Almost everyone is a careerist, and few of them really behave themselves.

Just ten days.
There are thousands of blue star walkers coming in one after another, subtly testing his [Heaven Lord] reality …
From interference in national politics to direct interference in the whole process of human civilization.
When these things are not mentioned, they are bold.
And because many travelers have spent a lot of years in different worlds, they have already experienced various hardships and experiences.
Not only strength, but also their ingenuity has reached a certain level.
Even if you are hiding and secretly playing with Yin Tang Jia Huai, you should always be careful not to be caught by the other party.
Otherwise, if these guys really want to find out that they are parallel imports, Tang Jia Huai is sure that he will not live for a second.
This makes him not only appear more in the most stage, but also become more and more secretive, with less hands and less exposed views, which greatly reduces his sense of self, deliberately creates a secular feeling of not asking about worldly matters, and then lets Zun blend into the group of travelers, intending to lurk for a while
But the outsiders who followed him taught him another lesson.
Monsters from all over the world, parallel world travelers … have come to play soy sauce.
Let him white his enemies is far more than [outland master] so simple …
It’s hard for everyone in such a chaotic world’
Some very distant world
This is the local structure of the round sky.
The vast land floats in the void.
All kinds of evil beasts are rushing to fight here.
There are many powerful individuals who can tear apart stars.
And [the beast of destruction] is here. The biological status near the bottom of the food chain is about equal to that of the earth mouse.
Blue Star’s enemy [Outland Lord] is the actual ruler here!
These evil beasts are both his pets and his genus!
Only the best individuals will be sent by him to kill and destroy.
With his evil deeds
After several years, the world will regard this place as the ultimate danger and do everything to stay away from it!
But now, with a twist and a change, a figure that looks a little idle appears here, dressed in a sport.
"… what a desolate feeling … this new world looks real …"
An earth traveler.
Wan Tiancheng has traveled in dozens of different worlds, strong and weak, but it makes no difference to him.
Be simply divided into two types: interesting and boring.
After all, no matter how strong or weak it is for him, it’s just like that. It’s rubbish
As a result,
This desolate world is naturally a bit out of line with his interests.
at this time
A black light suddenly shot from thousands of meters away!
It’s like a sharp arrow. The tongue comes from a nearby animal that is hunting evil animals.
If you release the earth, this blow can instantly penetrate dozens of armored tanks!
Is the attacker wan tiancheng face is still that casual expression.
Only some special information kept jumping in his mind.
[Target detected]
[Copy target strength …]
[Copy succeeded]
[Random addition …]
[The bonus multiple has been determined-999 times! 】
Then I felt a little stronger. Wan Tiancheng didn’t worry or slow down. It was a spit at the hiding place of the other party.
Directly destroy the other individual together with the hiding area.
Automatically copy all the abilities of the target and multiply them randomly before superimposing yourself!
This is his plug-in and his self-sustaining enemy confidence!
Chapter 3 Plug-in Players (2)
Located in a palace in the center of the world.
I felt that I had just been thrown into Bluestar and died.
Looks like a lean old man [foreign master] is extremely calm.
In his eyes, it’s just a tentative stage anyway.
All the changes are minor problems.

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