The network immediately boiled.

The blacks were excited, grabbed a batch of paparazzi, and clamored for suluo to apologize. The fans were heartbroken all over the floor.
"Well, you are smashing. Now there are more people following you, begging you to smash it."
Yuxuan Leng turned up a supercilious look and sneered.
"I don’t care. I can always afford it. I’ll smash it when I see it and give them a chance to fire it."
The next day, I continued to take Yuxuan Leng shopping. This time, I didn’t bring my mask. When I met a friendly fan, I warmly said hello and took a meal together. I’m sorry to meet the paparazzi.
Keep smashing
Continue the headline
"The original pit owner girlfriend is Yuxuan Leng."
"The third party in Yuxuan Leng"
Things are getting worse and worse. Baba’s "reporter" accused suluo of bad crimes, and everyone knew that he had an orgasm.
"suluo should apologize"
no problem
Weibo sincerely admitted his mistake and made a mistake, but he never changed.
On the third day, I changed to another one and went out directly with Xiahan’s demon king. It was very intimate. It was her initiative to ask for fear that she would not be seen by paparazzi. The demon king loved to do this because of smashing the camera.
"love rat has another one."
"I have long said that Xia Jia’s daughter is the real girlfriend of the pit owner."
On the fourth day, I continued to change the studio and took a few Younger casually. I swaggered out to eat snacks again. Well, after the meal, I smashed another movie and didn’t forget to pat the paparazzi on the shoulder.
"Brother, do you want to borrow your mobile phone to call the police?"
Fifth day
People who eat melons are tired of aesthetics. Mom, the owner of the egg pit is cheating us.
"Your ya is intentional."
"Are you showing off many beautiful women around you?"
"Oh, my god, can you change something new?"
No new tricks, continue to sincerely admit your mistakes, and resolutely do not change the sixth day. The leading actors take pictures to eat midnight snacks and directly send them to Weibo for "intimate photos."
"I’m shocked that suluo has hidden rules to flash the girl’s starring title. I’ve thought about it for you. Could you please give me a camera?"
The message is almost always "roll"
"You camera-smashing maniac."
"How much hatred do you have with the camera?"
"Stop beeping, you dead pit. You can smash it if you like, but when will the shadow come out?"
"It is to urge more"
The people who eat melons are still angry. Now ha ha a smile.
The style of painting has been crooked
Brother joke, the rhythm is what you scum paparazzi can take
Don’t you like to fire me so that you can throw up?
Bad names can’t run away, but this feeling is right.
Maybe it’s too good to be praised as a saint by fans during this period. It’s actually very hard to imagine whether it’s tiring to be a perfect person or more exciting to be a love rat.
"Are you going to smash the camera tonight?"
Now every day after dinner, the Great Devil is so excited that he is addicted.
"Go, but you have to act like a little bit. Remember to wear a mask quickly for fear of being discovered, then jump into my arms and tremble like a frightened quail. Then I will stand up and smash the camera to show my heroism. Don’t be more fierce than me every time. Just jump at the camera when you see it."
"Ha ha ha ha"
Chapter four hundred and sixteen The world is always wonderful
"If you don’t do something for a day, you will be idle, won’t you?"
When the old dean comes, there are usually two things for the old man to come over. The first thing is to come over and educate suluo. The second thing is to take Ke Ke to play. Today, two things are done together.
"I think, celebrity privacy doesn’t know who sent it, and I really want to hit him."
I’m also very nai when suluo spreads his hands.
Is it illegal for them to do so? Yes, it is.
But at the same time, paparazzi is a profession that the state silently allows. If you sue him, the result will definitely be.
"The reporter’s line did not significantly exceed the bottom line. According to its statement, the reporter carried out normal shooting in public places and did not transport special technical means."
It’s already normal. It’s better to just smash the camera and lose money. At least it’s cool.
Many things are unreasonable. For example, the master’s treatment of disciples and disciples is a double standard. suluo is always black-faced. Look, it’s not pleasing to the eye. He looks kind to Ke Ke Ma. How do you like it?
"I’m going to take Ke Ke to Wang’s house. Wang has been chanting that I won’t take Ke Ke to his place to play and I’ll send her back one day."
Master scolded after holding cosette hand dadada went out without looking back.
"Go on, go on. There’s probably no paparazzi there."
After liberation, Su Luoli waved.
"Master, mother and father are in vain."

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