This poison array comes from the hand of a green ox, and its toxicity is even more terrible than a disaster. Even the eyes of a real dragon are rotting at this time, and the clouds of green pus are going to hurt the innocent dragon. The company commander howled, "Bastard, didn’t you say that the green ox would deal with the gods and bones, the evil corpse and the rogue would fight me, but you didn’t play by the rules?"

Green cow will play a series of poison array will be naive dragon trapped in heavy poison array this just arrogant laughed "this can say that you don’t know me and guo rogue what we say you believe? You can’t get along like this. "
Guo Yi just talked to Qing Niu, that is to say, to Ying Nai Long. If you know Guo Yi and Qing Niu people, you will never be a pity, but Ying Nai Long just believes that you will be calculated by Qing Niu.
The green ox poison array is really powerful, but it can temporarily trap the innocent dragon. If the poison array lacks spiritual blessing for a long time, it will break it.
"Guo rogue began to quickly solve apricot yellow and no flowers to deal with this big guy. I can trap it for half an hour at most." Green Niuli controls the poison array.
At this time, the monk Jia Ye also made a strong effort to shoot a sword to pierce the apricot chest and cut off a ghost body.
Ghost repair also has three souls and seven spirits. Only when all souls are cut off can ghost repair die completely. Monk Jia Ye wants to kill apricot yellow, but he has to cut it with ten swords.
"Jia Ye monk you his mama didn’t eat! I don’t think you will get rid of the old ghost after Guo rogue killed Buhua. "Green cow has nothing to do at this time and immediately shouted.
"Bastard ox poison king, say less sarcastic words. It’s just a little ghost repair. I’ll cut it with a sword." Monk Jia Ye stabbed dozens of swords and swords in a row like a sword rain.
This is the third way to bury the heavenly sword and bury the heavenly sword rain.
Guo Yi can also produce the second style now. This third style requires a lot of reiki. Monk Jia Ye can also produce it with the help of the blood and sea force in the body of the buried heavenly sword, and its power can’t be compared with that of the real buried heavenly sword rain. After all, he is a sword spirit and can’t produce the real power of the buried heavenly sword.
Buried heavenly sword rain, even apricot yellow can compete with ghosts, which are shot into plumes of smoke, three souls and seven spirits, all of which have been cut to the best, and a statue comparable to the ghost king’s strong man has completely disappeared from heaven and earth.
At the same time, Guo Yi also exchanged hands with the monk who didn’t spend money. Guo Yi fought with him with his bare hands. Guo Yi’s physical strength can be compared with that of the real dragon and he doesn’t lose his hair in fighting with the corpse emperor.
Every punch made a big fire, and the ground trembled with it.
The corpse emperor is the strongest monk in the body, but every time he fights with Guo Yi, he feels that he has hit the iron wall and his fingers are cracked with blood.
Chapter 46 Disintegration of the Emperor’s Body The Dragon Relieves itself.
"Guo Yi was wrong that day, so please cut me some slack today." It’s not Guo Yi’s opponent who is losing ground at this time and can’t help but beg for mercy.
If the former Guo Yi might have spared his life, but now it is an extraordinary period, and there is another one next to him who won the Law List. It must be naive. Guo Yi can’t be a woman at this time
"If you do something wrong, you should pay the price. If you don’t want to take my Buddha body today, I won’t kill you, but now … I will show no mercy."
Guo Yi intends to make a quick decision. Innocent dragon should break through the poison array and slay it without flowers.
Bodhisattva trees, buried ancient characters and jack-o’-lantern orders fly out one after another, carrying a large piece of Guanghua with great power, and directly disperse all the blood around them.
The three magic weapons are amazing in power, and each of them has the power to burn the sky and boil the sea. It is necessary to control these three magic weapons at the same time, and even Guo Yi feels that he can barely play two strikes at most.
If two strikes are returned, Guo Yi will be able to kill without spending time!
Three thousand six hundred and ten buried days were turned into ancient characters, and the glittering giant characters were just like a sacred text directly printed. A little bit of corpse blood was scattered by the ancient characters, and a drop of blood beads fell into the bloody land, and then it disappeared into the soil, just like the earth was hiding some evil spirits and devoured the blood on the ground.
At the same time, the jack-o’-lantern order also flew directly from the sky without spending his head, but the first corpse emperor still didn’t pour his neck and rushed up three feet high and red blood to dye the whole body red.
"Guo Yi, you forced me to pull you even if I was dying" is a voice with creepy resentment from the belly of the corpse emperor.
The flesh and blood on the surface of the first corpse emperor suddenly burst, and pieces of blood fog enveloped the whole corpse. Soon, these blood fog gathered together again, as if the balloon body had been blown up, and the strength in the body suddenly increased by several times.
This is the last resort of the corpse emperor, which is called the disintegration solution of the corpse emperor. Every corpse emperor knows this trick. The stronger the power, the stronger the power will be after the disintegration of the corpse emperor.
Of course, once the corpse emperor disintegration solution is used, it means that the life of a corpse emperor has come to an end, and the corpse emperor will collapse after the power brought by disintegration.

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