He was sure that he and Indra were there when he was talking to him just now, but God knew what he said.

This is a bit scary.
"There is such an idea."
Although some thoughts flashed through half of God’s mind that Heaven is a very dangerous person, there is nothing he can’t admit when he is questioned by Heaven.
Tian smiled and said, "You can try!"
It’s been a long time since anyone dared to tell him that he would kill him in front of him.
To be honest, it feels novel.
The day went on to say, "What can you do to me with the statue behind you?"
"Behind me?" After hearing the words of heaven, half the gods first showed a puzzled face and then said, "There is no one behind me!" "
He’s still playing tricks at this time.
"How can there be no one behind you?"
"If it weren’t for the people behind you, would your Maha power be such a coincidence to send you to this era?"
Day smile a tone of course said
Indra felt that she had heard another shocking secret.
The former Indra claimed to be the strongest.
As a result, there was a day and a smile, San Xiao
Now there is a half-god, not half-god, and there is something terrible behind it that can be reversed.
Indra now some dare not pretend to be heaven, let alone claim to be the king of gods.
Half of the gods have some meaning for this sentence.
There are indeed too many accidental factors that Maha sent him to this era. If there is a behind-the-scenes pusher behind this, it is not too terrible.
This reversal can be accurately controlled, and even at the peak, half the gods can look up to it.
"Come out. It’s impossible for a god to want to deal with my roots."
"You don’t want to test me by his strength."
Looking up at the clear sky, the sky said
"Who are you talking to?"
Half of the gods are angry and ask the sky.
He was behind SHEN WOO Ji, and eventually the big BOSS regarded the whole world as chess. As a result, someone manipulated his fate behind the scenes, and his self-esteem was acceptable
"I have a mysterious conversation with someone in the cloud."
The sky calmly responded to the question of the demigod.
"This mystery has been sitting in the clouds overlooking the people and witnessing the history of mankind."
"He has been since ancient times."
"SHEN WOO Ji Shi, everything about you was also noted by him."
After hearing the words of heaven, half the gods hurriedly asked, "Who is he?"
"The big day is coming!"
Heaven says four words.
The 40th chapter is Tathagata but not Buddha
Tathagata is the most terrible behind-the-scenes person in the world.
As a result, when half of the gods were defeated by SHEN WOO, they attacked and threw the copies of Fengyun into the abyss of time.
Half of the gods laughed and walked back to Archaean and evolved into a real emperor.
Because of an unknown accident, the half-god did not return to Archaean times, but came to the age of Heaven.
In the original plot, the description of Tathagata in the big day is
But half of the gods don’t know that A Tie and Nie Feng don’t know how to laugh at San Xiao, and they don’t know what it’s like to be old for thousands of years, and maybe they don’t know that there is another one who is more incredible than half of the gods and has been observing the confrontation process of the three gods all the time during the rebellion. The name is-Great Day Tathagata!
The description of the Tathagata is neither man nor god, but incredible.
This shows how great it is for the Tathagata to arrange noodles.
"The big day is coming?"
"Break the waves, you play tricks!"
Half of the gods broke out, causing the sky to change and the clouds to disappear as if the end would come.
He has always believed that he is the strongest behind the scenes, and even he is a plaything in his hand, even if he is talking about the wind and cloud, he can destroy him.
Half a god is conceited. He knows all the secrets of the world.
The so-called Tathagata half god has never heard of it, and it turns out that it is a chess game of Tathagata.
What he did out of his own heart was manipulated by the Tathagata.
At this time, before Tiankou Indra Day, Yang shouted to half of God.
"Half-god is well known and never tells lies."
Respect is high respect is pride.
Zun never tells lies, which is the consensus of all people in China.
Half god looked at the sky with dignity and said nothing.
When facing the sky, he really has a feeling in his heart that the sky is a great person. Although they are enemies, what they say from such people is trustworthy.
Just now, I will be questioned like that, but it is only half of God’s self-esteem that I can’t accept.

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