What’s more, the high elves are already more inclined to the natural ranger queen’s rule.

So it is almost inevitable to move closer to the tribal alliance that has been crushed twice.
It is natural and inevitable for history to coincide again. Duke smiled and replied on the spot that "alliance is the highest common goal of Azeroth’s world security, and it is an organization that unites all kingdoms and major races. Although I temporarily resigned as the commander-in-chief of the alliance, I think the alliance will be very happy to have deeper exchanges and cooperation with peace-loving races like the night elves. If there is an opportunity, the night elves are also welcome to join the alliance family."
Duke’s position and identity have changed, and the two queens have nodded in agreement. The general direction is settled.
Next, fix the crack. What is a trivial matter?
Duke promised on the spot that he would organize a group of powerful mages to go together for three days, such as Kael’thas Dragon Mage Krasus.
The atmosphere of the meeting was so friendly and warm that both sides were close to each other.
Tyrande also sold human feelings to Duke "Dukeshi! Ai Luen, the goddess of the moon, not only taught me to fight, but also taught me quite more about exorcism. If Duke doesn’t mind, I can help you look at your state. Maybe I can help you if there is any evil power left. "
Duke has a toothache for Tyrande’s kindness.
Make the dark forces professional alliance unseen. Look at the secret association in the newly-built Storm City where the warlock can nest’ Lamb to be Slaughtered’ hotel, and you will know that the warlock’s status is as good as that even after Dalaran’s destruction, the dhararan mage and warlock and reconciliation warlock still get very little cultivation resources.
The problem is that people say that Duke can get up.
"Please don’t get excited after the next scene. I can still control this part of the dark forces perfectly." To be continued, if you like this movie, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for the recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Please read the mobile phone.
Chapter 974 Air-dried bananas said ()
Tyrande swore, "I swear I will look at your new form and new career correctly, and in the final analysis, you made such a sacrifice to save the world. I believe I can understand and understand your situation."
"All right!" There is not much power fluctuation. Just a moment ago, Duke was protected by golden light and suddenly became a blackened human figure.
The dark forces are so strong that Duke’s whole body becomes dark and unreal.
But well said, Tyrande’s face still changed dramatically.
As soon as she got up, her face was livid, and her right hand was consciously put on her waist dagger.
I didn’t expect a ghostly figure to hold down Tyrande’s hand more quickly than Queen Xi and let her draw the dagger out of its sheath.
Of course, Vanessa stepped into the heroic field. After getting a lot of seamount-level epic equipment bonus, she moved more agile and faster.
Tyrande was startled. She definitely didn’t expect that the maid who looked more delicate than docile would have such terrible skills.
Of course, it won’t be good for hunters to be approached by thieves first.
But that object that astonish her even more is Duke.
She apologized lightly. "I’m sorry I’m excited!" It’s not because of Marcus Pavilion’s shape, but because of your shape that I have to recall a very, very bad memory. "
Duke waved and Vanessa withdrew.
Du Keshi noticed that Tyrande was unfamiliar with his address.
"Tyrande, when we first met, you seemed to have a very deep prejudice against me, but I look at my life memory. It was the first time I saw the night elf. I don’t think my ancestors and I should have any problems with the night elf. If there is any personal vendetta, I hope we can talk openly and honestly, and we can’t let misunderstanding affect the communication and integration between the two forces."
Tyrande took a few deep breaths and filled her chest. With the deep breaths, she trembled. She was once clearer than her eyes, and she still had a tangle of ancient resentment.
After hesitating for a long time, she sat down to calm herself and finally took out something wrapped in mysterious power.
That’s an unusually dry … banana.
Queen Greek and Jaina couldn’t figure out what Tyrande was doing with such a broken banana that should be thrown into the trash can.
It happened that Duke called out "air-dried bananas! ?”
There is such a thing as’ death’!
No, not dead!
Madduk must die.
In less than half a second, Tyrande let Duke and the two queens have a good experience of what it means to change color.
Tyrande swished up, and her eyes were so ashamed and angry that the two queens had no doubt that if it wasn’t for Jaina’s Master Tower, Tyrande might zoom in on "Meteor shower" or "falling stars" and directly kill Duke in minutes.
Tyrande was so excited that she could clearly hear the rattle of her silver teeth in the silent room.
Tyrande was so angry that everyone in off the charts’s room could clearly see that Tyrande clenched her fist. Her muscles were so tight that she could see that her skin was smooth and tender when she was exposed to the air. Every muscle swelled with tension.
Beautiful lines, clear breastplate and belt of biceps brachii, clear abdominal muscles, tight and beautiful mermaid body without impacting the muscle lines of vision. Look at Duke’s drooling. Oh, it’s not scared.
Duke is stupid at this moment.
He couldn’t understand that a vulgar joke in a player before crossing the border would make Tyrande so excited that he wanted to kill Duke.

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