The mighty immigrants continued to move in the direction of Shanxi because of Qian Zong’s insistence that there was no official pause

When there is no accident, one day’s journey is just about to pass.
A soldier dressed in loyalist ordinary soldiers was suddenly brought to Qian Zong by Vice Qian Zong with a mysterious face.
When the other person raised his head and looked at Qian Zong, Qian Zong was still puzzled. At this moment, he directly showed a look of shock and epiphany.
Because it is in front of you that you have traded with yourself many times, and a tiger and leopard army will
After gesturing for the guards to go around and take a deep breath, Mr. Qian quickly said, "Why did the Wang team bring you here … Don’t you know that the imperial court just listed you as the imperial rebels by imperial decree?"
"If you come here like this and let others know, others will not regard it as a rebel …"
"Wang team will see that we are old acquaintances, and we will pretend that we haven’t seen you … your horse leaves here and goes back to Shanxi … no one can know that you have been here …"
In the face of the anxious and worried expression quickly revealed by Qian Zong’s face, the Wang team did not move his face and his expression did not change at all.
Several pairs of eyes looked at each other at the same time and answered unhurriedly, "Please rest assured that I will never fall into the hands of his loyalists and will not leak out the information that I have been here."
"Take such a big risk to see an adult. You have one purpose, that is, general, you escort tens of thousands of people along the way …"
"General, if you send these people to the predetermined position, I, Tiger and Leopard Army, will give the general an increase of one or two silvers on the basis of the original price, which means that you can get two or two silvers for every five immigrants you send to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces."
"Besides, we can keep this kind of transaction if you want it."
"The only difference is that our transaction has to be conducted secretly from now on because of the imperial decree."
When I heard this, a piece of data quickly came to my mind.
If you want to continue this transaction in front of you, you can get a whole two thousand silver benefits according to the latest price from Tiger and Leopard Army.
Not only that, but with the arrest of Shandong patrol, the patrol government asked it to escort 10 thousand immigrants, and the reward of 4.2 thousand silver would accidentally enter its own pocket
That’s exactly fourteen thousand taels of silver.
In the face of the temptation of such huge interests, Mr. Qian was moved directly in his heart
However, before the imperial edict and the imperial court’s two mountains, Qian Zong would not agree to any move.
Because in the event of an accident in this transaction, it is more serious for me to behead than to property and genocide.
After a short meditation, Qian can always crush his heart and say to the butch army in front of him
"Wang team will give me a big problem … if I am alone, I will fight my head off and continue to trade with your army. After all, no one wants to be with silver or not."
"But I can’t do such a big thing alone …"
"I must have a group of brothers to do what I do with me. I must discuss it with my brothers."
Half an hour later, he was secretly summoned by Qian Zong, and all the general officers learned from Qian Zong that they could continue to take risks and continue to trade with the Tiger and Leopard Army and secretly immigrate to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
Most people in just over a dozen ministries have chosen silence.
However, when the news that Qian Zong doubled the price of immigrants came out, everyone suddenly became boiling after silence.
In front of the silver, there were seven departments on the spot screaming for continued trading with the Tiger and Leopard Army to earn silver.
There are still a few calm faces with no speech left, and they also show a heart-warming expression.
At this time, the immigration transaction can continue to go to a hundred suddenly shouting, "Adults and brothers … The court has not paid us for several years. No matter what the court does, general, we should always let the people help us die. Brothers have silver to feed their families, right?"
"Now it’s hard to have an opportunity in front of us. I don’t know why we should refuse."
"Five immigrants for two taels of silver. If we immigrate 100,000 people to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces a year, it will be 42,000 taels of silver, which will be distributed to people’s brothers. In the end, there will be hundreds of taels of silver in your adult’s pockets …"
"Let’s think about it. If we just keep the court’s laws and regulations, when can we earn hundreds of thousands of silver by eating soldiers’ blood? Five years or ten years is more than a generation …"
"In a word, people die of wealth and birds eat dead … let’s be a soldier and put it bluntly. It is such a good opportunity to earn money to support our families. If we don’t seize it, it will definitely be thundered."
"I’m Li Huke no matter what imperial edict and decapitation are, who dares to stand in my way and make a fortune? I’ll kill myself and cut off each other’s heads …"
Li Hu-Li added after saying the general words, a relative stranger followed by the general words.
"Thousands of adults and colleagues … I also have something to say. I think the whole thing is far less complicated than we thought, and it won’t be as dangerous as everyone said …"
Chapter three hundred and ninety-one Saltworks crisis
"If we want to successfully complete this transaction, we can do it on a small scale in the next transaction."
"Besides, the imperial court is now paying attention to how to attack Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces, which will never give attention to what our local garrison usually gives …"
"The last idea is that we have all seen butch soldiers. Do you think that the fighting capacity of those master soldiers in Beijing camp may be the opponent of butch army … the battle between butch army and the court will never end in a short time?"
"If this rivalry is not over, the Tiger and Leopard Army will give us the right price … we will do whatever we want with the idea of not offending both ends … After all, we are a two-sided team that doesn’t value the local garrison."
At this time, even a few people who have just hesitated have agreed to continue trading with the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Since all the ministries support themselves, there is no last worry in their hearts.
Glanced at the front has been shining twenty thousand, as if to see a lot of silver. After that, General Qian firmly affirmed, "In this case, we are all in the same boat from now on … share weal and woe together to earn silver from the butch army …"
"In the final transaction price between us and the Tiger and Leopard Army, I will continue to talk with the Tiger and Leopard Army to strive for a silver for every two immigrants."
After more than half a year and nearly a year’s development and accumulation, and two times of sending troops to Mongolia to plunder the warehouse of the Shaanxi Governor’s Office, it has become a mountain of silver.
Even if the other party raises the price to one or two silver, the tiger and leopard army will not hesitate to promise.
In Wei Zheng’s eyes, these immigrants will be able to create a value far higher than one or two silver when they arrive in Shaanxi in one year. Generally speaking, this kind of transaction is definitely a sure profit for the Tiger and Leopard Army.
In this way, although the imperial court reached the imperial edict that the Tiger and Leopard Army was the rebel to stop emigrating to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, two immigrants were lured by huge interests, and several local garrison troops in Shandong signed an agreement with the Tiger and Leopard Army to continue secretly transporting immigrants to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces …
Because the imperial edict was issued by the government, the governor-general of Shanshan has been taken by the people to avoid accidents, and the whole governor-general has directly entered a state of martial law.
However, the atmosphere was tense, and many people in the lobby of the Governor’s Office were reporting the situation to Wei Zheng. Kelly Y Zhou, a military adviser, had a calm face and his facial expression was not affected by this.
Because the stability of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces is so small that it has not been destroyed by the court’s decision so far.
Wei Zheng looked at a face of smile and told him, "The situation of the prince’s immigration did not surprise us."
"Those garrison officers who want to pay for silver will forget their identity and court discipline rather than continue to emigrate to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces in defiance of the imperial edict."
"After the latest statistics, the imperial edict has influenced the migration from Shandong to Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, although it has slowed down a lot, but it can still maintain 100,000 people every month …"
"It will take a year to add 300,000 immigrants who have already entered Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and the number of immigrants who have entered Shaanxi will exceed 1.5 million … to meet the needs of Shaanxi Province."
When I heard this, the serious expression on Wei Zheng’s face was replaced by laughter.
Kelly Y Zhou sighed with emotion, "Now it seems that the handsome immigration problem is no longer worried."

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