Mystery 19

She has risen a lot.
However, physique is also the foundation of supporting skills, and the key lies in skills.
Without skills, even if you have a ten-point physique, it is still useless-it refers to the situation that life energy has not been integrated.
At this time, Fang You still has two skills in his hand, namely "deceit" and "deception tracking".
Don’t wave the girl’s body. The basic class can continue to improve her physique skills. He doesn’t have them in his hand.
Can throw such an advanced skill as "deceit"
Let this girl have the means to deal with and get rid of evil spirits as soon as possible, and also let her sell herself as soon as possible … to work and pay her debts.
Bao, you have to work hard.
Dad, I’m bleeding heavily
"The Apostle of Destiny meets the learning conditions of this skill. Does it endow the skill with" deceit "? 」
"In view of the fact that the teaching of advanced skills of’ cunning defense’ will last for three times in three days, do you want to continue? 」
"yes! 」
Late at night, people are quiet.
A girl has a lot on her mind
Even the window once in a while, she was indifferent.
Be preoccupied, etc.
Waiting for a long time for a long time … Well, the real-time scale is not long. She waited for it.
"I will give you the ability to resist evil."
at this moment
In retrospect, if you want a word to take shape, it will probably be "the immortal caresses me."
Her eyes widened as if a finger had fallen from the sky and tapped her forehead.
In an instant, everything is spinning.
When Ann came to her senses, she was already in a place like hell.
Evil spirits roar
And her body stepped forward step by step to meet those terrible evil spirits.
Wait! Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t!
Even if her heart roars like a groundhog, she is not allowed to shrink back and go straight into the evil spirits and step into a small pool filled with thick and dirty fog.
Surrounded by evil spirits.
Anjianyou can still smell a foul smell, and the rotten smell is worse than the waterway.
I really can’t do it ~!

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