Mom, you once told me that men don’t flick when they have tears …

But mother, I want to tell you that it’s not that men don’t flick when they are in tears, but that men don’t feel sad …
Mom, i’m sorry. i can’t help it.
A faint sigh closed his eyelids naively, and the big tears of beans slipped down Yujiang’s cheeks like this.
"Captain, there are still living people here!"
But before Yu Jiang recovered from the emotion of self-sadness, a firm ring came into his ear.
Chapter five hundred and four Falling
My heart is falling
Toward the foot, the land toward the abyss before your eyes.
Step by step into a person who bends to the abyss.
Because my eyes are gone, all my expectations are gone, and my future is gone
There is no such thing as a painful past.
When life is like a blink of an eye, it passes so quickly, only to find that you can’t leave anything behind after all.
I hope that the fundus will disappear quickly, and I can’t even catch a trace of my tail, so I will disappear into the thick gray in my eyes, even though the sky is still the same as before, even though the world of mortals is still the same as yesterday, even though I am no longer myself yesterday.
When the light of hope finally dissipates and the rest of my heart will gradually dim, I will be completely integrated with my heart.
Flowing chardonnay flies like sand when it’s like a rainbow, staring vaguely at what’s in front of you, staring at what’s in front of you, staring at what’s in front of you, staring at what’s in front of you, staring at what’s in front of you, staring at what’s in front of you, staring at what’s in front of you.
Yu Jiang fell into a coma and felt that he was galloping towards the square at the moment, and the feeling of falling made him feel extremely uncomfortable. The great force made him feel that his insides were constantly spinning, and this feeling really made him feel a burst of extremely strong vomiting.
Round and round …
Time and time again …
In this way, Yujiang didn’t know that he was at the moment, and he didn’t know that he was in such a state at this time. The only thing he could know was the pressure brought by the constant falling and the silence around him.
Am I dead?
Constantly falling makes Yujiang’s mind have no such idea.
Did Niang also experience such a fall?
Exhausted …
There is no end …
It’s as if the soul is imprisoned in a different dimension, falling constantly, and going back and forth repeatedly. Iraq has no beginning and no end.
In this way, in front of us, Yujiang is spinning itself over and over again and then falling at an absolutely uniform speed.
Really don’t have a boss
Forget it …
That’s it …
Dad left me …
Mom left me, too …
For me, there is no reason for me to be tempted in this world …
Forget it …
That’s it …
Goodbye …
Goodbye …
Then …
See you …
In this way, Yujiang fell deeper and deeper into the abyss in front of him, and his whole person had become a taupe point, which was eventually swallowed up by the marginal abyss in front of him, leaving no slag left.
But can fate really let Yu Jiang go so simply?
The answer is obviously no.
Yujiang has his destiny and his wonderful story. At this time, he has not finished yet, but on the contrary, his story has just begun.
Just like Zhao Xuan decades ago, just like this man who gave his life to save the whole world.
Yu Jiangxing walks day and night, and the forgotten people travel back and forth between the broken world and heaven.
Broken apostle! ! !
Yu Jiang! ! !
When people fall into the dark valley of life, then the bottom rebound is down came a blackbird.
It is so special and dazzling when the white spot in the distance suddenly appears in front of us in this darkness, and it is only a moment when the white spot extends into a positive pure white.
It’s as if the original darkness is retreating rapidly and the dazzling white spot is coming in an instant. Everything happens in the blink of an eye, so suddenly and so instantly.
At this time, it is no longer lonely and dark around, and the dazzling white light beam just passed through Yujiang’s body quickly, without stopping or stumbling, just like a smooth silk thread, just like the passing meteor, just like a foot for ten thousand years at a glance.
All this is just like the moon and the moon, just like the sun and the moon getting into the skin in a second and piercing the void in a second. All this is so fascinating and intoxicating.
Memories of Yujiang’s surroundings were all performed through these scenes, which surrounded the constantly mirrored world around him.
In this mirror, he followed Yu Beitang to practice palm technique hard, while in the other mirror, he climbed the underground tower with his bare hands.
It can be said that at this time, Yujiang’s whole life is in front of this mirror, and every memory is reflected here.
However, at present, these fragments of fragmented memories failed to awaken Yu Jiang with his eyes closed.
Suddenly everything was like a dream.
Because all the mirrors eventually changed, Zhao Xuan changed his mother’s last look in Yujiang’s eyes.
Flint falling all over the sky and Zhao Xuan’s back like a mountain.
When all the memories are fixed here, when all the mirrors reflect the same picture, a drop of crystal clear tears will smash the world in the strange mirror.
This tear came from the corner of Yujiang’s eyes, and he himself gradually curled himself up because of this tear. When he curled himself up into a baby, he put his hands around his head and knees and curled back to his chest.

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