Soon the army withdrew from this place, and Lin found that they all returned to the original ruins.

Give up the attack? Did he and Lin send this square?
"They … retreated?" "What?"
Field virtual people also feel very strange, but they feel more lucky.
Although they have an advantage, if they continue to fight, there will be a lot of casualties whether they lose or win.
Lynn thinks it should be sent by warships.
Every time I send black metal, I can receive energy. I don’t know how they collect it yet, but they can collect it. Lin specially chose a small gift.
After receiving the energy, they may give up this operation and continue to go back to the ruins to do the previous things.
But don’t they care about this square? Don’t expect your technology to be acquired by the enemy?
So they really don’t like it, and Lin really likes what’s in it.
Qianlin asked the bus boy that some of the black metal warships in the delivery point could be delivered and some could not be delivered.
What can I send these? Is there a transmitter in it? And how does black metal send warships by itself?
Lin can see the answer to this question now.
"They retreated …"
The general in the command room looked at the situation outside and his head was mixed with many emotions.
Because it will face many, many problems
But now the most important thing is the square in the base.
Lynn wants to study this thing sent to her by herself, but it’s ok to watch them study it.
Come on, Lynn, just watch the progress here …
The general soon received another notice from the world conference. It seems that they are going to discuss that a blockade area has been captured.
When the general left, he ordered a large number of remote control machines to continuously observe the enemy’s movements, and at the same time asked the virtual people here to start a very huge vehicle called a’ trailer’ to prepare to transport the sent cubes to a nearby research base.
Although this square is small, it is really difficult to drag this thing to this position. It is unexpected that the bus cubs can decide where to send it themselves.
Lin can observe the discovery of black metal by Xu Min’s research.
At the same time, Lin also wants to create a large number of troops with virtual people’s mother ball, but the only place here is full of resources … just virtual people.
If we use the resources of the virtual people, it may cause some problems and interfere with their black metal war. Therefore, Lin feels that if there is an opportunity, she should talk to the general and let him give the pompoms some freely available resources.
Although it was only recently exchanged, Lin felt that the general had a sense of trust in pompoms.
Because when the general was going to the meeting, he sent a message to the pompom again.
"I’m going to the cue ball joint meeting to discuss the situation of this war. The location has been sent to you in the form of a map. I hope you can come too. After that, I hope you can tell me your attitude towards us."
I wonder where the general’s sense of trust comes from? Although Lin already knows where.
Lynn never looked at its memory, but it would be more interesting.
After that, the black horned dragons and iron bats returned to the ruins. They gathered in large numbers in the ruins and didn’t seem to do anything, but the crystal lizards worked quickly.
I don’t know how black metal reacted to this incident, but I can’t see it now.
The virtual people can do nothing but evacuate the surrounding virtual people and keep monitoring the black metal.
Because they will …
"We are facing powerful opponents," said the general of the meeting. "They may appear in places and have various forms of troops, but we are not completely defeated. We have recently acquired their warships and believe that researchers will soon uncover the secrets of these alien creatures."
"I heard that …" said an ambassador, "The blockade troops were defeated by a group of bow, arrow and spear protozoa?"
"They are not ordinary protozoa!" The general said, "They are made of metal!"
"Even if metal is our army, it should not be defeated by this protozoan!" "Yes, you are in charge of the field command. You must be in charge of the department!" "No, you have to bear some responsibility. I heard that your army’s battlefield was dragged down by the need to cook noodles!" "Our troops won’t do that! Instead, you often kill friendly troops by mistake! "
Just like before, they soon got into an argument, mainly about the blockade of the troops to destroy things, because this unit is a multinational joint venture, and they all have great opinions about destroying their own troops …
They are not only aimed at generals, but every ambassador says that other countries have not finally turned into one-sided disputes, and a small number of ambassadors are normal.
"Don’t argue!" The general slammed the table and said, "We must unite to face this threat!"
"We will not unite with this scourge of friendly countries!" "You are the bane of friendly forces!"
It seems that the virtual people are still far from the real multinational alliance
Although these ambassadors have always been like this, this time they are more intense than before. Lin thinks, they are very suspicious
After the meeting, nothing was solved, and the general returned to his room.
The general sent some messages to the pompoms, "I … must ask you for help again. You should have seen the situation today. We … can’t unite to go like this. We are doomed."
The pompon did not respond to the general’s message, but gave something to the general.
"You …" The general was obviously quite surprised when he saw the fluffy ball appear in the window, but the fluffy ball didn’t say anything but put a ball in its hand.
"Find them and kill them."
After a simple sentence, the fluffy ball left the general window and left the general alone, looking at the ball in his hand doubtfully.
That thing is something that Lin recently made, which can be called’ brain spirit detector’. This is a recent research achievement. Lin found that there are some special components in the brain of virtual people parasitized by brain spirit.
There are also some secretions in their brains, and some of these differences will be reflected by their eyes. Therefore, this thing is often modified as a tool’ tube’ by Lin Xumin. It shines on the eyes of Xumin, and it will react according to the changes of the eyes of the other party. The structure of the detector is quite simple, but it can effectively identify traitors among Xumin.
Because Lin recently raised the brain spirit in Nova Mine, it has grown bigger and bigger, and Lin knows more and more about them. This thing is just a preliminary research product.
General’s words should benefit it well, right?
While Lin paid more attention to the square phase study sent in.
Before Xumin dragged it back, Lin sent a velvet ball to study it. Lin found that this square was not a warship.
There is almost nothing in it, just a thing.
But it’s still quite strange inside
The side of the square is covered with strange symbols, which should be black metal words or other information, but Lin doesn’t know these words yet, but … Lin knows a creature who knows these words …
"words? Fluffy, that’s not words. "
The creator in the other world said to the fluffy ball, "That’s to hide the equipment and hide what you call’ sending energy’."
Chapter one hundred and six Deep research

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