Send array resumed?

Sun Hao was too lazy to talk nonsense with the guardian to send the then swordsmen to the array, which directly inspired Ling Huajian’s Jun Yin Jian Fu.
Rushing to see Sun Hao’s heart, Ling Huajian rushed over and was puzzled and shocked.
Hand a tape with Sun Hao returned to his abode of fairies and immortals.
Strangely, Ling Huajian’s first question was, "Was the wild beast killed?"
Sun Hao nodded with a smile. "Well, it’s an ancient bear."
Ling Huajian Jun "When did Ganghan become so powerful?"
Sun Hao smiled and didn’t speak. Han is collecting the information. It is estimated that the younger brother will be able to send the information back accurately every time. Sun Hao did not intend to brag in front of Brother Ling Hua. This kind of thing is far better than what others say.
Ling Huajian Jun asked again, "Did the younger brother have a big jump?"
Sun Hao told the truth, "Well, my traffic jam was destroyed. In that case, I really don’t know how long it will take me to come back to Lingtian?"
Ling Huajian Jun laughed. "It won’t be long before there is a few hundred years. Ha ha ha …"
Sun Hao smiled and said, "It’s a good thing I got back to the desert."
Ling Huajian Jun smiled and said, "That’s because you are smart enough to get back to the famine before the outbreak of famine, or you will die in Queimada Island."
Sun Hao smiled and said nothing.
Chapter 1456 Goodbye old friends
After a while, Sun Hao took the initiative to ask, "Where is the master? I have something important to talk to him about. "
Ling Huajian laughed. "The old man anxiously ran to Dihuang Sea to save you, but he still ran away even though he knew the chance was slim."
Corleone slightly one leng slightly warm heart asked "go so long? Master, can’t he tear it and go straight over? "
Linghua Jianjun shook his head. "If you can tear the master, we Lingtian Sword Sect will not be trapped in a corner of my sister state in this position. Forget it. It’s too early for you to say this. It is estimated that it will take more than a month at most for you to wait for him to come back from the battle."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Well, I know. Then wait a month. By the way, brother, do you still have my former residence?"
Ling Huajian said with a smile, "That’s true. After all, you took the Zongmen to go out and watch the deacon’s hall, but you won’t take back your yard. I don’t lack the yard of Ling Tianjian. By the way, you can stay in your yard for the time being or wait for the master to come back before deciding how to go."
Sun Hao nodded and said, "Well, I’ll be steady for a month before I say yes, brother. Shall we practice sword?"
Sun Hao, the monarch of Linghua Sword, asked him to suppress the cultivation of purity and shake it quickly. "No, no, I’m not your opponent. It’s estimated that I won’t be able to compete with you if I repair it …"
Sun Hao smiled and shook his head and was about to speak.
Ling Huajian has suddenly slapped his thigh and said, "By the way, when you talk about your small courtyard, I think of one thing. Several Ji brothers went to your courtyard ten years ago to find you. Recently, people have been looking for you every day. It seems that they asked you to go back to visit relatives together."
Corleone a slight stay word suddenly paused.
The original Sun Hao was going to let the senior brother practice and fight with himself, but now the plan has to be changed.
More than twenty years have passed, and I don’t know how they are practicing.
With a bright smile on his face, Sun Hao said to Ling Huajian Jun, "Well, then I’ll go back first. I really should go back for decades."
Sun Hao, the friar of Ascension, still has a deep affection for Gusei’s family. After all, Sun Hao has lived for more than ten years, and Ji’s family has lived through the most difficult period after his ascent, and has left many memories of hard work.
Even when you are a monk, you can’t forget that it’s time to go back and see.
Xiaoqing and Ruxue, in particular, don’t say goodbye for decades, but it’s really a little missed.
Ling Huajian Jun didn’t know that he was almost cut by the little teacher younger brother. He sent Sun Hao to the outer door younger brother area and watched Sun Hao leave, shaking his head and sighing.
At that time, my younger brother’s qualifications were very good, and all of them developed rapidly. Only my own master accepted this treasure, and my younger brother was still a foreign brother after practicing for 20 years.
No matter how good the swordsmanship is, what are the eggs if the strength is insufficient?
Sun Hao took a big step in the right direction and strode away to his hospital.
I haven’t walked far just now, but the wind is blowing behind me.
Naturally, he turned to Sun Hao and asked with a smile, "Is there anything else, Brother?"
Ling Huajian flew and stretched out his hand to Sun Hao, "Give me your identity token"
Sun Hao casually dumped his identity token.
Ling Huajian quickly took a few places and said, "Little teacher younger brother, although he has not been able to cultivate Zhenyuan at present, you are stationed in Queimada Island, and you will be promoted to a younger brother. Your horse will go back to Bianhuang Gusai, and you will have a little confidence when you speak a little higher."
Sun Hao leng leng smiled brilliantly. "It’s really thoughtful of senior brother. I don’t want to argue with others even if I go back and have a look. There’s not much difference between the outer doors. Why don’t you give me a core directly, senior brother?"
LingHuaJian gentleman bass "come on, little teacher younger brother, don’t be unsatisfied. Old guy hates to seek personal gains. I’ll give you a younger brother. Do you still want to tell you that you don’t even think about it without the strength of a swordsman …"
While talking about Ling Huajianjun, he handed me the identity token. "Well, when you go back, you can quickly find a younger brother to wear this suit. It’s really old enough for twenty years!"
Sun Hao looked at his body and smiled and nodded. "That’s not too shabby, but you really gave me a core self, brother. I guess it’s absolutely okay for the master to come back …"
Ling Huajian flew away and said, "Come on, brother, you’re too timid to do it. I’ll leave and remember to come back in two months."
Watching escape seems to leave. Brother Sun Hao smiled and shook his head.
I don’t know how my senior brother will look when he knows that he has the strength of a sword king outside the gate. It’s a joke to give himself a core truth now.

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