Ye Qingqing was dizzy. In his memory, he had never drunk so much wine as he did today. Perhaps he was so happy today. I didn’t expect to meet an old classmate when he came out to pull an advertisement for the first time. As a result, it was easy to negotiate. Of course, Ye Qingqing drank a few more glasses of wine when he received a banquet. He remembered that he was too drunk. When he was ten years old, he stole an adult’s wine and got dizzy. He was afraid to drink again. It was not until ten years later that he drank the second glass of wine in his life in college. From then on, Ye Qingqing stopped drinking. Today, he righteously said that he must lay down his life to accompany you, then he poured a glass of wine and said, "Well, I’ve said I’ve done it." The people at the table booed and said that it didn’t count, but Ye Qingqing resolutely stopped serving cups. At this time, the old classmate said, I respect you for a glass. Ye Qingqing pushed for a long time and finally got dizzy. This was the first time that Ye Qingsheng saw a glass, and he didn’t know how many cups he had drunk in front of his eyes. Dizziness Every time he drinks a glass of wine, he points to the temple and says, "I can’t drink any more, but the windmill doesn’t stop at all." I said I wouldn’t drink. "Ye Qingqing added, and then another glass of wine table has been a little messed up. Some people get up and wash their hands frequently. Old classmates’ eyes are red. He looked at Ye Qingqing with some surprise.

"Are you just dizzy?" He asked Ye Qing for a moment and then nodded. "So you are dizzy." The old classmate played with the cup in his hand but didn’t mean to propose a toast. "Let’s find a place to play." The old classmate said.
Miss Round Face didn’t get up and press the lock at the door. Somehow, the picture was changed in the vision. The glistening meat ball was full of screen sound. Ye Qing felt that he couldn’t breathe well. When he didn’t know what to do, Miss Round Face’s mouth was already together. Miss Round Face’s ears were panting and she said, "You are so handsome, sir." At the same time, she took Ye Qing’s hand and walked around, moaning and Ye Qing felt half numb. He knew in his heart that all this was Miss Round Face’s business, but no one seemed to say it.
Lao Maifang reported that his eyes became more eccentric, and he stared at Ye Qinglan without saying a word.
"Tell me the truth," Ye Qing said.
"Your test result is negative, which means you are not infected. Old Mai said calmly that we are going to give her a review if we bring Lin Xiaofei one day."
"Not every day." Lin Xiaofei shook her head like a rattle and her short hair fluttered briskly. She was busy washing dishes. "We agreed to buy that suit in Tianjie on Sunday."
Ye Qing knew that Lin Xiaofei said it was the lavender mink fur collar coat. She had been to see it several times. Every time she tried it, she always said that there was something unsatisfactory, either the waist was big or the collar style was not good-looking. But Ye Qing knew that the clothing was very good. It was like Lin Xiaofei’s custom-made clothes. Every time Lin Xiaofei took it off, they were all white because of the price, but no one said it. Later, the shopkeeper also saw this. The price was even more iron mouth. Kouga refused to pay anything, but Lin Xiao Fei’s beautiful posture with that suit had a strong argument. Ye Qing finally made
The light leaves the blue face a little gray, like there is no rest. There is Lin Xiaofei who loves to watch urban romance movies. Several people are crying and laughing. "They say that your white blood cells are a little high, and I have already gone through the hospitalization procedures for you." Ye Qing said.
"in hospital?" Lin Xiaofei turned her head to stare at Ye Qinglan unexpectedly. After reading it for a long time, she went on to say, "Are you keeping something from me? Don’t forget that I’m still half a doctor, and my white blood cells are slightly higher. It’s common that I can’t be hospitalized with a little inflammation."
Ye Qing’s eyes dodged. "It’s always right to be careful." His voice became a little low.
Lin Xiaofei seemed to understand something. She gasped and said, "Is it because of the inspection problem done by Lao Mai?" She turned pale. "You tell me the truth." Lin Xiaofei said.
Ye Qing tried hard to show a relaxed smile, but he couldn’t. But this move was tantamount to admitting Lin Xiaofei’s guess.
A bowl of blue-and-white porcelain was sent to him for so long when he got married. This is the first accident. Of course, the bowl will be broken one day, but what Ye Qing thinks is just that it is scary today, just like a symbol.
"I checked, too. I’m fine." Ye Qingqing suddenly added a sentence. As soon as it was exported, he felt regret. What do you mean by saying this? Does it mean that the problem has arisen? Does it mean to heckle Lin Xiaofei? Or is it a hint of an investigation?
Lin Xiaofei, wait for a while, took a break from her feet and broken bowls, her hands were covered with greasy, and her chest trembled slightly. It was a good half-day before she turned to look at Ye Qing and said, "I didn’t do anything. I don’t know how this happened. You believe me."
Ye Qing held Lin Xiaofei’s shoulder in front of him and said, "You don’t want to think about it. How can I not believe you? We’ll look for Lao Mai to review it every day. There must be something wrong. You will be fine."
Only then did a tear fall from Lin Xiaofei’s eyes. She suddenly burst into tears. "Do you believe me?" She said loudly, "I have never done this housework."
"I know," Ye Qing held her shaking shoulder. "Don’t worry, it will be found out."
God, who in this world can know what will happen tomorrow?
"Blood is because of your blood." Old Mai Yin is like sentencing something.
"What do you mean?" Ye Qing murmured that there were two of them in the room. Lin Xiaofei has been admitted to the intensive care unit in the building at the moment.
"The second time we found out that you were not infected, we adopted the usual method, but later I asked for a more in-depth examination of your blood sample." Lao Mai looked at the blue eye. "I always thought it was you who dyed Lin Xiaofei. This examination confirmed that I suspected that you had done something. Do you dare to say that you have never done anything that I am sorry for Phillips? I will believe you if you shake your head. "
"You mean-I’m infected, too." Ye Qing’s voice is very low. "I’m terminally ill, too?" He understood what Mai said, but he didn’t shake his head.
Lao Mai’s facial expression has become quite strange. He stares at Ye Qing’s eyes like watching someone he hates. Lao Mai has been living a single life, and he is going to pass it like this. When Lin Xiaofei chose Ye Qing’s face, he hated Ye Qing’s face. But today, he hates Ye Qing’s face, which can be regarded as love. If he hadn’t been trying hard to control his emotions, Ye Qing would have been lying on the ground.
But Ye Qinglan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. He looked a little confused, but now things have a reasonable explanation, a reason, a process and a result. Phillips is innocent, medicine is right, the world is fair, and everything is my own fault. I think it’s my fault that Philip has had a cramp in his heart.
Lao Mai gritted his teeth and said, "Do you know what I didn’t punch off your nose? It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s that our company wants us to guarantee your absolute safety. There will be several top experts coming to see you because of your blood. "
"Blood?" Ye Qing said doubtfully that it was the second time that Lao Mai had used this word. "What’s wrong with my blood?"
"I don’t know what will happen, but your blood is different. Maybe it’s a congenital genetic mutation. Maybe it’s because of some reasons we don’t know yet. You are the first person in the world who is infected with HIV. You may carry the virus, but you will never get sick." Old Mai smiled as white as paper. "That is to say, you have nothing to do but Gu Xiaofei will die. Now I know that there is no justice in this world."
Ye Qinglan was shocked. He knew that this kind of thing happened unexpectedly. A bright spot flashed across Ye Qinglan’s eyes. He thought of a question, "Can you lose my blood to her?" Ye Qingqing eagerly said, "Or give her effective ingredients to treat her."

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