Berezmon interrupted his stupid words. He stared at the vast map of falling stars and was silent for a moment.

"We can play a large territory in the falling star city, and our status can’t be separated from the blood and sweat of our ancestors! We can’t let our ancestors down. They want us to lick our faces and kiss the ass of the Chamber of Commerce.
"No way!"
However, the development of the large-scale domain will not be deflected by personal will, and so will the myth. Now the whole large-scale domain is full of prosperity.
Prosperity brings not only benefits but also busyness.
The myth-level strong people are busy from the organization of paying fire to the graduates who have just left home to the black knife and peace of mind
The four men who went to the Broken Sea were punished by Thunder, Iloshi and Qianqiu, and they had already returned to the falling star field some time ago.
Qianqiu is in charge of the No.3 oasis and the burning mall. He often runs at both ends. How do you run at both ends? Just take the organization delivery channel. He just finished working on Oasis No.3 a minute ago, and a minute later he can have tea in the office of the guard house in the burning mall.
However, recently, the transportation route of Bi ‘an and the punishment of thunder have both scattered into the falling star area, leaving Iloshi as a person and defending several oases.
….. This must be because the mentor thinks that she is more powerful and reliable, so that she can guard the three oases with one hand. Even if she holds the whole oasis, Iloshi can be defeated by the world.
Fang You didn’t know what Iloshi thought. He was’ appropriate or not’, and among the three people, he was first-class in his ability to punish thunder and save his life. Qianqiu possesses the world, and the talent of foresight can predict danger; Only Elohi, a girl with a small body, unclear head and reckless behavior … How to choose one of the three multiple-choice questions can be made without anyone’s brain.
He was still a little worried that this girl Iloshi would be awkward, but when he glanced at her for leisure, he found that Iloshi seemed not only not annoyed but also very proud and full of energy.
Maybe this little girl Iloshi has finally matured.
Sidina, on the other hand, still stays in the broken sea, except for occasionally finding a reliable city to rest. Most of the time, she dives into the sea and looks for the trace of the source of disaster with the highest level of evil tracing skills that she has practiced.
The disaster relief operation in the broken sea has been put on hold. There is no Sidina, and she is very persistent. Even if she can walk through the dark and polluted sea for several days, she will not be defeated.
The result really let her find the source of disaster!
The long-distance search efficiency of the cunning and evil tracking skill is less efficient, but when you get close, you will see the source of disaster in your field of vision, and there will be no difference.
Hitina suddenly went to cut a sword at the black and red sphere in the field of vision, but she couldn’t cut anything. Even if she entered the white flame explosion state, she steamed and cut out cracks hundreds of meters long around the seawater. She still seemed to cut the virtual disaster source without a ripple.
She was depressed and angry, and poured out her anger on a seven-star evil body. Soon, she cut the evil body into dozens of pieces and burned the remains to ashes.
It’s not too unexpected to travel here … It means that if it’s so easy to destroy the source of disaster, there is no need to prepare so gaudy at the beginning of the Gu Yue dynasty.
There must be targeted’ weapons’
At this point, he considered combining with the four overlords of the Broken Sea. For example, they’ mercenaries’ undertake to eradicate the source of disasters, so that the four overlords of Bai Piao can’ weapons against disasters’
However, I don’t know whether it means that the eloquence of the Millennium is not enough or that the "weapons against disasters" are too precious. In sum, I haven’t talked about it yet and I’m still dawdling.
An Jian You is also a member of the’ Physical Exploration Team’, who is falling into a star and traveling through a foggy area to explore the map, marking the forbidden area of the Jedi. Because an Jian You is evil, the baby’s autonomy is not enough to stay away from her, and the efficiency of An Mei is not much higher than that of punishment and thunder, that is, two or three times.
After Black Knife was promoted to the mythical level, the talent effect has made great progress. He wants to leave several major areas in the’ instructor field’ so that he can continue to play the talent effect. Others can free up their hands and don’t have to stay in the training camp all the time to teach new people.
On the one hand, Black Knife has trained enough instructors to train students instead of him. On the other hand, his blue star keeps 2 ~ 3 avatars all the time. These avatars travel back and forth between elite training camps and 16 base cities. From time to time, they adjust the training strategies of training camps around the country according to the actual situation, instruct students to teach public courses, recruit hard-working employees, and instruct talented students.
During this period, the number and types of execution of the black knife body are quite large, which is far from being summarized in a few words, but since two days ago, the black knife has pushed it away, and it is not so important to focus on one thing.
-Spark Oasis defense line layout!
The fire oasis has built an epic city wall engraved with the rituals of thousands of trees. It has also built a number of wooden bud towers and arranged many mysterious crystal cannons. The defense force of the whole oasis is far stronger than that of an old oasis like Jianhua City.
But these conventional arrangements are far from enough for the upcoming’ promotion robbery’
It is the Spark Oasis that is about to be promoted from level 6 to level 7. This promotion is controllable by the oasis owner who is in charge of the’ Oasis Core’ at his own will.
Once the oasis is opened, it will slowly expand outward, and it will stimulate the surrounding gray fog area as it did when the lighthouse in Lebanon was just lit, which will lead to the siege frenzy.
But the scale of siege frenzy will be far stronger than that of that year and far stronger than that of the recent frenzy. They will face the prehistoric siege frenzy.
….. This information is naturally obtained from many sources, such as the gift of the ambush pavilion, the quiet night court and so on.
Not so detailed, there is no specific information about the frenzy, but it has been told in vain that the 6 Jin 7 oasis robbery was never careless!
It’s Brother Black Knife who has devoted himself to this side these days. He is checking the layout of defense equipment in each section of the city wall, making some adjustments to the guards in each section of the city wall, and then filling a large number of’ newcomers’ transferred from Blue Star Camp into each section of the defense line.
At the same time, Black Knife also called Xu Tian, Roland, Fan Anyuan and Pei Hongjing to discuss the defense plan.
He also consulted with three deputies, namely, Bell, Wang Hammer and Liu Shang, about the logistics of defense … Black Knife also has deputies, but at most, many people in his own department are eager to be handcrafted by Black Knife. However, Black Knife still likes to kiss him about everything, saying that it is more reassuring to do so, especially the defense inspection. He can let others do it, but he will definitely check it again after finishing it … It won’t take much energy.
In addition, Black Knife even gives some energy to carry a black cat who wants to stay at home.
This black cat tried to’ sprout’, but not for Black Knife.
Everyone must work hard!
We are all torch-fire organizations that glow and heat! !
Seeing that his employees were working hard, the instructor was very … very considerate and didn’t bother him before. He climbed a watchtower and saw a tall woman in white clothes, black corset pants and black hair hanging down one shoulder.
She is the shame bell of the core personnel of the organization
Yin Ling is the only apostle who has not yet been promoted to the Seven Senses of Fate. Her mysterious accumulation progress is much slower than that of the secondary apostle Liu Ji. Liu Ji has accumulated millions of mysterious values and tried a myth awakening, which is a pity to fail, but Liu Ji is better than a woman who doesn’t want to go out in a residential research room.
"cut ~"
The bell holds her chest in her hands. "I haven’t finished my tutor conscientiously, and your arrangement has slowed down the accumulation of mysterious values a little."
She is justified.
Although she doesn’t like to go out, she is still a quiet medical worker who doesn’t like and is not good at fighting. She occasionally fishes and often assigns her tutor’s requirements to her disciples … but she still has many handmade achievements.
She organized a force. She organized a drug.
The tutor drinks a lot of high-level drugs, or does she mix them herself?
"Then I’ll give you those paid brushes. Why don’t you do any of them?"
"Well …"
She tilted her head slightly and pushed her shoulder to the back. "This is of course because I have several important studies that I can’t leave for a while!"
She said that it was not an excuse that she was really busy with several studies. Compared with the tutor’s arrangement of’ fun’, she preferred to fiddle with some personal interests and hobbies, such as dismembering evil spirits and deconstructing mystery from evil spirits and so on.
Everyone can see that these studies are quite important, right?
Thought of here, the bell consciously straightened up. She turned her head back and looked at the instructor’s deep eyes with a faint Yin Hui eyes.
I am serious about the bell!
Her eyes are full of the word "serious", so I can see it. However, although Yinling likes to tinker with some partial experiments, she often doesn’t proceed from the actual value, but she still completes the organization efficiently without complaining.
Look at today, although she is reluctant to say that she doesn’t want to fight and study, not only since she is here, she does not refuse the battlefield.

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