Lin Xiao didn’t ask if he could raise his eyebrows. He said faintly, "Go on."

Dalin Chaozheng made a step forward. He chuckled, "A little misunderstanding between Da Qiu and Dalin’s former brother state is really nothing important. Although Da Qiu Guo suffered some losses this time, I also lost hundreds of thousands of troops in Dalin Chaozheng. Neither side benefited. My king means that the country will compensate Da Qiu Guo for a sum of money. In the future, the two countries will remain friendly. Isn’t it wonderful that the two peoples can fight a fire even if it is so peaceful?"
Finger flick on the armrest Lin Xiao looked weird and laughed. "What a good idea! I ran to someone’s house and robbed them of their savings for several years. By the way, I killed their ministers and people and almost destroyed their country. When I was beaten head-on, I fled. Finally, I sprinkled a little money at will and wanted to calm things down. It was a good abacus." A sarcastic remark made Dalin’s envoys blush, but Lin Xiao asked to everyone’s surprise, "I wonder how many troops your country is going to compensate?"
The German king looks pale to the extreme and his expression is not very natural, but the envoy of Dalin Dynasty is beaming with smiles and nodding. "In order to express his country’s apology, my king is willing to pay Dalin Dynasty tax compensation to the big country this year." He held up an index finger to emphasize that the compensation they prepared for Dalin Dynasty is not a small sum, but that they paid taxes this year-Dalin Dynasty paid taxes for a whole country! This is a big number!
Another stream of filthy curse words spouted from King De’s mouth. Lin Xiao gave King De a surprised look. He didn’t expect such a gentle and elegant king to have such a side-he cursed those words. Some even street bitches were embarrassed to export them! This shows that people’s potential is really exhausted, like a gentleman is better than a country’s monarch, King De, who can scold so many wonderful words. It’s really hard to judge by appearances.
This is also forced to be anxious. The king of Germany angrily cursed for a full meal before he shouted, "Fart is simply fart. The savings of the national treasury for several years have been moved by you robbers for just one year ~ ~ ~ You, you, Dalin Chao did not insult others too much."
Dalin Chaozheng didn’t speak. Behind him, an old man with a mellow voice like a pig and a sharp voice like a chicken’s white and tender came out. The old man gently waved his fat body and suddenly turned up layers of endless meat waves. He giggled and laughed. "The king is angry?" As far as I know, the treasury of Daguan was taken away by the scattered troops of Daguan, but the soldiers of Dalin Dynasty didn’t take away a stitch and a thread from your country. Not only that, but when Dalin Dynasty’s army evacuated Daguan, it left several treasures. The loss of Dalin Dynasty is definitely not your country. Since both sides have losses, why not solve this matter peacefully? "
There is another middle-aged man who is as tall as a bamboo pole and dark as black charcoal. His tone of voice is not very polite before striding. "If the king insists on provoking the two countries to fight, we will wait for the seven-nation alliance to swear that tens of millions of troops will be raised to crush the big king. Can the big king resist our seven-nation alliance?" Dalinchao corrected several allied emissaries. They either threatened or induced the German king to agree to their request not to pester Dalinchao any more. The fat old man even "decided" that Dalinchao was making a promise to compensate the army for Gao Dalin’s tax revenue for two years. That’s all they made.
Lin Xiao smiled and waved his hand gently, and a cold wind sealed the mouths of the envoys of the seven countries. In the astonished eyes of the envoys of the seven countries, Lin Xiao gently shouted, "Give them a slap in the face and break off their fangs!" Later, Lin Xiao saluted the German king with fuels, saying, "Your being original is reluctant to help you crush the Dalin dynasty ~ and the six allies of Dalin dynasty ~ The territory of being original and powerful is too small to add the territory of the seven countries, which is also a great good thing."
The king of Germany was pleased, and he nodded his head severely to HeTai.
Too’ ha-ha’ laugh wildly. A group of guards rushed into the Temple of Too Obsidian. They put together a big leather belt with raw cowhide and shouted at the face of the envoys of the Seven Kingdoms. It was a slap in the face. These guards’ hands had a brute force. The roof of the hall was echoed with crisp echoes. Suddenly, the seven former envoys were banned, and they screamed in pain. Just as they were pointing to King De, they were left with the strength to beg for mercy, but King De was a big scream.
See belt tooth blood Qi Fei slap fangs dancing whisked 210 teeth’ jingling’ fell all over the floor. Ambassadors in Dalin Dynasty had swollen faces as well as steamed bread, and their blue-purple skins were sucked to powder by cowhide belts. Finally, their cheeks were pulled out, and whisked bones were born. That Dalin Dynasty was, after all, with an elixir period, just being restrained by Lin Xiao’s dark hands. I couldn’t move, but after he was full of fangs, Lin Xiao withdrew the ban, which made him immediately take a yellow Lei Guang. His palm spewed out several guards in front of him with a muffled hum, and all the guards’ body armor was blown to pieces far away, but it happened that their bodies were not hurt at all-Lin Xiao had secretly given them a defense ban.
Dalin dynasty envoys just to Lin Xiao folded drink a way "bold! The envoy actually shot to assassinate the monarch. Come on! "
At the same time, Taoist Hongye and Taitai opened their mouths and spit out a white light, whisked around the envoy with an attacking cold sword light. This envoy suddenly turned into three pieces of blood, which filled the temple of Obsidian. The envoys of the six countries immediately shut up in fear, even if their faces hurt again, they dared not hum a word.
Lin Xiao glanced coldly at the envoys of the six countries. He said coldly, "Go back and tell your monarch to take the initiative to surrender to the great king. At least your monarch will not lose his position as a real national teacher and protect their nine generations of Sun Ronghua. If you don’t surrender to my great army, then your monarch will be resigned. Get out!"
With a wave of his hand and a gust of wind, the envoys of the six countries and their families waiting outside the temple screamed and were swept out of Dingluo by the gale. They were thrown out hundreds of miles away. Lin Xiao got up and saluted the German king and said, "Is Jun Dalin determined to fight against your army with our country or go out as soon as possible!"
King gave a clap the dragon armrest folded way "in accordance with the buddhist words! Three days later, our army went out to step on Dalin! " But just after the heroic dry cloud roared, King make a fool of oneself asked, "But can Buddhist be better than their seven-nation allied forces?"
Lin Xiao was silent for a moment. He took out a bottle of Dan medicine from his sleeve and handed it to the King of Germany. "You will divide this bottle of thirty elixirs into three million troops. After three days, these soldiers will be several times stronger. Remember that this elixir is extremely powerful. Thirty elixirs must be divided equally among three million soldiers, otherwise these soldiers will have a body explosion!" Lin Xiao took out the elixir for strengthening the body, which was refined by Jin Luo Cha and Jin Luo Cha. All the immortals can get great benefits from these pills. Each pill can save them tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years of hard work. You can imagine the effect of letting these elixirs be used by mortals.
If you don’t dilute it with a lot of water, don’t talk about mortals. Even an ordinary golden fairy, this kind of magic pill, will explode and die. Lin Xiao confessed and confessed, and when he woke up, he was afraid that the German king would send someone to make a mistake and make a mistake in the dosage. He didn’t want to make a big mistake. In recent months, it was easy for a million troops to die cleanly.
King De carefully held the medicine bottle and looked at it for a long time. That’s what called him to be in charge of this matter. All the ministers and generals in the Great Hall, Zhou Guo, also believe in the miraculous effect of Lin Xiao’s pills. Although Lin Xiao seems to be an immortal, thirty pills with the size of a thumb can make three million troops strengthen several times. It’s too absurd. However, these ministers suspect that at the same time, they hold a bright vision. If Lin Xiao’s words are true, Zhou Guo will have three million tigers immediately. Every foot soldier’s physical strength has increased several times. What does this mean? This means that the three million soldiers are enough to confront the Seven-Power Allied Forces head-on, and the big countries will no longer send envoys to woo allies who may help them.
Three days later, dozens of randomly selected foot soldiers were brought to many officials of King De. These foot soldiers were shocked, ecstatic and unbelievable. They easily shouldered a heavy object weighing 10,000 Jin in their eyes and ran faster than galloping horses. Moreover, their naked bodies actually had the same defense as ordinary real armor. King De and all the ministers knew that Lin Xiao’s position in their hearts had risen a lot again!
Ordinary people in the divine world are much stronger physically than ordinary people in the world. Even ordinary foot soldiers have a thousand kilograms of strength in their arms. However, after eating Lin Xiaoling Dan and mixing it with clear water, these foot soldiers’ physical strength has soared several times. They are able to lift ten thousand kilograms, faster than running horses, and are in armor. Such incredible things have really appeared. One foot soldier can cope with ten to twenty ordinary soldiers, and the theory of reorganizing three million troops in the country can compete with thirty million ordinary troops.
However, Dalin, the first seven-nation alliance, was able to piece together 156 million troops, but now it is certain to win.
After watching these foot soldiers’ performances, King De quickly walked to Lin Xiao and made a deep salute to Lin Xiao. Lin Xiao quickly helped King De up and said with a smile, "Will you be like this?"
King De’s lips trembled. He looked at Lin Xiao for a long time, but he didn’t know what to say. Lin Xiao nodded gently. He laughed. "You are melodramatic and being original is a big country. Things are naturally being original."
King De took a deep breath. He clasped Lin Xiao’s hands and smiled. "Buddhist ~ Wang is willing to make a great contribution to our country, but what Buddhist needs will also be accomplished as a Buddhist!"
Lin Xiao’s eyes lit up and he sank, "You’re welcome to be original in the future and go to the big country."
Lin Xiao and the King of Germany smiled at each other, then the King of Germany turned in high spirits and shouted, "The altar worships me, and today I sent troops to conquer Dalin!"
After two hours of chaos, the 3 million troops of Taishuai and Lin Xiao, the chief strategist of the March, crashed and pulled out millions of Chinese troops and went straight to the border of Daguan and Dalinchao. His 2 million troops went to Daguan, and his 2 million strength at the mouth of his important frontier was greatly enhanced.
On the 7th, Lin Xiaoshou’s million-strong army broke 17 of Dalin Dynasty’s frontier towns, and all the countries in Fiona Fang were shocked.
The six countries allied with Dalinchao rushed to send reinforcements to Dalinchao, and their national services also gathered in Sanyecheng, the capital of Dalinchao, and Dalinchao attacked the king of Yin. The treasury of the kingdom did not hesitate to spend the last copper coin in the treasury and invited many monks to help.
A big war is just around the corner.
Sanyecheng is a regular square wall with a length of 120 miles. There are more than 10 million residents in the surrounding countries. There are several big cities, but now the city is another people. All the houses are occupied by reinforcements from six allies of Dalin Dynasty. A total of 13 million troops are densely populated. Sanyecheng has become a huge military camp.
According to the hidden rules of the celestial war, Lin Xiao led a million-strong army to station outside the east gate of Sanye City. The Zhongjun Camp is 30 miles away from the gate. Many traps are also buried outside the camp. Don’t say that ordinary foot soldiers accidentally fell into the trap, even if they accidentally fell into the trap, they were seriously injured. More data, horses, barbed wire and other defensive equipment wrapped the camp firmly. After all, there were thousands of enemy troops on the opposite side, and they accidentally let the enemy rush in.
After all, according to the rules of the monastic world, monks can be in the army. Generally speaking, few monks will know how to slaughter local foot soldiers. Although Lin Xiao didn’t rest assured of the tens of millions of troops across the street, he still listened to and suggested that the camp should be arranged like a hedgehog. If the army was defeated, even if Lin Xiao used his magical powers to annihilate the tens of millions of troops across the street, it would be a disgrace, wouldn’t it? And here, after all, is the divine world, and Lin Xiao, the man of God, has just soared. He must keep a low profile.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-six You are a chess.
Lin Xiao, with his disciples like Hetai and Hongye in suspension, watched the movement of Sanye City from a distance. The east of Sanye City is a plain with rolling hills on both sides, which is not good for killing him. Not far from the west gate is a large lake in Fiona Fang called’ Fengchao Lake’. From the lake, a flowing water is drawn around Sanye City, which has become a city moat with a width of 100 feet and a depth of more than 40 feet. A large number of carnivorous water animals are also kept in the moat, which is also a great threat to the siege troops.
The walls of Sanye City are more than 30 feet high, and they are also covered with a layer of real armor, which is densely covered with sharp barbs and sharp knives. Just from the perspective of city defense, Dalin’s armament is much stronger than that of Daxie. King Dodd can’t wait to decide that the walls of Luocheng City are covered with landscape paintings, but look at the Yugoslav capital of Sanye City, which is armed to the teeth. According to Lin Xiao’s estimation, it is difficult to conquer Sanye City if only those mortal foot soldiers have ten times the troops.
Nowadays, there are more than 13 million cities in Sanyecheng, where there are thousands of swords and lights hovering at any time. From time to time, black smoke and green gas suddenly rise from the city to the sky. Obviously, the city has also arranged all kinds of lethal array. No matter from which aspect, it is impossible for a million-strong army in a big country to conquer Sanyecheng.
He Taitai looked at Lin Xiao with a long face. "Master, there is no way to attack this city, or we should stick to Sanyecheng according to the disciple’s meaning. We will rob Dalin to his city and rob their people as much as possible. We won’t lose this time. There is really no way to attack this city!"
Road flyover Hongye is full of confidence in Lin Xiao. Since knowing Lin Xiao’s real strength, Road flyover Hongye has never recognized heaven. There are things that Lin Xiao can’t do. He is too white and laughs. "Brother, you are wrong. What is a three-leaf city? These tens of millions of foot soldiers just sent us tens of millions of slaves! "
Lin Xiao said softly, "Yes, this city must be attacked! We even came here to destroy Dalin in dozens of cities. Heaven and man all know that we are holding the idea of destroying Dalin. If we come back to China in this way, we will not leave a few faces left in our big country. Since we are here, we must destroy Dalin. We must ponder for a moment. Lin Xiao ordered, "Send a few generals to fight for victory, and don’t put up a thousand flagpoles to cut Dalin’s generals’ heads and then hang them for public display."
He Taitai looked around and he smiled gently. "Follow the instructions of the master! Hey hey this pioneer officer deeds or too personally array good "
Lin Xiao sipped his mouth and smiled. He clapped his hands with Tai Shen and made a defensive ban. He and Tai Yi whistled and were closed by Lin Xiao. More than 300 ministers and brothers of the big country rushed out of the camp and crossed themselves. Wan Li Clouds and Beasts led ten thousand troops to the east gate of Sanye City with these three hundred master junior.
The defenders of Sanye City saw that there were suddenly dozens of flames going up into the sky and dense like ant colony soldiers. The east wall of Sanye City, which was 120 miles wide, was suddenly covered with pale eyebrows, but there was a strange red light. The whole person’s mental state was very abnormal. Yin Xiaolong came out from the Dongcheng gatehouse. He looked at the approaching and too fierce. "And my dear, you are a big country. Is it too hard?" You have seen your great country today. Is there any hope of victory? "
King Yin Xiao also heard the amazing news of the soldiers’ fighting power in Daguan country from the front line. His voice soared to a tone avenue. "Now your Daguan country has a good Buddhist who doesn’t know what evil methods he has made your Daguan country fight several times, but the manpower is poor. Now my Sanyecheng has tens of millions of troops, and more than 10,000 people from all sides have formed Yuan Yingxian, and there are 40 of them. How can you win?"
And the calm face of the lunar calendar did not say anything. He continued to lead the 10,000-strong army to approach Sanyecheng step by step.
Yin Xiao Wang gave a long sigh, and he shouted at the top of his lungs, "Wouldn’t it be better if our two countries turned to arms?" Must the continuous fire drag down the people of both countries? How much did it cost you to go to war with the army? How many good people will become orphans and widows together in the great war? And my good nephew Wang is willing to return it to the state treasury of Dalin Dynasty. Is that all? "
Lin Xiao in suspension suddenly smiled. "Poor Yin Xiao Wang, he was even crushed by his allies and those who invited’ immortals’, right? Hey, hey, millions of troops, eating and drinking every day is enough for him to digest, not to mention Brother Wan! Poor people, why do you have to be at the end of your rope to regret it? "
Lin Xiao’s analysis is right. The Yin Xiao Wang is really at the end of his tether. None of his six allies are philanthropists. The six countries sent reinforcements to Dalinchao, but they used blood, especially to make thousands of troops rush to Sanyecheng in a short time. It took an astronomical figure, not to mention that the six countries sent out various countries to serve the Yin Xiao Wang and asked his grandfather to tell his grandmother to invite the monks. These monks have no friendship with Yin Xiao Wang, and they will not say what is natural and human. They know that Dalinchao is now facing a national disaster. These monks shouted out several times but dozens of times the price before they were willing to Dalinchao.
In just a month or two, just waiting on the tens of millions of troops to eat and drink Lazar, the generals of six allied countries extorted money from the family of Yin Xiao Wang, and 30% of it was consumed. A monk who was in a bad mood was going to take out a lot of treasures to appease their’ wounded and fragile hearts’, and so the treasury of Yin Xiao Wang was consumed by 70%.
Just losing a little money, how can Yin Xiao Wang bear it? After all, he plundered the whole treasury of the country. But when these allied troops and invited monks moved their ideas to the head of’ people’, Yin Xiao Wang had some way to bear it. Nearly one million women in Sanye City were ruined by the tools of the six allied countries, and women were trampled to death every day. After all, this is a common people. When women died, Yin Xiao Wang didn’t think much, but when Yin Xiao Wang’s own queen, princess Yin Xiao’s daughter and granddaughter became the furnace for those invited monks to practice.
Just three days before the siege of the Great State’s army, Yin Xiao Wang’s favorite grandson and Yin Xiao Wang invited an heterodox woman to take a double major. When the heterodox woman was careless, she made a little more effort to smoke the emperor’s grandson, Sun Yuanyang, Yin Xiao Wang, and the emperor’s grandson turned into a zombie. Just now, Yin Xiao Wang’s grandson also died, and an heterodox woman repaired her belly, which made Yin Xiao Wang a little insane and almost collapsed.
The appearance of the gate tower Yin Xiao Wang looks like a dead man, but his heart is full of anger and poisonous fire, which leads to a piece of red light and evil between his eyebrows. This Yin Xiao Wang is already possessed. If Lin Xiao just keeps the army stationed outside the East Gate and refuses to attack the city, Yin Xiao Wang can be tortured to death by himself.
And too anyway ignore Yin Xiao Wang shouted Yin Xiao Wang’s face changed and changed. He was so angry that the wall jumped and cursed for a while, and then he waved his hand fiercely, "Damn little Wang Gao! Which Aiqing is going to fetch the little bastard’s head for Wang? "
The walls were silent, and the generals of the Yin Xiao throne didn’t say anything. This can’t blame these generals for being unfaithful to Yin Xiao Wang. These generals’ wives, children and daughters have also suffered greatly from these allied forces and the hired monks. Several handsome generals themselves have been violated by those evil monks. How can they be in the mood for Yin Xiao Wang to fight hard? Yin Xiao Wang ordered for a long time, but no general stood up and was willing to fight with Tai. Yin Xiao Wang’s face became latosolic red as soon as he swished. He was a little embarrassed.

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