"Okay, I’ll go to the factory."

"Ok, I’ll buy you a drink when you come back this time."
After chatting with Qi Lin and hanging up the phone, they immediately looked up and shouted, "Cha Meng, you may have to go to the manufacturer with me later."
"Good" examine fierce nod.
More minutes at nine o’clock in the evening
Xilegong entrance
Tang Yuan looked at Zhao Baobao excitedly in the car and asked, "I’ll ask you again, are you coming with me?"
"I’m not afraid of not going …"
"If you don’t want to go, let’s sell the car and forget the money. Let’s see you again, okay?"
"You see you this man timid zha so small? !” Zhao Bao blinked. "I’m just Doby. You see, I’m Hwa-Sung Do. Can I not go with you?"
"Then go!"
"You wear this equipment later." Zhao Bao bowed his head and picked up the canvas bag from his feet. "I stole this thing, so be careful or else …"
Chapter DiErLiuEr Nightmare Joy Palace
Xilegonglou automobile
Tang Yuan dialed Xiao Zhi dialect "hello? Here we are. "
"I 3"
"Good know" Tang Yuan hung up the phone and turned to Zhao Bao and said "Let’s go"
Zhao Bao’s cart door looked a little nervous. "Since we have an appointment, why don’t you choose a place? Do you have to come to Joy Palace? "
"Eldest brother is you want to talk to somebody else about business I can choose a place? Can people go if they choose? " Tang Yuan looked back at Zhao Bao. "Why do you come here?"
"I’ve been beaten here and I’m afraid I’ll be recognized." Zhao Bao didn’t pretend to be B at the moment and truthfully revealed his experience
Tang Yuanwen looked at Zhao Bao and looked at his clothes and makeup and said, "I don’t think any aunts in your family can recognize that you are all right now."
"Let’s go"
Zhao Bao crustily skin of head went ahead and said, "Come as agreed. If you feel something is wrong with the horse, call the superintendent!"
"Hey, don, did you bring anything for self-defense?"
"I didn’t."
"Fortunately, I brought a knife." Zhao Bao patted his waist. "Anyway, let’s play it by ear for a while."
"You are just too risky."
"… don’t say let’s go." Zhao Bao was uneasy and a little excited and took a step.
a few minutes later
Joy Palace 3 rooms Zhao Bao adjusted a breath and stretched out his hand and pushed the door.
Room Xiao Zhi sat in the dim light and looked at his legs smoking and looked at the door.
Bao Wang w w w b a s h u 2
Four or five guys at the marble coffee table were drinking beer and eating noodles. They looked at Tang Yuan and Zhao Bao with expressions.
"Hehe, there’s something delayed on the road. It’s a little late!" With a little more experience, Tang Yuan immediately came into the room and said hello to everyone.
"This is my big brother Xiao Zhi!" Young people who had contact with Zhao Bao before bowed their heads and introduced one
"Hello, Brother Zhi!" Tang Yuan stepped past.
Xiao Zhi smiled and nodded with a cigarette and said, "Sit down!"
Voice down Zhao Bao and Tang Yuan sat next to Xiao Zhi with crotch.
"Where did you come from?" Xiao Zhi asked a.
Zhao Bao thought about it for a long time and then replied according to the lines he had aligned with Tang Yuan in advance, "It doesn’t matter where we bought the goods."
"Hehe" Xiao Zhi nodded and smiled. "How big business do brothers want to do?"
"One hundred and fifty thousand business" Zhao Bao forced himself to relax and responded with a dull tone.
"Yes!" Zhao Bao nodded
"delivery?" Xiao Zhi asked.

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