Bao Zheng’s face is black, but it is black enough if it can’t be displayed.

"I have to summon a famous bachelor to sort out and mark the sages’ theory together, and establish the imperial court’s prestige, so that I can take advantage of the opportunity to make a fool of myself, and naturally it can be extended."
"It won my heart!"
Zhao Zhen was very emotional and asked, "Can you recognize that there are those full bachelors who can bear this?" You can recommend it to me and consider it together. "
Bao Zheng looked up at both sides.
They quickly leaned back together so that they could even be covered by others, as if they were Bao Zheng, and they would have a stroke and hemiplegia at once.
Bao Zheng swept twice to shake the spell and suddenly they felt relaxed than.
"I recommend Yan Xueshi!"
Sound forceful immediately will Yan Shu shock almost a butt sitting down to the ground, this black fellow unexpectedly to revenge proved to be a not afraid of offending people, I will pull the water with you later.
Yan Shu immediately came out to Zhao Zhen to speak.
"Yan Xueshi is knowledgeable and talented, but he is a model among readers! It’s better to ask Yan Xueshi to recommend it than I do. I ask myself if my knowledge is not high. This kind of thing that goes down in history naturally dares not do it. "
Bao Hei was indeed a black-bellied faction who seized the opportunity and went to the dead.
Yan Shu stumbled and almost fell.
"I am too ignorant to take responsibility!"
Zhao Zhen laughed. "Yan Xueshi has to refuse this matter. You can really take up the responsibility. I’ll leave it to you. First, you draw up a rule to write out the required personnel and flowers!"
Yan Shu bitter face busy devoting to salute "is a minister".
They long out of relief, such as Yan Shu back to the body, others can’t help but let dare not get too close to him for fear that he will pull himself in with a familiar look.
An acquaintance of mine, this fellow!
"There’s one more thing, and everyone here will discuss it!"
It’s another discussion. Everyone will head down and prepare to listen to the Hadith. With previous experience, they will try their best to cover their faces with others’ positions.
Look at Yan Shu, the unlucky ghost, and you will know that a face is stuck out and caught by Bao Hei!
"That Jane has done a lot of things quietly. Look at this paper. It’s thin and crisp, and it’s easier to keep the movable type printing for a long time. There are also these three-character classics and punctuation marks. I heard that he is still experimenting with cotton seeds, and his face is soft and warm. How many people will freeze to death on this day? How can we reward him for this many contributions now? I have already given him Zhengjiu Rulinlang! "
It turned out that it was a piece of cake, and then a promotion would not threaten anyone even if Zhengjiu was promoted to the third level! All of a sudden, the expression relaxed and the muscles relaxed.
"This Jane has an old minister who has also heard that he doesn’t like reading the butler’s royal gift. He is too student to learn in a day, and everyone is also condescending. This person has some merits without the imperial examination and should not be criticized by everyone! It’s better to give it to the Ministry for comment or to be popular! "
When Lv Yijian came out to talk, he had to say it in his head when he was the prime minister. This was to set a tone for the officials, so that some of them came to the face without rest after being kicked by the donkey, and the nonsense of the holy guy disrupted their layout
"It is precisely if Jane is willing to study and progress that she can be promoted."
The horse is followed by the guy who has cultivated into an apple polisher.
"It’s a good thing to hand it over to the official department!"
When the butler said that he was dismissed, everyone rushed to the door.
"You talents and celebrities wait for me to discuss something!" Yan Shu shouted a behind.
"Boom" A crowd of birds and animals scattered in a flurry, and some people fell and broke their heads, regardless of getting up and setting off, and there was no figure!
Chapter seventy-nine This word is not that word
"Officer, officer has a big official to see you!"
The third ring road is in a hurry, and the bun is scattered. This girl has never seen a big official at sea, and she is rushing all the way to the dark.
Jane Youzheng and Er Ya are in the workshop watching the first batch of textile workers spinning and weaving to make spinning machines and looms. Jane’s technology is still immature and needs to be studied, but the grand scene of spinning with 100 people is far more shocking than the mechanization effect.
Fortunately, cotton is still delivered last year, and this year is far from the cotton harvest season. It doesn’t matter if workers are trained slowly!
The workers are refugees who have finally been allocated by the Ministry.
First, a special accommodation place was built for the refugees, and a clean canteen was equipped with a chef from Juxianlou, who was pried from the old father-in-law’s house.
With the permission of the Ministry, these refugees were finally moved by the clean and tidy Jianjiazhuang, where everyone was flushed and generous. More than 100 women and laborers were able to work, and one or two hundred dolls entered the school at the age of 16 and helped to work.
The accommodation area has been built into a number of quadrangles, which are suitable for married with children to live in and escape from famine. It is also a family-by-family arrangement, which just meets the requirements.
Refugees, what do you usually do?
Trekking in the snow, hungry, hungry, hungry, naked, half of the dead are frozen and hungry, and the bodies are frozen and lying on the roadside along the way.
Even when Jane went to the Ministry to resettle the local leaders, she was shocked by the sight. At least after the Ministry took her in, she gave food on time, but I didn’t expect that she was still a typical victim with a yellow face and a black face.
The suspicion of Jianjiazhuang is that many people in these victims’ paradise are uncomfortable after they are placed. An old man should feel unreal when he stepped into the built courtyard. He just punched his face and laughed. "It’s not a dream! Children, this is true! " At some point, the boss cried on the spot when he was old.
Others were not much better. On that day, there was a cry in all the courtyards. Jane quickly withdrew and was seen. In the old society, landlords were robbing a big girl to be an aunt, a ninth aunt or something.
"The official has a big official!"
Sanhuan is talking to Er Ya in the workshop. Jane has a spinning wheel buzzing to make Jane have no reaction.
"Big officer?"
Jane heard it this time
"Well, that’s what the lady said. Go and see for yourself! Don’t delay! "
"Oh, is this person surnamed Yan? Nothing, let him drink more tea and take him to see our new public toilets and toilet paper to sell a product by the way! " Yang Yi has already sent someone to inform Jane.
"Officer, let’s go. I’m here!"
Er Ya took a proud look at the Third Ring Road. This is the gap. One is responsible for running errands, and the other is responsible for production.
Sanhuan’s face drooped as Jane went back. Er Ya has become an enterprise of her own. She has become a benchmark for herself. It seems that she is a lady, but now she has become Er Ya. Is it because her wife has made too much progress or she has degraded too much? It turns out that everyone can still compete with Er Ya!
In the end, the problem falls to Jane, who has a body and an official who doesn’t let herself run things, so she can run errands for everything.
"Officer person …"
The third ring road finally cooed.
Jane looked at the Third Ring Road. This girl’s mind is heavy. She followed Su Yuting since she was a child. Look at this palace struggle. She must have felt pressure on Er Ya’s eye-catching performance just now.

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