master, I am normal."
"No, you will never say that you have difficulties before you receive it. If you have difficulties, you have to rush. If you don’t have difficulties, you have to rush." Xia Kejia said seriously
Uh, have I fallen? It’s really a hero’s tomb in Beauty Country.
The black dog flashed an idea when he honestly said, "Master, I am wrong and I will finish it."
"Well, it’s good that you have this mentality. You are a god’s iron body to naturally resist all diseases, but this white fox won’t be able to do it. This time, it’s still your main telescope. You can see through the invisibility method and won’t let God hide you." Knight A said and took out a glittering telescope to see that it was golden equipment …
The black dog was overjoyed and very ashamed that he had fallen.
He quickly stopped squatting and raised his legs to ensure that "don’t worry, master, I will not let them slip away."
"Hey, you seem to be tinker bell now?" Fang Ning suddenly surprised that this baby he hasn’t seen yet and I don’t know where the uncle is hiding.
Anyway, it is impossible to unify the fresh-keeping area because he often steals food there, but he has never seen it.
"Not bad, my baby is far beyond your imagination." Grandpa gloated.
"Then where are your treasures hidden?" Fang Ning opportunity asked.
"Hum won’t tell you" Uncle saw through Fang Ning’s heart.
"You are so stingy. I know that words will help me think about the overall situation." Fang Ning lied.
Grandpa ignored this "you didn’t say anything, I will take it out if necessary, but I won’t give it to you before"
"…" Fang would rather endure.
When knight-errant A arranges black dog and white fox and flies by himself.
Anyway, there are "thousands of miles to help" and I am not afraid that the two guys will be killed by God.
By the way, they wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t dare to tear their faces open.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven God punished
After Xia Jia left, Black Dog Brett and White Fox squatted in a crater valley and watched the gate of Tianqingshan Mountain through a gap.
"Yi Xiaohei, it’s not good for you to choose this observation point."
When the black dog was looking around excitedly when the owner gave the magic telescope, the white fox beside him suddenly woke it up.
"Sister Yi Bai, what’s wrong with this?" Black dog Barrett four, look at where it is now. It is a white stone and then it is located in a narrow gap in the valley. Hiding here can give you a glimpse of the outside situation.
The white fox said solemnly, "You choose this place, others can’t see you from the ground, but they can see you from the sky."
"Uh …" Black dog looked around and was dumbfounded.
Suddenly, when his tail tightened, he remembered an accident that was a long time ago … When Robert was ordered by a bad man to kill his master’s dog, why did two dogs attack him, but it wasn’t Lao Huang?
It turns out that I am too dark, but I am not as easy to hide in the wild as Lao Huang.
It quickly thanked, "Thank you, Sister Bai, for waking me up. I’ll hide in another place."
"Look, there’s a piece of meteorite over there, so it matches you better." White fox pointed to one side.
"Well, that’s true. Xie Dajie gave directions." Black dog felt sincere at once.
See next to the piece of stony iron was dark brown and really match with yourself.
In other words, does it really change the color spell or is it simple, but it is not easy to deceive the strong perception …
The fluctuation of casting is still very obvious
After the black dog hid again, the white fox suddenly asked, "It seems that your master gave you a magic weapon, so you can see through God’s disguise?"

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