"Moreover, since the appearance of the map three years ago, Luo’s family followed my Tianmen footsteps and was slaughtered. Although it was said at that time that Luo Ling monopolized the sky map and abandoned the Yanbailou, it was said that Luo’s family was destroyed after all, and everything became a mystery.

It’s not clear whether this picture is really in the hands of Yanbailou now, so it’s better to be cautious to let the young master approach Yanbailou’s baby daughter to find out the actual situation and then make a decision. After all, compared with Yanbailou, Yan Ning Xue is just a child, and the child’s tone is always not as tight as that of the adults … "
The black man turned his head slightly. "Are you clear now?"
He behaves gracefully.
The sound is also very clear.
Sounds like the big boy next door.
I don’t know if it’s disguised.
The man in black is revered as the master of the magic door, but he looks like a student who has read a lot of poems and is still a student with his hands tied.
He never lost his temper.
Because I’ve always been surrounded by young people with a big temper and always want people’s lives
The man in black robe and the man in blue robe said that many times hot work is easy to hurt the liver.
But he just wouldn’t listen.
Never listened.
Maybe it’s that the hungry don’t know if they are hungry.
A person who has never given birth to a patient will not always be bored if you ask him to listen to a sick seedling who has been ill for a long time to persuade him not to do this or that.
Chapter 32 Tianxiang Pavilion fights based ()
"You still have this temper after so long." The black man watched the messenger leave and turned slightly to the blue man and said.
"I will change later," said the blue-robed population.
"You always say that! But I haven’t practiced it, "said the black man.
"Enchanting makes curiosity too heavy. Give him a lesson and it will be more handy to start an uprising in the future." The blue robe man explained just now.
"I know what you mean. After all, it’s the old department. You should be gentle with the old department, so it’s better to set an example for those new disciples." The black man walked back to his position and took a sip of a bowl of medicinal food.
"I will change later!" Blue robe man paused and said
A few violent coughs came from Nuoda Palace, and the black man patted his back.
"You are getting more and more sick," said the blue robe man.
"I’m used to it!" The black man covered his mouth with a handkerchief.
"It’s always no way to go like this," said the blue robe man.
"That also does not have method! This is the medicine that can be cured … It is a day to live! " The black man said
"There is a way to cure you!" The blue robe man took a handkerchief and put it into the basin to wash it.
"I know what you said. When I was killed in Tianmen, there was a sketch of Shennong in one minute and seven days. It was a doctor! It’s a pity that it has been lost for hundreds of years … "The black man once again started to record the list one by one.
"There will always be people who are familiar with heaven and earth, who have mutual feelings. I believe that the incomplete parts of the map of the country and mountains will gradually reappear." The blue robe man took the black robe and handed it to a list.
"After being dormant for so many years, they should also exercise their muscles, or they will really get sick. No matter whether they are in positions for a year, I want them to be the top leaders of their respective positions. When this day changes, it will be the time for me to re-enter the historical stage." The black man looked at the list and said with deep yearning in his eyes
The blue robe man turned to go and just took a step and stopped. "I’ll tell them to pay attention to the news of Shennong’s draft at all times …"
"Whatever you say! If I can find it, I will try my best to live. After all, it is better to be alive than dead. "The black man sighed and the sound echoed in the palace.
Today is the list day for the entrance examination of Puyuan.
In order to celebrate this historic moment, Jiang Manlou contracted Tianxiangju alone and cleared away the guests early. When the night came, he led all the students from afar into Tianxiangju.
Tianxiangju, a five-story pavilion, is the only restaurant, brothel, music workshop, museum and other integrated pavilions in Fiona Fang Baili, Pushan.
The night lights lit up the city of Pu, and the red lanterns hung high and the shadows fell on the green flag, which made the whole city shine like a dream.
The charming lights set off the whole Tianxiang Pavilion like an exquisite pagoda, swaying and crisp in the autumn wind over a red light.
Tianxiangge is full of people.
Some scholars picked up a bench and sat in front of the music stage, listening to the wonderful songs of an old man and a young man. Some nobles went to the attic in groups, and the artists drank wine and drank wine, while others leaned against the railing and immersed themselves in Xiangshan Sea.
What’s more, a gambling case was set up at the corner of each corridor, and a gambling game was played.
Looking at this new school, there is courage and strength. People who set up gambling in Tianxiangge are naturally full of buildings.
Zhuang Jia Jiang man Lou
Gambling is a candidate who has been enrolled in this year’s school.
Famous brands are hung at the corner of the pavilion.
The card says that this year’s school is expected to get A grades, and even the popular people may get several A grades, and they are ranked according to the odds
Most of the students with noble birth, extraordinary history and deep background are listed.
Counting carefully, there are actually more than forty or fifty people.
I have to let people feel that there are countless hidden dragons and crouching tigers in this day.
It’s too busy to gamble.
The rest of the people in Luochangfeng are all gathered in this four-story pavilion. Compared with the crowded and noisy pavilion, there are three or four tables of people who are much quieter.
"Brother Changfeng can’t see Brother Changfeng every day when he enters the backyard of Chuanzimen."
Cher’s green eyes are slightly drunk and hazy because of some drinks, which adds a little charm to her usual appearance, revealing the rare appearance of a peerless beauty embryo.
With a touch of sadness and a touch of complaint
"If you want to see a hospital, you will always see it."

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