But the bodhisattva still echoes in the corner of the courtyard.

Forgotten, the disciples in Sichuan knelt down and sang Bodhisattva songs outside the mourning hall.
Luo Changfeng looked up to heaven and didn’t let the tears drop.
He squeezed out an ugly smile and called "Senior Brother"
With silver hair and blind eyes, Huangfuyi turned to the side of his head.
"Have you ever complained about me?" Brother Luo Changfeng’s heart is full of remorse and condemnation when he looks at saving himself.
Huangfuyi slightly alpha males.
Obviously, I didn’t expect Luo Changfeng to ask such a question.
Luo Changfeng knows that he shouldn’t talk about this at this time, but he still wants to ask, especially.
Teacher Sheng Shi is the only relative in this world for him!
He is very interested in his brother’s opinion of himself.
"Since my admission to the hospital, my teacher’s life has been ruined, and my senior brother has suffered a road injury. Now the hospital is on the verge of collapse … Have you ever blamed me, senior brother?"
Luo Changfeng worshiped the 36-character lotus-born tactic before admission. Huang Fuyi is a tianjiao, a teacher and a grandparent admired by several teachers and students in the school, and the top ten people in the future are Wang Daojian of the Jiange Pavilion, the Duke of the Emperor League, and the first brother of the hundred families and three generations. Tianjiao will be the only inheritor of the Bodhisattva Academy in the future!
But now Huangfuyi, who was admitted to the hospital after being worshipped by Luo Changfeng, is a disabled person with silver hair and eyes.
The arrival of Luo Changfeng took away everything that belonged to Huangfuyi, and even Pu Yuan, a home that has stood for thousands of years, was finally unlucky.
Luo Changfeng knows what courtyard means to senior brother.
He felt inexpressible guilt in his heart.
He looked at his brother’s eyes, which had been blurred by tears, and he waited for his answer.
Chapter 16 Pu regression (in)
Huangfuyi has no mouth after all.
The teacher asked the former younger brother of the mourning hall
Sometimes silence doesn’t mean acquiescence. Maybe I haven’t thought about it since a senior brother.
This is the first time.
Huangfuyi had to think about whether his heart ever resented the people who used to repair knives and cultivate monks together.
Forgetting that the snow and snow in Sichuan are getting more and more violent, and the rules can be said that they are dancing with the wind. They seem to be afraid of the cold sweeping in from outside, just like moths rushing to the coffin in the mourning hall.
See figure los Changfeng raised his head.
In the line of sight, the river is full of buildings, covered with snow and snow.
This arrogant Jiang family master, who is always boasting on weekdays, has lost a lot of words and behaved a lot today.
Perhaps the fall of Xiang Daozong touched his heart.
Los Changfeng won’t recognize this guy as an epiphany.
It’s possible to grow old sooner or later
Besides, master Jiang’s family doesn’t want to face the truth of the world from the bottom of his heart. Maybe one day Jiang’s building will have to face this destiny takes a hand’s choice, but that’s the future, isn’t it?
When drinking is a song, life is a bit like going to the morning dew and getting more bitter … Eat, drink and be merry has always been the purpose of dance academy, but it depends on the timing and occasion
After dusting off the snow, the river is full of buildings, kneeling in front of the Zongling, mourning for the spirit and seeing the ceremony.
Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Luo Changfeng and said softly, "I’ll go with you."
Luo Changfeng shook his head. "I am the inheritor of the hospital, and the future of the hospital is all over me. Besides, how can I leave the hospital before the teacher’s bones are cold?"
Jiang cast a glance at Huangfuyi, who raised his head slightly.
Jiang Manlou turned his eyes to Luo Changfeng again. "You know that even if you stay when the hospital should be robbed, it won’t help."
Luo Changfeng suddenly raised his voice. "So what?"
Jiang Manlou looked at him with a puzzled look. "Even if it is to die?"
Luo Changfeng grinned. "It depends on the outcome. This is an attitude, isn’t it?"
Jiang Manlou fell silent.
You can stop a stubborn person from persisting in doing something, but you can’t stop the attitude of knowing.
This is not a fallacy.
This is a kind of sadness.

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