"It’s time!" Xiao Fan and the barren prince lifted the golden box with a wave of his hand at the same time.

"Damn, how dare you point to the immortal fire crystal?" Jin Liu looked at the gold box with a wave of his hand and a violent strength. Suddenly Xiao Fan felt like Taishan coping!
"The thunder is broken!" ZhuGeLei hurriedly palm a clap suddenly a violent flash from the sky and will severely split the golden six body.
Jin Liushen shook his teeth and was not hurt. He immediately stared at Zhuge Lei. "Grandma turned out to be Zhuge Lei. Are you going to rebel?"
"rebellion? Isn’t this hat buckle too big? Don’t you really want to be a dog? " Zhuge Lei said, waving his arms and flashing more, which was attracted to Jin Liu.
"It turns out that Zhuge Lei, like Gu Ning, is the master of ray attributes, which is really special!" Xiao Fan looked at me and picked his eyebrows.
But the gold box is still filled with gold, and it’s hard to get rid of the heavy pressure.
"Well, in that case, I’ll kill you traitor first!" Gold six eyes kill all four, raise my hand to hit the iron bar to the song at the same time body movement rushed to the front of ZhuGeLei raise my hand is a palm!
"Thunder net defense!" Zhuge Lei’s experience in fighting actually drove the thunder to attack, and at the same time, a thunder net was quickly arranged in front of him!
“!” Gold six grimace of a grin a palm easily exploded thunder net protection severely printed ZhuGeLei shoulder.
"jump!" One mouthful blood gushed out Zhuge Lei’s body and flew out. He still underestimated the strength of Jin Liu’s immortal two!
"vulnerable waste!" Spat gold six also ignore ZhuGeLei instead towards Xiao Fan and barren prince to kill!
"Xiao Fan, I’ll stop him. You try to take this golden box away!" Barren the prince looked at got a fright and hurriedly said
"No, I’ll do it. I’m dividing my body. Even if I die, it doesn’t matter much!" Xiao Fan shook his head and immediately went towards Jin Liu to meet him.
"oh? It’s just the fairy five small miscellaneous fish? Just because you still dare to stop the old? An old spit can kill you! " Gold six glanced at Xiao Fanxiu couldn’t help eyes full of contempt, like swatting flies, slapping at Xiao Fan casually.
"The fairy is twice as powerful as me. It’s really exciting to meet such an opponent all the time!" Xiao Fan did not dare to despise your enemy. At first, it was a series of magic tricks. Immediately, I raised my hand and smashed out several magic tricks!
"hmm? What is the origin of being able to cast so many magic spells at the same time? " Gold six saw a lot of calendar magic thrown out from Xiao Fan’s hand, and I couldn’t help hitting it head on. One leng, with a wave of his hand, I quickly shook my arm and scattered these magic skills with strong repair!
"It really doesn’t work. The level difference is too big!" All this Xiao Fan expected, and he didn’t intend to fight recklessly with each other at all. After all, even if he tried his best, he couldn’t resist each other.
Yu Tianxing’s bullying is better than Gao Xianshu’s. If he barely displays it, the noise caused by it is too big, which will definitely attract nine experts in Asgard. Wouldn’t it be more trouble then?
Xiao Fan holds the idea of procrastination to resist Jin Liu. With his own’ extreme footwork’, he should be able to last for a while.
"No? Then try these again! " Xiao Fan a wave of his hand is a lot of magic crashing out.
"I depend on this small exactly is what position? How outrageous is the magic? " Jin Liu got such a fright that he couldn’t think of Xiao Fan’s attempt to create or improve the roots of calendar magic. It’s as easy as grabbing a handful.
"What happened to the barren prince? Come on, this guy is too tough. I can’t last long! " Xiao Fan rapidly cast a while there is a calendar magic anxious voice to barren prince asked.
"I can’t. The pressure on the gold box of Jinliu is too strong. I will solve it!" Barren the prince shook his head a way
"Are you? That’s really troublesome this time! " Xiao Fan’s wide mouth and his offensive roots have no effect on each other. Seeing that Jin Liuyi is approaching himself step by step, he is also very resistant.
At this time, Zhuge Lei made a comeback and attacked Jin Liu from far away.
And Qu Xiangtong raised his hand and raised his hand while dealing with the iron fairy, and a lot of emerald spiders flew out of his sleeve, which was poisonous at first sight!
"A bunch of annoying guys go to hell!" Gold six nu raise my hand a calendar magic crashing out from the body at the same time burst out two hideous monsters like snakes, a perfect golden is a metallic force, a perfect khaki is a soil attribute force.
"The stone eats both!" Two monsters pounced on Zhuge Lei and Qu Xiangtong respectively, while he continued to rush to Xiao Fan!
Meanwhile, Jin Qi and Zeng Rui, Guan Haoyue, are also caught in a bitter struggle.
"Damn it, this golden seven is too powerful. If you add Zeng Rui to help him, there will be no chance of winning. Why isn’t Xiao Fan there ready?" Guan Hao retreats while playing on the moon, but he dare not keep wandering when the other party touches him hard.
"Bang!" Armed with a sledgehammer, Tiehong got a golden whip on July 1st, and suddenly his skin was raw and his flesh turned out and a huge wound appeared on his chest!
"Hum, the vitality of the iron chop suey is really tenacious, and it’s not dead yet?" Gold seven sneered at a whip and waved it, and it was a whirlwind containing metal power that blew out in all directions.
"oh!" Ouyang He, with a stuffy hum, followed Tiehong’s footsteps and repeatedly retreated to his chest with blood flowing.
"How about Ouyang He?" Qin broken hurriedly asked
Ouyang He looks very ugly and shakes his head to show his hindrance.
"It’s not the way to go like this … it seems to be a killer!" Guan Haoyue couldn’t help biting the silver fangs.
"Gong, are you really going to fail that trick?" Smell speech item really couldn’t help eyes shrink …
Chapter 573 Tianhe Star Waterfall
"Yes, I didn’t intend to use that troublesome trick … but now it seems that this means is not good, even if the law is clean!" Officer Haoyue bit his teeth and shook his wrist. Suddenly, a black ball the size of an eyeball was thrown in.
"The sky borrows the method of imperial martial arts, Tianhe Star Waterfall!" Officer Haoyue’s hands and fingers were flying at the same time, and the moment was 100,970, and the black ball was definitely filled.
"Hum!" A sharp hum echoed across the sky, followed by the explosion of the black ball, and the whole sky became dark in an instant.
Immediately, a black light flashed, followed by a huge mouth slowly cracking silvery white like a waterfall, and the Milky Way water poured from it!
"This is … high magic!" Zeng Rui looked at me and his face changed.
"No, this magic is …" Gold seven one leng immediately double pupil suddenly contraction couldn’t help exclaiming "how is that possible? It turned out to be this trick. Who is this guy? "
"Why? Seventh Uncle, have you seen this trick? " Ceng Rui one leng feeling the pouring in the sky and silvery milky way water contains a creepy power hurriedly asked.
"Of course, I have seen it, but now I don’t mean that it’s more than just a faint sight to see such horror when I hurry to protect this trick!" Jin Qi nervously shouted at Jin Liu not far away, "Brother Liu quickly joined hands to defend against this Xinghe Waterfall!"
"Damn it!" Gold six is no longer Xiao Fan et al. In a dogfight, Jin Qi hurriedly ran over and set up a protective barrier together.
"What a powerful power! I didn’t expect the official bright moon to make high magic …" Xiao Fan stared at the river slowly pouring and the Milky Way water could not help but frown.
He saw that the high magic was driven by the black ball of Guan Haoyue, that is to say, the ball should have the power of high magic source, and Guan Haoyue will only be activated.
But this method is very special. Xiao Fan is the first time I saw it. I can’t help but have some vague ideas in my heart.
"Take the gold box and retreat when they resist the Tianhe Star Waterfall!" Officer haoyue hurriedly shouted
"good! Quick! " Several of them were scarred and fought again, even if there was life and death, and they hurriedly flew in the direction of the golden box.
"Damn it, don’t try to rob the fairy fire crystal. Even if you don’t want this fairy, you will burn everything!" Jin Liu’s vicious pinching definitely made the fairy iron bar suddenly burst around Xiao Fan and others!
"Yes, blow it up!" Gold seven also raise my hand to throw his whip and detonate it at the same time!
"Black and red double swords also explode together!" Teenager Zeng Rui’s eyes are mixed with a little madness and he will throw two long swords in his hand!
Three fairy devices were detonated at the same time!

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