Chapter 479 Shimada Hanzo VS Mifune

"a flash!" Mifune disappeared directly during the running and teleported for a short distance, while Shimada Hanzo was still the same, but I loved Luo and soon heard the metal collision ringing.
"This ….." I love Luo’s eyes wide open. It’s the first time he’s seen a samurai confrontation, but he didn’t expect a samurai confrontation to be much more dangerous than their ninja confrontation. If he didn’t read it wrong just now, the two of them have played three rounds for a short time. This is still the round he saw. What if there are still those who can’t see it?
As a matter of fact, after Mifune made a flash, his first move was to kick Shimada Hanzo, but his leg was interrupted by Shimada Hanzo’s late kick. Shimada Hanzo directly kicked his foot, and Mifune was just about to lift his foot when he took it back, and because of this change, his later tricks changed a little.
Of course, Mifune was not discouraged. This time, he waved his hand and went to Shimada Hanzo to cut it directly. He jumped over the knife in situ, but Mifune’s attack was not over yet. Seeing that the half-China Shimada Hanzo method helped him cut it into a pick, it was so simple that I was fascinated by it.
Shimada Hanzo is not a simple man either. At the moment, he directly pulled the sickle behind him, and his hand Shimada Hanzo sickle and Mifune knife collided together. Shimada Hanzo, then this anti-shock force flew straight back and fell to the ground.
"When I need him, he will be drawn! Now is that time … "Say that finish this sentence, Shimada Hanzo suddenly moved and Mifune shrank directly like a frightened person.
It’s strange that I love Luo, but I love Luo and soon think that Mifune is a powerful man who has seen more than half of Tibet. So does he know Shimada Hanzo’s tricks? The more I think about it, the more I think it’s possible
However, Mifune is very surprised now. Before, he knew that although Shimada Hanzo could endure surgery, he would never make it easily. After all, Shimada Hanzo himself is a master of swordsmanship, but this time he actually accepted it? And when did he learn this trick?
Just now, when Shimada Hanzo was running, he got a ninja separation, which is very common for ninjas.
The real Shimada Hanzo is now behind him, and Mifune wants to lower his head and come directly to a rolling gourd to avoid Shimada Hanzo’s chop, but his equipment is not so lucky that he was cut open.
Mifune is also a little lucky in his heart, and I love Luo this time only to find that the running just now was actually a busy person, which made me feel a little weird about loving Luo.
He is listening to Shimada Hanzo said that when he grew up, he naturally knew that Shimada Hanzo’s samurai status was much higher than that of ninja, but he didn’t expect that he actually made Ninjutsu in the battle! The first half of Tibet is just a psychic, and that’s because the mountain pepper fish has greatly improved his strength.
"Are you surprised?"
"Well, I didn’t expect you to give up your samurai belief, Lord Shimada Hanzo!"
"You’re absolutely right. I did give up those things before. I figured that when those kids were going to put all their departments to death, I fell into their calculation. At that time, I discovered that Ninjutsu could really bring me great gains and strengthen my strength. I wasn’t very skilled at that trick just now, or you would be cut off by me if I thought!"
Mifune nodded this time, but in his heart he thought, "Ah, I didn’t expect that I valued the samurai predecessors and gave up my way. Is it still meaningful for me to persist like this?" Is it true that the samurai have fallen?
No, I have to prove that samurai are not weaker than ninjas! "
Thought of here Mifune face returned to normal again.
"I don’t know what you were thinking just now, but I want to tell you that it’s very dangerous to have those messy thoughts when you fight me!" Shimada Hanzo flashed directly behind Mifune, and the sickle also put on Mifune’s neck, but Mifune was not nervous at all.
Because when he noticed that Shimada Hanzo was moving, his knife tip also appeared in Shimada Hanzo’s abdomen position
"Lord Shimada Hanzo, I will prove to you that a samurai is a samurai. How stupid and wrong you are to give up your way!"
"oh? Is it? Then I am very much looking forward to it! "
Shimada Hanzo left Mifune again because he knew that he could really cut off Mifune’s head in an instant, but Mifune could also stab him in the abdomen in an instant. He didn’t want to hurt himself.
Although Mifune successfully avoided such danger, his heart was not at all calm. I love Luo’s heart was not at all calm. You know, he was ready to save Mifune just now. Anyway, Mifune was his predecessor and his comrade-in-arms. He couldn’t just watch Mifune be beheaded.
"Not bad!" I love Luo patted myself for not listening to the ups and downs in my chest.
"You’ve really made great progress over the years, so I’ll try my best!"
Shimada Hanzo took a sickle in one hand and began to pinch print in the other. This time, it turned out to be a wind-dodging ninja. See you just murmured. Shimada Hanzo stretched out his hand and directly wiped half of the sickle, and then with a wave of his hand, a huge wind blade appeared directly in front of Mifune. Mifune seemed to be frightened and actually did not move.
As far as I love Luo Gan, I was in a hurry to save Mifune. When Mifune moved, he cut three knives at the wind blade and directly cut the wind blade into a void.
"Hoo ~" After cutting these three knives, Mifune seems to have lost his strength. The knife in his hand was directly inserted into the ground. He kept panting with the knife. I love Luo and I can see his face sweating.
"oh? How can you do this? It seems that you really deserve my help! "
I was surprised to hear what he said. What, that’s not what he did? Thinking of this, I love Luo, who looked at half of the hidden treasure carefully and found that he was still so relaxed, as if he didn’t make those moves just now, and the blade didn’t seem to be released by him.
"You … how did you …" Mifune gasped for air and asked.
"Do you want to ask me what will become so severe? Ah, haha, thanks to that idiot who gave me his blood, but now I have completely integrated the strength in his blood with myself. In other words, I have a physical quality that is different from him. uchiha madara haha, he is really a good man! "
Just when Shimada Hanzo laughed wildly, a virtual shadow appeared behind him, which looked very much like Sasuke.
Chapter 4 peony Nagato appeared.
Mifune and Shimada Hanzo did not find that two men in the forest not far from them were also watching them fight.
"Nagato, do you think that thing after half hiding is really the prototype of Uchihiro clan’s occult science with samurai?" Asked the man in a wheelchair in the trunk made of peony paper.
Nagato’s face looks much better than before. Since ten tail left him, he doesn’t need extra chakra to give ten tail, and Konoha’s dark part helps Xiaonan to take care of him. His body is gradually plump. It seems that he is no longer a sick seedling image. It was the leg injury in the Battle of Gourd Valley that was serious. Even with the help of Xiaoshu Shumao and the cooperation of orochimaru and Gang Shou, he still can’t walk normally.
Ok, there is peony. Generally speaking, he has peony pushing peony. If he is busy, he also has six busy people to help him. It can be said that life in Nagato is much better now than before.
This spot is not the spot in the past. He didn’t ask Nagato to take it back. He had it himself, and he didn’t need to be resurrected. He was a "living" director, so that Konoha could recover quietly. Of course, this is also the credit of Shu Mao. He hid Nagato deeply. Besides, he didn’t dare to go into the hinterland of Konoha to explore easily, and it was impossible for others to explore the roots of Konoha’s hinterland.
This shows how wise Shu Mao is to kill Tuanzang.
"Should be that recruit you forget? Both Sasuke Jun and Skunk Jun can condense the Samurai Sasuke, but the two of them look a little alike. Sasuke Archer Samurai Skunk is a Samurai with a knife, but Spot is also a Samurai with a knife, but you have seen that even Gokage can do him a little harm, and Shuijun is a Samurai with an axe. Their Samurai are all different.
Look at this virtual shadow again. There are no wings behind this virtual shadow, and there are no entities such as armor, and even no bones. I guess this is the reason why he can’t finish the blood fusion. After all, Shimada Hanzo is not a Uchihiro clan and has no sharingan.
If my guess is correct, you have to have sharingan to condense the entity Sasuke samurai. "
"Oh, I see, but can his imaginary shadow scare people?" Xiaonan patted his chest as if he were not afraid of this virtual shadow. From this, it can be seen that Konoha has changed a lot. If he used to be a cold-faced queen, he is now developing in the direction of queer spirits.
"This is still unknown. Let’s keep looking. I think if this virtual shadow moves, it will definitely escape my eyes."
"Now I’m a little curious about Konoha’s second-generation hokage. What on earth is he like to create this door of reincarnation? Of course, Uncle orochimaru is also a great person who can develop this Ninjutsu to this stage. "
"Ha ha, none of our uncles are provincial oil lamps. They are all monsters. They may insist on talking and teachers are mortal."
"Hee hee teacher if lewd don’t brag don’t write erotic novels, then he is a normal person now he is not a normal person well, which have normal people at his age is not married? Still peeking around at girls taking a shower? What a shameless teacher! "Speaking of which, peony vomitted to stick out his tongue. Obviously, Nagato doesn’t like to hear her say that Jiraiya is not.
"Well, if you don’t do these things, the teacher won’t be a teacher, but don’t you think it’s a monster if you can be with monsters?"
"You’re right. Brother Watergate is also a monster. It seems that three generations of adults are not normal people."
"Ahem, let’s continue to watch the battle. If it doesn’t work, let’s come out and end it."
Nagato immediately changed the subject and insisted on talking. He is also a person of three generations, isn’t he?
I love Luo’s face. I was startled when I saw the virtual shadow. Shimada Hanzo turned into a spot, and I was ready for the battle. But after a closer look, I found that Shimada Hanzo’s virtual shadow was also a virtual shadow, and it was not materialized, but the strange oppression didn’t change at all. I love Luo’s suspicion that this is because Shimada Hanzo didn’t completely master the blood of the spot.
Real Nagato guess is the most accurate reason or because Shimada Hanzo doesn’t have sharingan. Even if he can condense such a virtual shadow, there is no increase in his own strength and it can’t help him fight. The joke of peony can get to the point as soon as it is said. This virtual shadow is just to increase his momentum, that is, it can scare people.
Shimada Hanzo never thought that an imaginary shadow could scare Mifune, and Mifune was not really scared by him. Mifune’s physical strength was not very good, but his mental state was very good.
With a knife on his arm, Mifune stared at Shimada Hanzo tightly, waiting for him to make a move. He was like a quiet old man, quietly watching the man in front of him, laughing hysterically and unmoved.
Shimada Hanzo also found this awkward atmosphere, and he stopped laughing.
In the forest, Xiao Nan couldn’t help but feel the language when he saw this scene. "Was this guy the one who set us up in Nagato?"
"Not strictly speaking, there are Tibetan groups involved, but even so, it is really shameful."

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