The disappearance of Yu and Choi, Jiang Tai, has no intention of imitating it as if it were a matter of course-

Jiang Tai returned to Baiju again.
At the moment, Baiju is in ruins, and the four sides are counting the bodies sideways.
Not far away, 30,000 troops are waiting for the army of Chen.
"Master, you are finally back!" Chen Liu laughed
"Xiao Tai, where are you going these days?" Manzhong curious way
Jiang Tai’s face is quite serious at the moment. "Are you the only ones left?"
"Master, we have been waiting for you. What shall we do now? Go to Yaodu? " Chen Liu asked
"Where are they?"
"The six immortals in Chutian World were divided into six kings. Master Zun went to King Wen of Chu, leaving five immortals: Lv Yangsheng, Mr. Sun Wu and the King of Wu. There were two others, Chu Wuwang and King Li of Chu, who were badly hit when they had two kings, but they didn’t die. They fled with the immortals in two directions, but Wu Jun and Mr. Sun Wu’s army went straight to Yingdu to completely destroy Chu!" Chen Liu said
"The prince? The prince of Wu does have wisdom! " Jiang tai frown way
"It’s the limit for the king of Judah to get a fairy. If there are more, it will be envied by all countries!" Chen nodded.
"They have gone to destroy the capital, master. Let’s go with them now. It should come back!" Chen Liu said
Jiang Tai shook his head and said, "No, you don’t!"
"Oh?" They slightly one leng.
Jiang Tai’s face was serious. "Now, go back to Chen Guodi and take back the reins. In this chaotic period, Chen Guo will be re-established and expand its territory!"
"Reorganize the State of Chen?" A group of elders in Chen’s eyes lit up.
"Good so-called whether extremely Thai is this time day to take will be to blame! Whether Chen Guo can restore his glory depends on this moment! " Jiang taichen way
"Oh?" They immediately look a flap.
"Chu will destroy the chaos, and the city of Chu will be in a mess. Then it will be divided up. You don’t take much Chu now, but you will go back as soon as possible. I will let the intelligence system help you analyze the defense of each city!" Jiang taichen way
"yes! Master! " Chen liuying said
"Remember to dare to rebel to kill! You don’t have much time to stay in one place! " Jiang taichen way
"Yes!" Chen Liu nodded.
"Uncle Man, teacher, please help Chen Liu go together to prevent accidents!" Jiang Tai looked at Man Zhong and his wife.
"This is nature, Xiao Tai. Aren’t you coming with us?" Manzhong asked
"No, I’ll chase the fairy!" Jiang tai laughed
"Well, be careful yourself!" Manzhong nodded
"Master Chu Li Wang went to the north. At that time, Lu Yangsheng, Qi State, led the Qi army and the strong people from all over the world to pursue there, while Chu Wuwang went to the south to pursue it, which was the first army of the State of Jin," Chen Liu recalled.
Jiang Tai looked at the south. "I know the mountain of beasts in the south! A monster beast gathers in the royal family of Chu, and I’m just going there! "
"Well, master, be careful!" Chen Liu solemnly said
Jiang Tai nodded and said, "Good!"
Chen Liu left with an army in the direction of Chen.
Jiang Tai looked at Chen Liuyuan and flashed a trace of expectation in his eyes.
"Chen stay in my Buddhism is Pu Xian! Then Chen is the first’ Buddha country’ of my Buddhism. If all countries in the world do their best to be the only Buddha, then do I have the resources to compete with the surname clan? " Jiang Tai frown mused
There was silence for a while, and Jiang Tai stepped towards the south.
Jiang Tai, another member of the Southern Beast Mountain, has already noted that all the way is smooth. Jiang Tai will naturally know the way.
Rushing for ten days.
Suddenly Jiang Taishen hair a vertical.
"Shoot the arrow!" A loud roar in the distance
Ten thousand arrows were fired at Jiang Tai blaster.
"Ten feet of red light cover!" Jiang Tai’s body suddenly emitted a big sun wheel after a meal.
Ten thousand arrows are in full swing, but the ten-foot red cover is ten times slower. Although it is still a lot, it is much easier for Jiang Tai to hide.
In an instant, all the arrows shot through all the rocks, and Jiang Tai’s strange department hid in the past.
Jiang Tai face a heavy look around.
Only to see 30,000 troops lurking around.
The first person is QuWu QuWu face dew cold light hands holding a sword at Jiang Tai.
"Jiang Tai is so lucky that the arrow doesn’t touch him?" Qu Wu coldly laughs
Jiang Tai narrowed his eyes and said, "How do you know my itinerary?"
Suddenly a crane crows.
But it was a huge crane with a height of 10 feet, which swooped down and suddenly fell beside Qu Wu.
"This is the king sent here to wait for you for a long time through the clouds and cranes. I didn’t expect it to appear these days!" Qu Wu sneer at a way
Jiang Tai eyes slightly narrowed, "wearing a cloud crane? It turned out that I was hiding in the cloud to monitor my trip? "
"All right, let’s cut the crap. Where’s Jiang Taihe and Shi Bi?" Qu Wu suddenly cold drink a way
"Choi, and? Lord Qu made a joke. How can I have He Shibi? " Jiang taichen way
Qu Wu shook his head and said, "Choi has disappeared. I want to think about it. At that time, you had the ability to steal snipes and mussels, and the fishermen benefited. What a fisherman has been hiding in the dark and stealing me and Choi!"
Jiang Tai a slight sneer at a way "flexor adult do you have any evidence? Insist that it’s me? Will there be no one else? "
"others? Jiang Tai, are you and I as stupid as that Fu Cha? " Qu Wu a face of affirmation way
Jiang Tai’s eyes are cold.
"Besides, when you came out of Chutian World, I saw you with your own eyes carrying a baggage. Jiang Tai, that thing doesn’t belong to you!" Qu Wu said coldly

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