It’s time to absorb and improve your control.

Olga Gaji will experience each other’s suffering through painful emotions.
Take the feeling of death alone, he has experienced it for countless trillions of times.
Relatively speaking, the pain caused by the "Heart-piercing Mantra" is true, a little younger brother.
Barely equal to the degree of peeling
Olga sets the pain level according to the degree of pain, which can be ranked as the third at most, while the existing full level is Olga’s body, which can better control the pain and bear 116 levels at all times.
All this pain is that the breeze doesn’t feel a fart.
However, Olga is not a man who doesn’t fight back. He casually said, "I’ll give you a fifth degree of pain."
Then calmly waved his wand.
[Transfiguration Curse]
Instant method succeeded.
Although the appearance of the other party has not changed, the organs of the body are rearranged because of the nervous system
The whole body has changed from a normal biological structure to a form in which living is torture.
Every time the blood in his veins flows a little, he will feel the burning sensation when the magma flows. Every time he breathes, he will feel the hot water vapor penetrating into his lungs from his nasal cavity, and his lungs will continue to edema and bubble. Every time his heart beats, he will feel that his nerve endings are forcibly pulled, as if being slowly ground by a winch …
In the shrill scream, the death eater instantly collapsed to the ground and then shouted even louder.
Because Olga changed his superficial skin structure.
A little touch will be very sour.
Out of familiarity with the human body structure, Olga’s five-level pain package just got stuck with a key point.
The more painful it is, the more painful it is, and the more the spirit depends on it. No matter how badly the death eater screams, he will be very sober.
In order to prevent the other party from incontinence, Olga transformed the other party’s stomach by the way. The other party has lost the functions of eating, drinking and Lazarus, and barely kept a trace of dignity for the other party.
Looking at lying on the ground in an instant and screaming, Voldemort’s eyes were more shocked than anger.
Olga can’t even feel the speed of casting spells.
If this representative is a duel, he may be knocked off by the other side before he even makes a move.
And Dumbledore, opposite Voldemort, was equally keen to think of this possibility, and his mind suddenly turned upside down.
Olga’s age has transformed the group, and he can barely accept it.
But this speed of casting is a little beyond his comprehension.
Heart suddenly thought of some possibilities.
Besides, there is another problem that he doesn’t quite understand.
Olga just used the Transfiguration Curse. Why did that death eater scream so badly?
He will look to the side minerva mcgonagall.
Professor I of Hogwarts School of Wizardry.
Minerva mcgonagall is responsible for the discipline of "Transfiguration Curse", and she is also one of the top masters of Transfiguration Curse in the whole British wizarding world.
An excellent Anima Gus!
Can switch their own human animals freely and keep all their casting abilities.
It can be said that even Dumbledore, a famous ball wizard, has weaker achievements than her.
Then Dumbledore found that something was wrong with minerva mcgonagall’s face.
That feeling is like seeing a miracle.
Full of shock, joy and disbelief.
Dumbledore asked a little curiously, "Can you see what he did?"
After a moment of silence, Meg opened her mouth and replied
"I don’t know too specific, but I can see that Olga completely changed the body structure of the Death Eaters in an instant.
Now I’m afraid that the death eater has no place or human structure except the appearance … "
Dumbledore thought about it for two seconds and then said in disbelief, "You mean Olga changed the other race?"
"If it’s overall, then it is."
Being a master of shape-shifting spells, Anima Gus McGonagall knows the human body structure, and no matter which college is put on the earth, it is an unquestionable master.
After the magic roughly perceived the situation of the Death Eaters Department, she instantly judged that the other party should not be called human.
Throw it to the Muggle Institute of Biology and say it’s disguised as a human alien. No one will suspect anything.
Aft thinking about it, Meg express her opinion.
"I’m afraid his attainments of" deformation spell "are stronger than those recorded in the secret volume of the school collection …"
Smell speech Dumbledore face slightly changed.
Merlin in the British wizarding world is not just saying it, but also a fact.
Britain has the strongest wizard ever recorded.
After the death eater was dragged away, Voldemort looked a little ugly and said to Olga
"Kid, you will regret provoking us …"
Then, if you don’t finish, you want to sneak attack directly.
After all, Voldemort is also a man who can afford to let go.
Wu can beat old people and young children, Wen can lie down and pretend to be dead and steal things.
It’s not a big deal if the sneak attack is true
Olga’s coping style is called "The Transfiguration Curse" again.

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