Do we really need their alliance? "

Yu Lao is worried that it is unreasonable for the two sides to form an alliance. Now the strength of the two sides is compared with that of the earth, and it is bound to dominate!
Even if Rose keeps her promise, it’s hard to be sure that Karavin, a leader, will be willing to relegate to worrying about this move and bury the curse in the future of the earth.
After all, they don’t know Caravan absolutely.
Different races, different brain circuits and different roots, you can’t guess others by yourself.
This is also the reason why most interstellar cultures would rather destroy encounter cultures or make them slaves than live in peace.
It’s like "Wang Xingren". If you treat others as friends, others may want to stew you in hot pot.
Wang Xingren "…"
"well! Your worry is reasonable, but compared with the benefits that Kara Wen can bring us, these are all minor problems. "Nie Yunxiao shook his head.
He naturally has his own considerations.
On the threat Nie Yungen never thought that Karavin’s armed forces would be completely controlled by Nie Yun and the immortal. The threat was limited.
Yun Nie can get a lot from Kara Tattoo.
The surplus value of throwing kara tattoos is not only the case of kara, but also the case of Nie Yuncai, who can shape everything in front of the binary star. He likes to collect the impression of weak and weak tattoos and take precautions before the earth becomes more and more active in the future.
After all, with the gradual strengthening of the earth, it is impossible for the sun information to be absolutely confidential.
And the rapidly rising earth text can’t always hide in the sun, and sooner or later it needs the big stage of the universe to make its own strong voice!
Sub-terrestrial languages want to move towards mature interstellar languages. In addition to hard power, individual horizons and thinking of foreign languages must also be sublimated synchronously …
How dare you say that you have seen the world when you haven’t even seen foreigners?
In the same way, you dare to say that you are an interstellar language without even communicating with aliens?
"The end of the earth can be more than just two or three stars to beat one or two articles!
How can you ask for the stars and the sea without seeing thousands of words?
After that, it will be even more difficult for us to imagine races and cultures. It is a long way to absorb the advantages of other cultures through communication and integration if we don’t understand how they can do it.
It is precisely because of the merger and storage of all rivers and seas that Huaxia Wen can have a long history and stand forever.
Kara people’s gentle leaders … well, they also belong to the’ dove’ leaders. There is almost no threat to us now, and they are the most suitable first contact objects! "
Yun Nie naturally labeled Rose "Dove" when she thought of the scene of Rose crying on her knees.
"The theme of our meeting is to discuss how to gradually exchange and integrate the two texts. The key point is to completely integrate Karavin into us and tie them to our chariots!" Yun Nie finished glanced at a few people’s eyes and gave me a meaningful look.
In addition to the code name, there are still some ignorant people. Chu Xiaoxiao and Yu Lao are both wise people, and Bai Nieyun thought almost immediately.
Among several people in the field, Chu Xiaoxiao, the head of the scientific research institute, is in charge of the financial body code, while Yun Nie is suspected of holding the most important military department!
Yun Nie brought them together to discuss the meaning of Karavin’s integration is self-evident.
Allies … There are many kinds …
"Can Caravan cooperate?" Chu raining some excitement way
So soon, your monopoly game can be extended to alien maps?
"Don’t worry, these Kara people haven’t seen anything good in the world!" Yun Nie clap breast guarantee.
He has been quietly testing the reaction of Kara people for a long time. I have to say that he understands the financial field and Kara people have been dumped by the earth …
"If there is no problem in safety, it is naturally a great advantage for us to join the Kara people’s relatively short-term biological research body. I have no reason to object!
I’ll draft Caravan later for face-to-face research and cooperation! "In the old also cheerful way.
Completed the preliminary opinion unified NieYun three glances issued a tacit "gnome male-"…
Code looked at Yun Nie and then at the other two people seem to feel that they are silent and somewhat unsociable.
Although there is still some confusion about the situation, it is only a matter of new hard disk partition for her to let two sheep join.
"Gnome male-"… I will cooperate well! "
Three people "…"
There is no tone fluctuation, which is unprofessional, but it means that the military, politics, commerce and science are the most important things for a text. The four carriages gathered together and showed their knives and forks to the remnants of Caravan …
Chapter five hundred and thirty-four Dreamed about it
It is also on the right track to hand over Kara Wen’s integration work to the old man and others, and the shopkeeper Nie Yun of cutting has devoted himself to solving the problem of the number limit of mechanical insects.
Although raising one’s spiritual limit through life water can increase one’s control limit to a certain extent, according to the data of longevity, life water has limited effect on life.
It’s like a potential stimulant. It’s impossible to enhance Yun Nie’s ability
Therefore, it is urgent for Yun Nie to find a way to bypass the risk of mechanical worms losing control as soon as possible!
Three months later …
The 11th planet of Storm Star "Shaota Star" in Galent Star Area has a high-orbit military port No.3.
Isar and his party passed through 14 stars and 3 wormholes in succession and received a supply. After that, they finally arrived at the garrison point of Woolf Wormhole Front.
Binary stars are used to numbering life stars according to the order of discovery, and storm star is the number N17, which belongs to the life star later in discovery.
In addition to the number one main star, there are hundreds of occupied but lifeless secondary stars in the binary star territory.
This kind of secondary star method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is generally regarded as a resource star or a second sequence target.
The storm star has been in existence for more than a hundred years, and it is named because of the violent changes in the pressure of the star life planet and the frequent storms.
The sentry tower star is at the outermost periphery of the star, which is a semi-militarized planet specially built by the double star to guard against the strong enemy Woolf.
It is found that the continued expansion of Woolf wormhole threatens to increase the investment of Double Star, making it a large logistics base.
The sentry tower star is about five days away from Woolf wormhole, and it is also the nearest binary garrison point to the front line.
When Isar and others arrived, hundreds of warships and other fleets from all major star regions had gathered here to complete the knot and go forward together.
After a white fog, several probes fell asleep from the body. Arthas slowly opened his eyes.
Yun Nie saw Catherine, who had been waiting for a long time, coming out of the dormant warehouse in a slightly stiff body wearing white organic.
"Alsace Pavilion, we have arrived at Stormwind. This afternoon, the chief officer will call a battle distribution meeting. As you asked, I started your wake-up procedure." Catherine said and handed over a set of neatly stacked officers.
During these three months, Yun Nie focused on the Sun Department, which kept clone Arthas in a "standby state" … that is, dormant!

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