But I never imagined that a strong physical star was mixed with two punches and almost didn’t send Kanunu away.

Now, he doesn’t know who has such a low qualification that the Buddha boss, an open body star, has been sent to such a remote location.
It never occurred to him that it was because Tang Chuan was judged to be unqualified that the United Nocton also came to such a place.
However, Tang Chuan himself will definitely never admit that he not only sat and watched the conjoined body and Nocton vomit at each other, but also fanned the flames without trace, making them not qualified for each other.
Anyway, I’m a peerless genius, so it’s impossible to suspect me, right?
But soon he was silent.
Kanunu led the crowd all the way to the second entrance.
They sum up that if the probability of getting the opportunity first is the lowest, then rub it in again
The strongest permanent population here, that is, the fourth speed boundary, is not necessarily as powerful as the conjoined body.
As far away as possible, several star domain conjoined bodies have developed a seven-level bottleneck and are ready to enter the high-dimensional plane.
She paid a very small amount of resources to feed back the body selected by Tang Chuan. Although it was very short, it can’t be weaker now. Who let her follow Tang Chuan and enter the super-high-speed development period?
Although her physical body is still very weak, her mental strength makes up everything, and it is not a problem for her to be willing to bless her body and deal with Nocton.
At the entrance of the second area, there are ten stone tablets with the same size, engraved with meaningless patterns, which look simple and have the flavor of the years
However, it seems that a stone tablet shines in the eyes of Nocton and the United body
Nockton went to a stone tablet and stretched out his hand and touched the surface to feel the cold breath. "What is this stone tablet shining? I seem to have some feelings but I can clearly capture it."
The conjoined body went to another stone tablet and said, "It seems that different stone tablets will shine in different people’s eyes. The light in my eyes is this one, which also has a little insight. It seems that the spirit moves with the light."
Kanunu, wearing a chain around his neck, said, "This stone tablet is a spiritual stone tablet. Your spirit has been recognized by Oni Tsuka. In front of Lord Nockton, it is a stone tablet. This is very rare. He has no shortcomings and is very capable in all aspects. I am a defensive stone tablet …"
At some point Kanunu was silent.
That’s not right either.
Since both the conjoined adults and Nocton adults can see the luminous stone tablet without feeling, it proves that their qualifications are very strong and they may have no problem entering the third place.
So …
Kanunu felt the cold murderous look behind him and dared not say anything more.
Chapter 354 Take a long-term view
Tang Chuan’s expression is a little stiff. These stone tablets are ordinary in his eyes, except for the pattern at the edge and the ancient monument of the blue star.
Let alone shine. If you don’t say this is the second entrance, I won’t even look at it.
Conjoined body and Nockton’s mysterious feeling are just like myth for Tang Chuan, although he has seen similar plots in Blue Star film and television literature.
But when you really let yourself array, you will find that this is not the case.
Even if the stone tablet shines, you can feel it when you see a few stones.
I’m not an address archaeologist. A few stones in my eyes can only draw water and write epitaphs. It’s hard to understand what extraordinary things you want me to realize from them.
He came to enter the deeper path, just like when he first entered Oni Tsuka, and he was tested by golden particles.
Anyway, the old man can squeeze in, but if you want to rely on Rush to understand words, your mother is simply mystifying. Isn’t that hitting me in the face
United and Nockton turned their heads in confusion when they saw that there was no movement in Tang Chuan.
Tang Chuan therefore deeply touched Ba Dao, "Is there a stone tablet shining in your eyes?"
Conjoined and Nocton leng leng they glances and said
"Master, do you see many stone tablets shining?"
"It seems that I can really."
Tang Chuan puzzled expression, "Yes, these ten stones in my eyes are luminous, which is the difference between light intensity and intensity …"

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