(Knock knock) …

(Heart throbbing) …
Tian Shu, please tell me what I should do.
(Knock knock) …
(Heart throbbing) …
In addition to his head cling to close-fitting slate, in addition to letting his body and mind finish, I am suspended in front of my eyes. This machine Tian Shu can’t do anything at this time.
And Zhao Xuan front was guarded by her for a generation. Tian Shu was so quiet and suspended. It didn’t have the slightest reaction except for the vibration caused by the nebula chains.
Twenty-four pieces of mithril stone slabs float above the chamber of secrets in this order, and these mithril stone slabs have been lit up for seven pieces at this time, which means that by the end of the twenty-four days, there are already seven handles in this world.
Except for Zhao Xuan’s too refined fire, the six-handle celestial magic weapon in this world was captured by Wei Chiqing ten years ago. Yun Ze was awakened by Mr. Bai in Lingchuan city six months ago to collect the six-sided shura, crazy Hu, moon poison and cross.
But the first mithril slate has been awakened, and the complicated ciphertext appears on the surface. I believe that it won’t be long before this first mithril slate will be lit, and it represents the magic soldier’s obsession with the grave.
The eye that connects these 24 pieces of mithril slate nebula chain has disappeared, and there are seven left, and seventeen are still firmly holding the suspended semi-Chinese space machine Tian Shu, which represents the obsession with the nether world. At the moment, the nebula chain is frequently shaking and is constantly trying to break free from the shackles of space machine Tian Shu.
Li Er has breached the basement wall, and it’s already killed the foundation of the sky. It’s only this step away from breaking the valley of the cat and attacking the Tian Shu of the cat.
But eye Zhao Xuan hand can power has a few left.
She can pray for Tian Shu to see if she can get hope from prophecy and gain faith from prophecy.
At present, the world order is gradually collapsing, and we can see through the dark and almost invisible road passage. When the field of vision passes through the winding passage, when the field of vision crosses the passage, when the candle marks that have been burned for many years, when the field of vision flies out of the narrow passage, when the field of vision suddenly widens, when the field of vision falls rapidly from the gloomy clouds and even the surrounding raindrops become still, we can see a group of people just like a statue of a statue.
This is a dark and wet road, a road to death, a road to writing history, and even this road with no trace of hope is crowded with people.
At this moment, the belief in people’s hearts will become unbreakable, and the ideal in people’s hearts will become stronger than ever. It is no longer a simple way to die, it is no longer a way for people to walk and shuttle forward.
This moment, which is remembered by history, the road leading to the sky wall in Japan and China has become a heroic road to witness its own glory.
The spirit has witnessed that what it can give everyone is hope, dream, ambition, courage, fearless determination, unwillingness to give in to fate, compassion and courage to tear down confused beliefs.
What it can give us at this moment gives us courage to live, and it makes these people in bad karma see the dawn of peace. At this moment, it is not just a simple path. At this time, it has already incarnated with the collapse of the basement wall. The final dignity in people’s hearts has become the last piece of energy that everyone can rely on in their hearts. The barrier built by faith is the last energy source in their hearts.
Yu Beitang just led thousands of water departments to stand in this cat valley with a solemn face, and behind them, a dark passage went straight into the waist and abdomen of the cliff mountain, where Zhao Xuan stayed, which was the biggest secret of the cat valley, which was exactly what Tian Shu had done.
It’s been raining for several days, and it’s not easy to stop for a long time, but this heavy pressure drops from the clouds again
When the first drop of rain drops on the tip of Yubeitang’s nose, and then his nose explodes everywhere, he takes a deep breath.
When you breathe out the depressed gas in your chest, you can’t see any fear in your eyes when you close your eyes slightly.
"Today we all have to make a choice, a choice that can determine your life."
Yu Beitang said while staring at everyone in front of him.
"Do you choose to give up your lifelong beliefs for many years and live, or do you choose to take up arms and continue to guard this precarious day with your will in confidence?"
In addition to the sound of Yubeitang, the eyes are quiet, and it is concluded that the odd number of brothers in the Ministry of Water Affairs have never made a sound in the same place, even if they breathe themselves, they will try their best to dilute the sound limit.
"Ziwei Tiandong East Palace is sinking!"
Yu Beitang’s simple word made the already solemn atmosphere even more depressed when he said it in an instant.
"Today, like me, you all have to make this choice: one by one, you have no dignity to kneel before Lu Feng, or you choose to defend our dignity and faith with your own blood."

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