Simply, he took some tanned hides and made four charms, which were given to four people respectively for them to experience.

However, this symbol can’t fully show the power of the epic template department. Only with their constant sacrifice and promotion can the template power be fully exerted.
Just like a magic weapon has a level, this symbol also has a corresponding level.
Huang Biao Lingfu, Qing Yun Bao Zhuan, Zi Fu Lingwen, Jiu Tian Yu Zuo and Tian Fu Zhen Fu respectively.
According to the quality grade, the common quality symbol of the yellow-mounted spirit symbol has a pale yellow light when it is finished
The yellow mounted charm not only represents the yellow mounted paper as a symbol, but also represents the common.
Generally speaking, the most common one-time and altar-lifting symbols belong to this category.
After the essence of Qingyun’s treasure seal is completed, the concept of law is as bright as Qingyun’s.
Even with the same spell, the power of this level of charm is much greater than that of the yellow mounted charm.
These two kinds of symbols are relatively common.
Zifu Lingwen and Jiutian Jade-like Jade-like Jade-like Jade-like Jade-like Jade are truly epic.
According to Lingqing, even if there is a water avatar, it can only draw the Fufu Lingwen level ofuda.
Of course, it is also a disposable paper.
If it is a symbol, it can be made, but the law can not exert its corresponding power.
Only like a magic weapon, this precious charm will be condensed into a little light through constant sacrifice and refining.
Or, please invite the gods to stay in the body with a divine light to be the real symbol of the purple mansion spirit level.
In his present gift to several people, Swire Linglong Fu is just the level of Qingyun Bao Zhuan.
It can exert 70% of the power of Linglong Power, and at the same time, it also has ten kinds of magic thunder spells, such as Jiamu God Thunder, Yimu God Thunder, C God Thunder, Ding God Thunder, E God Thunder, Native God Thunder, Geng God Thunder, Xin Jin God Thunder, Renshui God Thunder and Guishui God Thunder.
Although this charm is transformed into an epic template of Archaeosaurus Linglong, it will exert its power after the transformation.
But natural high-order coercion and avatar also excited several people.
The most important thing is whether this character can exert 70% of the power of Linglong Power on the enemy or secondary cultivation is the main thing.
When the brainwave and others go to experience and communicate with the new talisman.
Lingqing has condensed all JingXie departments into a template.
Although there are several fine dragon beast templates, there is no higher one.
This let LingQing heart not with a disappointment.
But then he woke up and he was somewhat greedy.
At first, I was very happy when I got a fine template.
Vice Yinshan got six or seven kinds when he came back, and he felt that he had gained a lot.
Nowadays, I’m not only unhappy, but also disappointed.
It seems that this state of mind cultivation really needs to be promoted, and it is also sloppy.’
Lingqing sighed in the heart, tidied up some kind of mood, and put the hide roll back into the royal spirit whip.
As soon as the square replies to the original Yingguang folding imperial spirit whip, it sends out Yi Long songs with a jerk.
Then a dragon evolved into a beast, and the dragon rose.
In an instant, the dragon-like tremor gradually turned into the screams of all animals. The original carving whip body and the heads of all animals broke through the body and the royal spirit whip could not stop wandering around.
"Ang! !”
Another Gao Kang Long Yin sounded and roamed away, and then turned his head to the new Taikoo Linglong Shadow.
"Roar ~ ~ ~"
It’s another long song, and all the animals are lined up neatly and bowed their heads to Linglong to show their ministers.
Then a fit, a dragon, a dragon, and an integrated light floated back to the royal whip
As the royal spirit whip trembles, it returns to its original state, but it has a "alive" atmosphere.
This is through the integration of the spirit dragon force and the spirit of all animals, which has turned the royal spirit whip into a magic weapon.
"Everything blows away dust, the Milky Way, the wheel of merit and the royal whip. I didn’t expect this to prove that it was not long before the fairy was refined into four magic weapons." Lingqing looked at this new achievement magic weapon, the royal whip, and felt a little incredible at the moment
When someone else is hard to find a magic weapon, he already has four
However, apart from the fact that everything is a magic weapon for him to become a treasure and achieve success with his promotion.
The map of the Milky Way is regarded as a gift from the sages of the Warring States to help sacrifice and refine the wheel of merit together because they helped Zhang Yuan.
And this royal whip is due to the template of Taikoo Linglong.
It’s really nothing that he made by means of water mill sacrifice.
However, it doesn’t matter whether it’s your own sacrifice or someone else’s sacrifice. It’s valuable and convenient.
Ling Qing picked up the imperial whip and drew a note.
With a crisp, the vitality around him fluctuated violently with a sudden shock
Ling condensed several beasts and roared away with his whipping direction, making a wide pit in front of the sea.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-six The imperial spirit nine square sea waves are wide
Lingqing LUN iron whip drew another note, and it was quiet all around except for a soup in the air.
Hua la la ~
After a while, the sea splashed with water, and a number of sea animals jumped out of it, and they kept swimming around the Xinghe warship.
Let out a scream as if it were a soldier waiting to be inspected.
This is the royal spirit whip, in addition to being able to whip the surrounding vitality and develop the beast method against the enemy.
Each wild template represents a kind of creature king who can call on the same kind around him to help.
This is different from summoning animal partners, but the control ability of the template king.

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