"Have you found Qin Yu and them?" Su Zhengdong spirit multiply to ask a way

"That’s not true." The male assistant shook his head. "But our eyes found that two ships of liberals also landed an hour ago."
Su Zhengdong leng a "his mama these guys ready to slip away"
"Definitely" the male assistant nodded. "If Liu Xiaofeng loses our side, we will be prepared. No matter how hard their heads are, they will definitely not choose hard work and run. It is a wise move."
Su Zhengdong walked back and forth with his hands behind his back while thinking about countermeasures.
"Let Bruce and them go over there and fuck him again?" Asked the male assistant
"It’s more than 200 kilometers from here to Le ‘a seaport, and Bruce will definitely not be able to make it there." Su Zhengdong waved and said, "What’s more, Bruce is sensitive to their identity, and they have to be angry with the Liberal Party for no reason, and they have to make a military conflict."
"What do you mean?"
"Find people on the ground to do them." Su Zhengdong suddenly turned back and said, "I don’t care if others hold on to Qin Yu, whether I live or die, I will pay one million yuan to start a horse."
"Good me Ma Lian Wharf Tony" male assistant took out a mobile phone in front of Su Zheng Donger.
It is very frequent for Kemanlu military industry to move goods by sea, and Su Zhengdong is in charge of the ground forces of this Suole ‘a seaport point to point. He is familiar with them and has contacts with them.
At three o’clock in the morning, Yan Tao frowned at Qin Yu on the muddy path near the port of Le ‘a, and said, "Go to the No.2 port of Area 11 and board the ship. Barney people will take you through the security check easily."
"Good thank you" Qin Yu nodded and pushed the door.
Yan Tao looked at him and suddenly shouted, "Xiaoyu, you still …!"
Qin Yu turned. "What’s the matter?"
Yan Tao looked at him and sighed and replied, "It’s all right!"
"Thank you for your trouble these days," Qin Yu stretched out his hand and said, "Call me if you have a chance to get back to the district."
"Must" Yan Tao nodded.
After looking at each other for a long time, Qin Yu turned around again and shouted, "Let’s go!"
Brother Xiao Baixiao, Wu Qilin and others heard the car and hurried to the port with Qin Yu’s pace.
"Let’s go"
Yan Tao watched the crowd before he looked up and told the driver.
"We tried our best," the driver said with a sigh of relief when he saw something in Yan Tao’s heart.
"People are pretty good …" Yan Tao commented with a sigh.
The snow and rain are still wet on the ground, and the pier is a mess, full of people of all races.
Although the urban construction is advanced, the infrastructure is perfect and all kinds of environments are in a leading position here, the conflict here is much more intense because of the variety of political parties and races.
For example, this trading seaport covers all the surrounding areas, and the composition of trade and transportation personnel is very complicated and the management is relatively lax, because you don’t know which party or force is behind the law enforcement officers near the seaport.
Qin Yu and others all changed their clothes and quickly passed through the port distribution area and walked to the left in the direction of the signpost.
It is already very close to the coastline, and the number of people around it has also increased significantly. Workers carrying bags, tower cranes, various food stalls, trucks, employees of major companies and so on can be seen everywhere.
Qin Yu bowed his head and walked to the front and gently commanded, "Give Barney a message."
"I’ve finished playing. He didn’t enter the port to let people come and pick him up." Qi Lin answered behind him.
Owl brother Wen suddenly stopped and took out a cigarette case and glanced behind him.
"What’s the matter?"
"Stared," said Brother Owl, taking back his eyes with a cigarette. "I didn’t see who it was, but I was definitely stared."
Qin Yu paused and his expression didn’t change much. "Go on, Qi Lin, you can call Barney again."
JiLinWen take out a cellular phone.
A line of people to speed up the pace of striding towards the direction of the 11th district.
After more than one hundred meters, Brother Owl glanced at the corner behind him again. "The bald white man is the leader with more people."
Qin Yu looked up at the sign ahead and saw himself near the harbor area. He immediately waved at Xiaobai and said, "You take people forward first."
Small white also glanced at the corner behind him and immediately said, "Brother Lin, you go forward to meet a Barney, or I don’t know what you two said in your words."
JiLin dazed a immediately led five people to speed up the pace.
Qin Yu observed that behind him, the white man kept looking at his mobile phone and staring at himself, but he didn’t care to leave Qi Lin and others first.

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