The mother emperor giggled. "I naturally giggle here in the mother’s nest. If you can’t find me, you can say that you can’t do it."

Sun Hao gave a thumbs-up sign. "I have been looking for it in gold silkworm’s distracted mother’s nest for thousands of years, but I still can’t see the slightest clue."
The mother emperor’s face showed a little smug expression and said softly, "You don’t know that there are still many good things to contact. For a while, you have shown yourself three kinds of avenues, namely, overbearing kingship and powerful time avenue. They are all of high grades. I didn’t expect you to be able to build such a height in a short time, but you may not know the fact that you should never show your avenue in front of a mother emperor and give her enough time to adapt."
Corleone’s face still has a faint smile and he asked curiously, "Is this very important? Or is it serious? "
The Karma mother emperor giggled. "Of course, it’s very important. It’s really serious. How serious is it? Your horse will know that Luo Luo Terran Zhan Zu is likely to become a comet that breaks the sky and bloom in an instant, and then return to the market forever."
Say that finish bug emperor mouth a aimed at Sun Hao suddenly made a swallow.
Boom a Sun Hao didn’t respond, or even Sun Haoshi Avenue, this moment was instantly swallowed as if and this moment. Before Sun Haoyou countered, it was suddenly dark at the moment. I don’t know the margin.
Was swallowed? Swallowed it into the belly of the worm emperor?
The great devouring should correspond to the devouring avenue among the 3,000 avenues. The devouring avenue is also a very powerful sort. It should be the top 100 avenues. The worm emperor doesn’t need enlightenment. I don’t know how to learn this devouring avatar. The effect is really terrible.
Corleone compared a suddenly found that the worm emperor this recruit much worse than a small fire.
When a small fire is used to devour the avatar, there will be no feeling of swallowing it even in an instant.
If it is a small fire to cast this trick, Sun Hao should escape from the swallowing moment when he has the opportunity to cast it, and there will be no such situation as being swallowed into the body of the insect emperor.
This is dark, I can’t feel what will be around, and I don’t know how big this will be.
Sun Hao thought for a moment, and when the ability to forcibly drive the body was broken, the worm emperor’s triumphant voice rang out. "This piece of darkness is completely marginal. Hahahaha, even if I go in myself, I don’t know the end of this death. You will drift slowly here until the eternity is old and empty."
Finish the darkness? Marginal? Sun Hao doesn’t think this piece of marginal Sun Hao thinks that there are at least four or five ways to break through this so-called edge.
Have the ability to bear, should be based on the strength of the worm emperor Sun Hao feel if foolhardy absolutely should be able to break the worm emperor this recruit.
However, Sun Hao thought for a while, and then suddenly he remembered that he was practicing kendo.
Chapter DiErErSan Daoism confrontation
Sun Hao’s kendo has reached a great achievement. If we want to make progress now, we must build the double swords of Yin and Yang into the foundation of Yin and Yang Avenue. The lightsaber and the dark sword will eventually be combined into a kendo dzogchen.
It’s all dark at the moment, so do you add some chaos to him in this?
Sun Hao didn’t move his heart, and the horse broke out, and the gods moved. The agarwood sword emerged in front of him, and his body was gently shaken, and his mouth was clear. "I said I want to have a lightsaber for me now …"
Zhenyuan suddenly urged the agarwood sword to be samadhi, and the real fire burned violently. Suddenly, the sun was shining in the yin and yang, and suddenly the strong light came out from the agarwood sword.
In the dark, the agarwood sword illuminates a wide and wide space like a small sun.
Worm emperor mouth Yiqing yi then giggled "you this light I this dark virtual like a little firefly top? Do you still want to ignite my whole emptiness? Don’t waste your energy, even if the stars come to my darkness for nine days, they will eventually turn into darkness. "
Sun Hao ignored her and still persevered in driving the agarwood sword to shine constantly.
The darkness around puts great pressure on Sun Hao, just as the worm emperor said, Sun Hao’s light will be submerged by darkness if he is not careful with the agarwood sword.
If the agarwood sword wants to keep its shining state, it must be constantly driven, then it must constantly vibrate, constantly generate and burn its own true elements, and constantly drive the Samadhi true fire, and then the Sun Hao lightsaber Yang Qi sword will be completely annihilated by the surrounding darkness.
At the same time, Sun Hao also found a very strange fact, that is, if you want to keep your aloes sword, then the light of your aloes sword will continue to shine into the distance, and the irradiation range will be farther and farther.
Moreover, the light in this strange place will not disappear casually after it is irradiated, but will keep moving forward.
That is to say, if the theory wants to drive the agarwood sword to shine all the time, then one day the light of the sword will eventually reach this end and the light of the sword will eventually illuminate the whole.
God knows how long this process will take.
It is estimated that even if Sun Haoshou Yuan runs out of agarwood sword light, he may not be able to reach this end.
It’s not a big problem for Sun Hao to say the truth. Plus Sun Hao’s own pulse network branch training skills are strong, and the truth needed for vibrating agarwood sword to shine will have little effect on Sun Hao. Theoretically, Sun Hao wants Sun Hao to run around with a lightsaber from time to time.
Sun Hao’s understanding of light is the most profound in the darkness.
Light is also the most basic attribute of light. Where there is light, it can bring people light.
This is Sun Hao’s deepest feeling in the dark.
When the lightsaber shines on Sun Hao’s sword and flies into this marginal darkness, he rampages.
Everywhere, everywhere light
The light is swaying, but it is also wide-ranging, and the light is also very wide-ranging. Theoretically, the light in the dark can shine far away.
Moreover, the speed of light is extremely fast. Sun Hao found that if he didn’t wear out the virtual light, the speed would exceed his own flying speed. However, Mahayana’s flying speed has reached its peak, but he still runs fast without light. Sun Hao also has a very clear feeling that he will naturally jump away if his limit speed is close to the speed of light.
The mother emperor felt Sun Hao’s high-speed movement in her otherness. Sun Hao wanted to break her otherness like a virtual one, but she couldn’t help giggling again. "My vast expanse of otherness is made up of several deaths. You can run around and break the emptiness after you go in, but don’t try to break my emptiness. Giggle! Stay here honestly!"
Sun Hao took no time to practice his lightsaber face in this vast virtual space and looked up at the virtual space with a faint smile and said, "It may not be a good thing for you to trap me here. If I don’t go out for a day, you will return it to my small world one day. We can compare and see who can last longer, whether it’s you, Shou Yuan or me, Shou Yuan."
The worm emperor suddenly lost interest. He should have gone to check Sun Hao’s small world. Compared with Shou Yuan, the worm emperor really didn’t have much confidence. She did know that Sun Hao’s practice grew very fast to the present height, which is quite young, that is, Shou Yuan was still a lot. This is her method. If it is really consumed by Sun Hao alive, it will be a ghost.
Sun Hao’s mother emperor devoured and flew around and found that she was not the only one in this bizarre situation. More than once, Sun Hao held a lightsaber and saw the vast continent swaying in the emptiness.
It is a pity that whenever Sun Hao meets the mainland, he is all dead and there is no sign of life.
Sun Hao’s careful perception suddenly found that these continental conditions are also odd and poor.
What’s the difference? It’s to stay in the dark without landslides and landslides, and there are constantly collapsing earthquake blocks.
And let Corleone feel weird than all the dark world mainland where the collapsed earthquake actually can’t see any light and there is no magma in the mainland.
No Sun Hao has any vitality when he sees the mainland.
In a word, the earth is dead here, and the days here are rotten.
Sun Hao takes a lightsaber and needs a constant drive to keep his light immortal.
Sun Hao’s understanding of lightsabers is getting deeper and deeper in the process of carrying lightsabers through the mainland.
Lightsaber is a yang attribute.
Motivating a lightsaber to shine is actually to ignite its own pure yang attribute truth element, so in terms of quality, light element is a way of transforming truth element into external broadcast.
This is the light itself. What about the light in the sky? There is no light in this darkness, but there is normal light outside. It should be a fireball blooming.
The fireball burns fiercely, and the flame is a kind of fluctuating energy. So can light be regarded as a kind of fluctuating energy loss?
Holding a lightsaber, Sun Hao doesn’t know how long it has been floating in the air. When Sun Hao stayed in a dead mainland for a long time and stayed for a long time, a very unexpected incident happened.
One day, after the death of the mainland, a young bud suddenly emerged from the lifeless land, and Sun Hao’s lightsaber began to grow tenaciously.
At this moment, the incredible sound of the insect king came out of high school. "How is that possible?" How is that possible? How can life be born on this continent? Isn’t this the end of the mainland? How is this possible? "
Sun Hao laughed heartily. "Where there is light, there is life. I brought light, and I brought life. Hahahaha, the worm emperor. I suddenly feel that you zerg are called to destroy the race. That makes a lot of sense. Look at you. It is very likely that they were once full of vitality and everything flourished, but after being swallowed up by you, they became this lifeless worm emperor. Don’t you feel ashamed?"
Worm emperor mercilessly sound out "you let a seedling sprout and what? It’s not that I can’t escape my swallowing, and it’s not that I’m floating in death. "
Sun Hao, a continent, laughed.
From that day on, Sun Hao held his agarwood sword and floated like a small sun. This piece of land was not completely dead.
Unconsciously, the light shone on the earth and began to come back to life.
Chapter DiErErSi Kendo dzogchen
I don’t know how long it’s been since the seedlings came out of the ground. This once-dead land has become a vast forest full of flowers.
Looking at the flowers swaying and growing in the light, Sun Hao laughed in the flying. "Lightsaber, haha, this is the lightsaber, lightsaber, lightsaber, lightsaber, lightsaber, lightsaber, lightsaber, life sword, hahaha, thank you for helping me realize …"
Swish a virtual light big lightsaber like a small sun shines on a large area.
The worm emperor was stupefied and seriously felt that his own department couldn’t help but laugh. This guy’s lightsaber is just like that. It looks fierce, but the lighting area is just like that. What’s the difference? He lit up an area and the floating continent began to come back to life. Some tenacious life began to appear.
But what about that? How far can the firefly light illuminate compared with the vast area of our department?
Sun Hao bloomed his lightsaber and seriously felt the effect of his own lightsaber. After a long time, Sun Hao felt that there was no need to continue practicing lightsaber. The gods moved the lightsaber to stir up those vibrant continents, and the mainland, together with the middle life, was included in his Sumeru condensate tower.
Then the light gathered Sun Hao and put away his lightsaber and fell into the darkness.
Yin and Yang have samsara, light and darkness and contrast.
The lightsaber and the dark sword represent Sun Hao’s sword of Yin and Yang, and now the lightsaber has been built into a dark sword.
I found that Sun Hao put away the shiny lightsaber and the worm emperor burst out laughing. "How long can I light you up? Haha, it won’t light up so soon? Be a good Terran Warrior and I will wait for you to die lonely in the dark and finally turn to dust. "

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