It’s rare to see someone who is really comparable to a saint, an alien, and a strong person coming across the border. Maybe he still has some fears. It took ten years to make a fuss before he provoked the attention of the big shots.

However, this time, the alien demon race reached a conspiracy and openly besieged the casting sword city with the help of the demon race’s power. Even if others could not guess the plot, this reckless act completely exposed the ambition of the alien race to come back after years of dormancy!
In the past, troubled times and robbery were all involved.
The ancient six tribes led the strong people to fight against other peoples in the North Sea, which was finally exchanged for nearly ten thousand years of peace, and most of the strong people in the world fell to the ground.
The flesh and blood of the predecessors cast an example of the ancient teachings. How dare the world forget it?
The demon army besieged the city, which just made the practitioners who had come to ask for swords from the Arabian Nights twist into a rope to defend against foreign enemies.
More and more practitioners are going to the city.
There are many people from entering the spirit, rushing to the wisdom, the wonderful way, the Yuan God, to the masters of the spiritual realm.
They kept shaking with Nuoda ideal city. However, many people looked dignified when they saw the demon tide army outside the city.
Compared with more than 300 swordsmen repairing the city wall, the guarding city array composed of less than 200 scattered repairs is somewhat weak.
Jiang Manlou has been observing these non-sword-casting city practitioners, and it is difficult to raise concerns in his heart.
Although the foreign enemy is strong, it is not terrible. The most unexpected failure is often a disaster.
With swords floating and sinking, he doesn’t worry that those swordsmen and slaves are these scattered repairs … It’s not impossible for the defense of Caster Sword City to collapse in an instant if the morale of the army is scattered after getting cold feet.
He frowned slightly.
It is no longer a woman disguised as a man when thinking hard to stabilize the human mind method. Xiao Ni Mo looks at the city from afar. I don’t know what I saw. I stepped forward and said, "The sword screen array will last until sunrise in the East China Sea."
Jiang Man Lou Yue three people follow him.
In the siege demon tide, the figure that has been as steady as Mount Tai suddenly stepped forward.
Our son’s powerful figure is worth two steps for an ordinary man.
But that’s not the point. The point is that when the demon family approached the sword-casting city too step by step, the demon tide all around felt the strong blood pressure, bowed their heads and carefully retreated from the wall like a wave.
The demon tide is fading away.
Lin’ er asymptotic
The demon race is too barefoot to fall to the ground, and the pace is pounding everyone’s hearts.
Boom … Like a barefoot fairy.
No one knows whether the strong demon can withstand the continuous impact of the demon tide and whether the large array demon clan’s hands can withstand a blow.
I don’t know if the three people in the month don’t know if they are hosting the sword array, but the duke is not sure at all.
He thought maybe the owner of Bingshan didn’t have the ambition of others at all, because the demon race walking on foot was too real and strong in his perception! It’s stronger than the assassination of foreign leaders in the prison dragon venue!
"What should I do?"
The word force comes to all people’s minds.
Their eyes collided with each other as if they were looking for someone who could have a powerful demon race.
You look at me, I look at you, and then I can’t help but retreat with a little fear.
Even the three people in the month looked at each other.
Sword ups and downs presided over the sword screen, and it took a long time to look at the tower, but the demon family barely fought against people. Only themselves may be the same as themselves, but that guy married with children recently gave birth to a big fat abortion, and three people can’t bear to take risks.
For Xiao Qi, he winked at her, which made her feel at ease and don’t worry. The winks didn’t wait for Mo Xiang to speak, so the three of them jumped into the sky and turned into a shadow, flying out of the sword screen and then falling into the city.
"third brother"
In the mo phase, the eyebrows are slightly frowning

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