Her strength is also a demigod, but the ice race is beautiful and charming, and her blood is the purest in thousands of years, which is quite different from the ice race branch.

One is a muddy loach and the other is an ice phoenix flying for nine days!
"Ice Girl"
Several demigods are close to come over. A total of five Jin Peng Wang Tianshan saints also agree that these five people are together and that a terrorist force is absolutely enough to deter the whole Zhongzhou.
"We agreed to come."
More than four people are close to come over here. These dead bodies are time-consuming and might as well break this crack barrier and rush to the opposite violet lake.
The ice girl nodded faintly, and every movement seemed so frosty.
She was gifted by her family from an early age to cultivate what is a friend, what is a family relationship and what is a secular life? None of this has anything to do with her
The ice girl’s consciousness has been planted into a kind of honor. She has accepted too many expectations and given up a lot of wonderful life.
"Sleeping Millennium Ice Spirit Array, please follow the contract of the ancestors of the ancient ice clan. At this moment, I will use your strength to cut everything!"
This cold prayer seems to come from the historical years and represents the belief of the whole ice clan.
Suddenly, a huge frost circle appeared in front of her. Suddenly, the temperature dropped sharply, and four people behind the ice girl also made efforts to inject spiritual force into the circle.
Liu Yu’s opposite eyes narrowed slightly. This large array is quite powerful but flawed.
The ice girl gently pushed forward, and this large array immediately turned into a spiral, like a huge drill intrepidly pouncing in the direction of Liu Yu. When it passed over the ground crack in the past, it was obviously stuck. Suddenly, those flames that came out unexpectedly turned into ice sculptures.
"Fast is now!"
Five people at the same time advance quickly through the gap.
Nine emperors and others also rushed over. I don’t know how many of these Yin soldiers are always coming out of it.
It’s only a short walk to the opposite Qinglian Lake.
However, the ice didn’t hold out long before it was re-ignited and cracked, isolating the area.
A few geniuses succeeded, but some people didn’t come. This life is destined for the ancient fairy hall.
"Is this coming?"
Liu Yu’s mouth twitched. It’s exciting to watch the fire from the other side. Now it seems that the atmosphere is a little wrong
Ice girl’s eyes move like a long sword, and the cold mountain flashes. The spiral array is pushed by her in this direction of Liu Yu.
This spiral ice cone embodies the strength of five demigods and can definitely give Liu Yu a heavy blow!
Liu Yu didn’t retreat. He had already seen the defects of this large array.
He held out his white jade palm and raised it to aim at the ice cone that came from the attack.
Chapter 671 One God
Many people are angry at Liu Yu’s move.
Especially those demigods, the most fucked-up people in their hearts. I heard that Liu Yu, who forced the government, was arrogant and blew up the sky. Today, it was really worthy of the name.
He really did a good job.
The five of them are gathered in this ice cone. Is it possible that you can crack it with a finger?
Even the ice girl with a straight face deeply felt the blasphemy.
Liu Yu’s move made her very uncomfortable. The spiral ice pick Guanghua soared in her hands and slammed out with more violent urging force.
"Crazy or not, no one can stop you from doing what Liu Yu wants to do."
Liu Yu indifferently pointed out that suddenly this seemingly horrible offensive came to an abrupt end like an avalanche and everything seemed so calm.
This scene shocked all five young demigods, and their faces were filled with incredible ice spirit array. So at this moment, the manic breath stopped raging, but inched away.
It is absolutely impossible for them to dare to be in front of the absolute facts. This horrible blow is easy to come out.
But Liu Yu moved his fingers? It’s so subversive.
"Crazy is not the reason why I talk big, but that I have it."
Liu Yu withdrew his hand and stood face to face with these people. "Everyone, if you don’t have any grievances, don’t get involved. Of course, I have to say before that Liu Yu is not a timid guy."
King Jinpeng has always been arrogant, but now he has to consider Liu Yu’s remarks.
"Are you here to force the government?"
The shadow of the wolf floating behind him is a demon genius, and his eyes are very deep and as sharp as a wolf.
"It seems that you are all white."
Liu Yu said
I forced the government to fight against me. I forced the government to blow up the sky. I forced the government army to cross the border. Although I forced the government to establish it, who knows?
And you are not stupid, then you know that I have the courage to ask the ice clan, do you have it?
Demon genius don’t talk that a pair of deep eyes more gloomy.
"Liu Yu, do you dare to be an ice clan with a forced house?"
The ice girl said that she looked proudly. The ice clan in Zhongzhou belongs to a detached family, almost belonging to the top of the pyramid. The ancestors have even walked out of a place where they have left such a legacy as the Buddha magic. It is absolutely dazzling.
"Isn’t it right now?" Liu Yu laughed. I’m afraid of you, aren’t I?
"I’ll cut you off today."
The great change of the ice girl’s eyes turned out to be a touch of white mountain, like a enchanting ice fire, very evil.
She moved like a divine phoenix, spread her wings, and after several flips, she killed Liu Yu. Handfuls of ice swords instantly condensed to kill the enemy in an instant. Liu Yu is also a demigod. Besides, it is worth mentioning that his realm is demigod, but it does not mean that his explosive strength is also demigod.
Liu Yu blew out with one punch and broke the shackles with wild waves, making the ice swords destroy them into nothing.
"Forced house Liu Yu really powerful"
King Jinpeng squinted at Liu Yu, perhaps this will be their strongest opponent in the future.
Suddenly, a pair of wings as thin as cicadas appeared behind the ice girl’s reappearance, and each wing was engraved with runes, which were very complicated and could be easily cut into jewels.

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