When this’ observation’ lasted for a while, the captain-like creatures have been surrounded here, and the rescuers have been silent.

Lynn did notice a new movement outside.
That is … Phoenix seems to know that their star is about to be attacked.
So they sent a large number of troops to clean up all the captains or all the invaders … What will these phoenixes know …
This is … a different sound. Tell them.
Chapter two thousand five hundred and thirty-four The Phoenix War
"quick! Kill them all! "
This is a very fierce virtual war.
On the one hand, the phoenix army can cover the stars, and on the other hand …
A large number of solidified creatures and death warships
Their battlefield is more than 100 million kilometers away from the stars. It used to be very swinging, and now it is full of fighting troops.
There are billions of phoenixes, and most of them are … solo individuals, and of course, some of them are flying like residents’ balls.
Lin is the first time to see Phoenix send so many troops. After all, they won’t come out in so many battles ahead.
Maybe this time Phoenix felt the real danger?
But even so, they didn’t send troops, and there were still quite a few phoenixes waiting in the stars, which seemed to be intended to hold there to prevent being attacked by surprise.
And this army flying out of the stars, they have to face the goal that … around a thousand death warships … a number of solidified creatures form an army.
It’s hard to say how many of these solidified organisms are, because they keep coming out.
These death warships are filled with solidification cracks with a diameter of tens to hundreds of meters, and there are constantly a number of solidified creatures.
These solidified organisms are almost all of the same kind, and Lin calls them’ temporary structures’
The reason for this name is, of course, because … they are all temporary. Most of these creatures are more than ten meters in shape like irregular clay.
They just keep coming out of the cracks to make some similar explosive or biting attacks against the phoenix.
Although they attack in a simple way, they can suppress the Phoenix army like a tide because of their huge number.
If you look at them from a distance, they are like two waves. One side is dark, the other side is orange like a flame. These two massive waves keep colliding. Every collision has hundreds of phoenixes … tens of thousands of solidified organisms die out.
This battle feels very … They didn’t make any long-range attacks. They just kept trying to get close to each other and crush each other.
The constant impact of both sides makes everyone move forward a little, and the phoenix tries a better solution.
"There it is!"
There are quite a few commanders in this huge Phoenix Army. Generally, each commander is responsible for tens of thousands of Phoenix.
And they like to put them in charge of directing the phoenix to form a larger whole to attack, such as this one.
There is a large group of phoenixes in the shape of a drill with hundreds of meters. It rotates at an extremely fast speed … surrounded by a number of solidified creatures, and when they approach, they are all smashed by instant bullets.
The target of the drill bit is indeed a thousand death warships … These death warships have not attacked, but have been staying in a position to maintain large and small solidification gaps around them.
When the Phoenix drill bit approached, the dead warship, which was several kilometers long, moved like several wrecks piled up into the warship skin, and suddenly the Phoenix drill bit was swallowed into the Ministry like a giant mouth.
When the Phoenix bit was swallowed, it instantly merged.
And then … there was nothing.
Death warships to restore as if nothing had happened.
Is just tens of thousands of phoenix rotary drill just … disappeared.
"kill that damn thing with a strange shape!"
And Lin once again found that there were more Phoenix bits attacking the death warship.
Obviously, this is also because it is located closest to the Phoenix, and it is also the most hit target.
A large number of phoenixes gathered again and formed more than a dozen phoenixes to drill in the direction of death warships.
They easily drilled all the way to stop them from counting solidified organisms, but this time it didn’t go so smoothly.
Suddenly, several solidified organisms bonded together, and they formed a huge wall several kilometers long in front of the Phoenix drill bit.
Although it seems to be made up of the original creatures that were scattered when they hit, it blocked the Phoenix drill. The Phoenix drill hit this wall first, and then it collapsed in an instant.
It’s like hitting an extremely solid object, and the phoenix forms a 100-meter-sized drill bit and collapses at this moment.
From the tip of the drill to the whole drill, all the phoenixes hit this wall in a few seconds … and there was no way to move forward.
From a distance, they look like an orange that smashed the dark wall.
However, the color of these phoenixes soon disappeared, and the solidified organisms that formed the wall quickly pulled the phoenixes that hit their surfaces into the depths of the wall.
Then … these phoenix "screams" came out from the wall.

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