No one can imitate it.

This is a bit sad.
"Oh, yes, Jacob, Zhao Hailong, Yan Lie and Luo Mu. I’ll explain them later. They are just like you. I’m afraid they need to realize themselves when they break through the road." Cai Shaochu said.
In a flash, my heart will be sad and I will disperse a lot.
It’s not just him and An Xiaoxue who are unlucky. There are several companions.
Everyone is strong (unlucky) together!
Jacob’s power, Zhao Hailong’s magic gun and Yan Lie’s seclusion are all unique.
Yu Luomu Xu also knows.
This guy looks the cleanest, but he is also the most ruthless.
The kind that is the hardest on yourself.
After consulting with Zhao Hailong, I learned to practice knives every day, just like Zhao Hailong.
Before Zhao Hailong stabbed a gun 5,000 times a day, he stabbed kopis 1,000 times.
This has been practiced for less than half a year
Vaguely, I have already practiced something.
What is the specific ability is still unclear.
But it’s like Cui Xi, who has a strong defense, dare not practice with Luo Mu, saying that Mu is too abnormal and almost killed him with a knife.
A few days ago, Li Qingping, who is known as the strongest blue star defense, was asked by Luo Mu for advice. As a result, he took a knife hard. He was proud of the king kong set and was broken by Luo Mu for seven layers like peeling tofu.
Generally, nine guards will break his seven-fold king kong shield with one blow.
This made Li Qingping go straight away.
not play
This big golden knife is cut along the head to defend itself, just like chopping tofu. No matter what it is put aside, no one can stand it.
Xu tui also observed a strange smell.
Very sharp
Anyway, now Luo Mu has to practice that chop for thousands of times every day.
That regular sound sometimes becomes a lullaby.
Of course, it is not stupid in the expeditionary army.
Especially those with extreme origins such as Yang Huai, Yan Lie, Cui Xi and others followed Zhao Hailong Luo Mu’s suit.
But none of them can persist.
It’s not that they don’t have enough perseverance
Instead, I followed Luo Mu for a long time, but Luo Mu gained something and made progress, but they didn’t gain anything.
Gradually, it stopped.
I have to say that sometimes some aspects still need talent.
In the 14th hour when the Bluestar Expeditionary Force entered the 592 asteroid, the third wave delivery channel of Eldar was finally built and completed.
They sent nine satellites to asteroid 592 and finally reached seven stars.
Xu tui also quietly arrived at the cave near their place again, almost fattening up!
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirty-five Pocket array victory
Therefore, before Xu retired, the Eldar advance team member Mu Lvchuan was deeply hypnotized and made various arrangements. It was very easy to reconnoiter again.
The cave outside the cave is clear.
How can I put it? We have reached seven nine-guard stars and carried out the command of the Eldar Army God’s virtual armor completely.
This may be the name of the virtual armored army god.
The god of the army is not only a foreign war, but also very powerful in running the army
At this moment, seven nine-satellite stars are engaged in civil engineering, but they are engaged in civil engineering and construction continuously, and the amount of delivery channels is as high as seventeen hours. Mu Lvchuan is resting aside, and he is exhausted.
And it is more and more difficult for its seven nine-satellite stars to carry out civil engineering.
You know, a delivery channel needs about six meters by ten meters, six meters by one hundred square meters, and the actual demand is a little bigger, and each one needs about seven meters by twenty meters.
At present, they have built a quantitative delivery channel, and even if they play building blocks, they need a length and width of about 100 meters each.
That is to say, for now, they have built a quantity delivery channel, and the underground has been 100 meters long and wide.
This is really a very broad.
Such a broad modern architectural technology is more difficult even for Blue Star.
That is to say, one of Tu Jiuwei’s extraordinary powers picked up several columns and several others didn’t collapse without reinforcement.
But now they will double the hole in front of them.
That is to say, the length and width of this underground hall will be expanded by 216 meters by 216 meters, and the actual length and width of the extra columns are estimated to reach 250 meters.
What is this concept?
A hundred years ago, there was a famous building called Bird’s Nest in Blue Star Huaxia District, which was a little bigger than this.
It can be said that it is not generally difficult for these Eldar stars to face civil construction.
Xu retreated just to see that they had built it for ten minutes and then there was a landslide.
Looking at a bunch of powerful nine-guard stars who were totally embarassed by the landslide, suddenly the tactics came to my mind.
This environment for these people is easier to deal with than before.
But after only a few minutes, these nine-satellite stars became ignorant.
The commander’s order of holding armor in vain is to let them not split up and go to the ground, but it doesn’t say that they can’t carry out civil works in another cave.
After all, the greater the expansion of the cave, the greater the possibility of collapse.
Small landslides can also handle large landslides, and they can also escape.
If we rebuild a cave, it will be much less difficult than it is now
Anyway, there is no delivery channel in this cave for the time being.

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