With the inheritance means of Xue Bing, a survivor of the working class, and the technology left over by the working class here, we can finally get a glimpse of the truth
"Don’t get your hopes up."
Zhao Fujia looked at the screen sound before him gently.
"The vast majority of workers’ technology is for us, and they are not very interested in Wushu."
"Although there are also revenues, it is not too outstanding."
Said gently waved the light curtain to change back and forth.
"Physical transformation, mechanical soaring, energy and profit are the strengths of the workers."
Zhou Jia stopped looking at the illusory mechanical armor in front of the screen manually, and his eyes could not help but show shock.
All the data in the Kai Huang Bao Dian has been copied and read by several people.
And some things are eye-opening.
"Kai Huang Ling Armor"
Xue Bing eyes wide open way
"This is a great technical worker, and that armor on my body evolved from it, which can make people destroy mountains!"
LeiMei look aside data lips pursed without saying a word.
Qi Huang ling kai
93 meters high
Weigh 12
Flying at 30 times the speed of sound.
Weapons dual-phase material shield, nine planets gun, array machine gun, laser beam …
This weapon is simply destroyed, for fear that it is the whole Hongze domain, and it is by no means its living opponent.
It can be seen that in those days, the workers had developed Yuanli technology to a certain extent!
This is still destroyed by the scourge, and the holy mountain has been abandoned, leaving only a few fragments to be brought back.
"Destroy the mountain?"
Zhou Jia looked at the screen several times and described it
"What do you mean by destroying mountains?"
"Workers have their own hierarchy for Fanjie, Black Iron and Silver," Zhao Fujia explained.
"China and silver are divided into six levels, and the highest level is called urging mountains, which means that going hard can destroy a mountain."
Said to put some information to Zhou Jia.
For the development of Yuanli science and technology workers, quantitative analysis is important, and each order has a very detailed division.
The black iron realm was fully divided into seventeen grades by the workers.
Each level has specific parameters.
Destroy the mountain!
Zhou Jia’s eyes narrowed slightly.
Workers destroy mountains not by knocking them down, but literally by a single blow.
The mountain standard is a range of tens of miles high.

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