"If you add 50,000 yuan to my dad, I will say," Zheng Yuanshan replied calmly.

The old cat touched his head and thought for a long time. "It’s impossible to give money. I’ll let yuan help the old man live in the whole house."
"I’m going to …"
"pa!" The old cat grabbed Zheng Yuanshan’s neck and pointed to his cheek and said, "Don’t worry that I don’t have a B number in my heart, but you can’t miss you."
Ten minutes later.
Zheng Yuanshan looked up at the old cat smoking a cigarette and said, "It’s Niu Zhen who makes plans at work. It’s Xiao Yao, who is a person around Xiao San. This little hand is cruel and killed one of my brothers … But before you came to catch him, Xiao Yao left and heard Niu Zhen say that he was helping Xiao San to do another thing."
"Do you know anything?"
"It’s like tying people up, too. I didn’t ask about it." Does Zheng Yuanshan know anything?
"Do you have any evidence to prove that Xiao San is the mastermind of this case? For example, if he gave you money and called you, he had a direct order … whatever, "the old cat asked."
"The money was given to our mistress by Niu Zhen, and I was not directly contacted." Zheng Yuanshan said after considering for a long time, "but he had commanded us to chop off the child’s finger to threaten the director of leather, and he told Niu Zhen to let him threaten the director of leather to surrender to the police station …"
The old cat was relieved when she heard this, and immediately said to the police officer next to her, "This evidence is very important. You should check the phone records of Niuzhen …"
urban district
Sangong considered for a long time and dialed Lao Xu dialect.
"… Dad, I still lost," Sangong said with a sigh. "We didn’t have a key moment."
Lao Xu was silent for a long time and immediately ordered, "You don’t care about anything, just go."
After Lao Feng left the police station hospital, Qin Yu specially called Liu Shu and Sean to chat with them alone for more than half an hour.
Chapter 599 Poet Saint
After three public cars considered for a long time, they said, "… Dad, don’t go back to Songjiang. I’ll do it for you."
"I told you to leave immediately." Lao Xu sounded more serious than "Go now!"
"Dad, I can’t wash it clean." Sangong clenched his fist and said, "You have protected my generation. Now it’s my turn to protect you."
Old Xuwen was shocked.
"Don’t come back or the chicken will die." Sangong threw a sentence and hung up the phone directly.
The driver looked at Sangong in astonishment and asked, "I … shall we take a step?"
"You go to the clubhouse to pay 30,000 yuan and then go." Sangong reached for the glove box and took out two brand-new words from it. "If you are caught, you can come out, so you won’t be sentenced for long."
The driver froze for a long time. "I’ll just walk you out. I’m not afraid."
Sangong took his own things and patted the driver on the shoulder. "I’ve bothered you for two years."
Say that finish three fair decisive step away.
The driver stared at his back and couldn’t figure out why it was so embarrassing when the scenery was limited to one month.
More minutes at midnight
Sangong changed his clothes in a private apartment, took a gun and directly called Guo Yantao, director of the Civil Aviation Administration.
"… can’t you hold it?" Guo Yantao was very tired and asked
"Come by yourself by the river."
"I’ve been squatting in the ICAC building for several days, and I’m being stared at." Guo Yantao woke up.
"Do you want to find a way to dump them? Don’t look for reasons." Sangong said and hung up the phone.
Tuzha steet

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