Accompanied by this agitation, the horn sounded the offensive overture.
Tens of millions of figures on the vast earth formed an attack frenzy and rolled out a flat hurricane, which violently impacted the crumbling city. Several soldiers stepped on the ladder with steel knives in their mouths and struggled to climb on the gate tower. Their eyes were bulging and their hair was bursting, making public the wildest bloodiness in their hearts.
A hammer-door truck weighing more than 1,000 kilograms, in which dozens of soldiers joined forces to push a big log wrapped in thick iron toward the city gate, looked like a ferocious dragon with its teeth bared and its teeth bared, giving off the smell of death in the hot sun.
Boom Boom Boom
After three loud noises, the heavy wooden door couldn’t stop this mountain from crashing into a piece of babbling, completing its mission and turning it into dust debris all over the sky.
The flag of the distant battlefield changed, and an iron horse rushed out.
The hoof is rolling and the quicksand is rising all over the sky around the fighters, and the anger and blood-eating craze will turn the horror of death into a chiseled wave.
That wave of wild and magnificent fighters billowed all over the sky, and the wind and dust roared and rushed toward the enemy city gate. They danced wildly and fought against the city gate to guard the killing blood. At this moment, the most gorgeous color, red, became the main color of the world. Looking at the red tide day,
Shallow water is clear when sitting on the horse silently counting.
Two hours!
"report! The gate of Siping City, a shallow general, has broken through our army and can enter! " Send the soldiers to report.
"I saw it," said the shallow water coldly. "Tell Zongzhuo … Well done."
Make soldiers flying horse back to rush "brothers! The shallow governor said that you are good! "
"roar! ! !” At the same time, the Chengtou soldiers and the gate soldiers roared like people, and the demon came to the world to scare all the soldiers who were still trying to resist the rainbow.
The attack horn finally blew a large number of soldiers into Siping City to sweep away the remaining occupied cities
Shallow water is clear, looking at the boundless sky, I hope the light is rising in Ran Ran …
On June 24th, just one day after the departure from Jinsha Bay, Shallow Water Qing launched a crazy counterattack against all parts of Jinghong. This time, the counterattack was different from all battles. The former Tiexue Town was always able to fight without fighting the fortified fortress of Jiancheng, passing through some remote villages and towns as much as possible, and at the same time searching for strategic materials necessary for life. Therefore, the army of Tiexue Town often went to several places and dozens of places a day to search for work. The enemy forces have always been able to hide and try not to fight hard, relying on high-speed advantages to wage guerrilla warfare.
However, guerrilla warfare has always been the main tone of war because of its special background, so Shallow Water Qing has gained a lot of fresh troops in itself, while Jinghong people have changed the original war situation because of the fact that their strength has been greatly damaged and changed.
He attacked some well-defended cities in a planned and targeted way, instead of choosing a detour to attack and beat to a certain extent to win. A means finally appeared in the strategy of shallow water clearing, which can tolerate a certain degree of personnel losses when fighting for it.
Because of the homing pigeon exchange incident, the Jinghong communication network is now at the most critical blind spot moment. Shallow water is clear to take advantage of this rare opportunity to complete the phased strategy that he has always wanted to complete, but he can’t complete it. By killing and killing a large number of enemies through large-scale battles, the new force, Iron Blood Town, strives for better opportunities in Jinghong.
Before this, although the second and third anti-encirclement campaigns in Shallow Water Clearing made a breakthrough victory, it is far more meaningful to destroy a large number of enemies than to destroy enemy elite soldiers for a lonely journey in the enemy country. Compared with the third anti-encirclement campaign, Shallow Water Clearing prefers to destroy 100,000 miscellaneous fish. Although 100,000 miscellaneous soldiers in the battlefield can never be compared with the 60,000 elite soldiers in Yushi, South Jiangsu, the number of ordinary troops is actually even larger for those who need to build a huge defense network. It is more important to destroy enough soldiers in the enemy territory than to destroy the enemy elite Qiang Bing. Fortunately, JiReZi helped him a lot in this respect.
In this consideration, twelve cities, such as Siping Qingyan Yanzhou and Caisang, were included in the category that must be attacked with a wave of his hand. Through this series of attacks, he achieved his strategic goal of destroying most of the enemy, plundering resources, shocking the enemy and promoting our military power.
Twelve cities must take everything before mid-July, kill everything they can, especially those iron-blooded towns that are in urgent need of replacing weapons and equipment, important equipment for large-scale positional warfare, and so on. He wants to make iron-blooded town a strong brigade for positional warfare again, and this needs to take enough cities!
Siping city has been taken at the moment, but this is only the beginning of the war.
Riding on horseback in the shallow water of Siping Chengtong Street Avenue, Qingyi rode ahead. In addition to Tang Fanghu in the water, Zongzhuo Lubin Haishan and other young veterans, there were 17,000 prisoners of war. In addition to supplementing the five battalions under the jurisdiction of Tiefeng Banner Lingfeng Banner, the remaining 9,000 people were divided into three battalions according to the region, which were respectively under the responsibility of Shao Fei, a camp owner of Zhuoshigang, Shan Zong, and Shi Cheng, a qu Chang of Jinshawan. Among them, Shi Cheng was able to shoulder such a heavy responsibility because he had the highest prestige in Jinshawan prison camp. Xiaoqu Chang tried to save his comrades-in-arms more than once, and suffered from whipping by the supervisor. This steel-like cast Han just survived and fought against fate again and again, and finally won the love and support of everyone.
The camp of a prisoner of war camp is obviously different. Once the officers were high up here, they may not be able to become everyone. The role of listening to orders is just like the fact that a talented person who came out of school may not be able to eat when he came to society. The dark environment of a prisoner of war camp needs to be the kind of person who is willing to give his life to help a friend in need, and who is knowledgeable and calm in case of trouble deserves everyone’s respect. Only in this case, high-level appreciation is meaningless, but love is valuable.
Therefore, Shi Cheng naturally became the leader of Jinsha Camp, and Zongzhuo, the former governor of Chiyi Town, can also re-establish his career from the position of Prison Mountain Camp. Every time he changes the new environment, it is a new test. It is the same for them whether he used to hawk prisoners of war or is now in shallow water.
For those soldiers who used to hawk and fly the army, the original serial number is no longer meaningful. Now they are all soldiers in Tiexue Town, prison camp, mountain camp, shigang camp and Jinsha camp, which were reorganized into a flag by shallow water clearing. They can mourn the past years in this way, and then in the new battlefield, the new commander leads a new identity to bravely kill the enemy in the eagle and fly the flag, and the flag is handed over to an outstanding soldier in the army by the blood-soaking camp. Xie Yun, a younger brother of the early Fugui Corps, followed the shallow water clearing all the way and moved to Fengcang Grain and Grass Transportation Department. Xie Tianbao is
The streets of Siping are now a desolate scene. I probably never thought that there would be a counterattack in the shallow water of Yongning in the past six months. At that time, after the defenders finished fighting, they fought a battle of 4 thousand soldiers and died a good city.
Siping people realize that there are still many people who have the courage to come out and look around, perhaps because the shallow water is clear and famous in the rainbow is not bad.
"Let the brothers immediately prepare to wash the city, hit the treasury for disaster relief, release food and then take all the money department away …" Shallow water arranged for Fang Hu to pie his pie. "Shallow water has done all these jobs for half a year, and you won’t order them anymore."
Shallow water clear smile "eagle flying flag brothers are not familiar with it, let them practice their hands."
After soaking in blood, I turned around and shouted, "Brothers of Eagle Flag, come with me and show you today!"
"shout! Howl! Ha! " A large group of soldiers whistled and rushed forward to give off a triumphant roar.
"I still don’t understand why we have to fight this battle. Isn’t it nice to be like before?" Fang Hu doesn’t understand why he wants to destroy the enemy through a lot of mobile warfare. Although it will take a long time, it can also protect himself to the maximum extent. Why do you have to storm and fight hard?
Three hundred soldiers were killed in the attack on Siping City. Considering the sneak attack and the absolute strength advantage, the loss is not small. Although a lot of war resources have been obtained, it is actually of little significance to Tiexue Town, which now has the St. Will transportation line and the Wakouzhai material base. After the prison camp, Tiexue Town has no new soldiers to supplement it. Perhaps the situation is still that one is dead and one is less. It is extremely painful for Fang Hu to lose.
Shallow water smiled and patted Fang Hu on the shoulder. "Tiger, you can’t look at the immediate losses or gains when you lead troops to fight. Sometimes you have to look at the long-term facts. We need a big battle not only to attack the city now."
"War?" Fang Hu got a fright. "You mean …"
Shallow water Qing took a long breath. "It is the head-on decisive battle of the war. Since entering Jinghong, Tiexue Town has been avoiding the enemy to do a fair head-on contest. But this time, we have to take the initiative to provoke a head-on decisive battle with our opponents. This is the purpose. We will continue to attack the other city. In addition to weakening the enemy and getting equipment, the main purpose is to force the Jinghong people to launch the fourth encirclement and suppression!"
"Let them launch the fourth encirclement and suppression campaign?"
"Yes!" Shallow water said firmly, "Now our army is at its strongest, and the soldiers’ morale is booming. Prisoners of war hate the people who surprised the rainbow the most, but the siege of the people who surprised the rainbow has not yet been formally made. Obviously, we have not made a plan and prepared for it. We just want to force them to launch the siege before launching it earlier. Due to lack of time, there will be serious preparations for tactical arrangements, troops and materials. In this case, there is hope that the two armies will win a big victory against our army."

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