"Who dares to step back and kill forgiveness?"

There was a strong enemy in the past and someone was carrying a bloody sword behind him. At this moment, everyone was cursing and fighting. Why didn’t you fight it yourself? There was no way to bite the bullet.
Windson voice down all qi qi fight without hesitation, even if the windson war is too heavy, at the moment, the same knife is bloody and the clothes are red. Even if it is a little slow, it will kill you.
That’s the truth. Kindness is the best way to think about your own safety if there is no threat. It is absolutely the best choice to kill your opponent by all means.
The dragons in the water are barking again and again, and their hands are dashed one by one, but they are cleverly blocked by the other side. I’m afraid I’ll die if I don’t call again before the camp.
Suddenly, there was a noisy footsteps behind Lin Feng and others, accompanied by a burst of roars. Dozens of people rushed out from behind with different weapons. They simply picked up stones and threw them at Lin Feng!
Where out of nowhere, the number of these people should be 40 or 50. It is the previous weapons that bend those grooves to help the public, but at the moment it becomes the most deadly threat to Lin Feng and his party.
Chapter four hundred and forty Kill in one word
Windson is worried that it is unreasonable. Even if some of these people are forced to join the gang, they are forced to commit evil deeds. Since they have done evil deeds, they are doomed to be bad people. Those miserable faces are just the wicked themselves.
Forty or fifty people holding a sword at that moment face windson these people only give up resistance.
Bodies everywhere are like chopping wood. The moment of using saber is not repentance but fear.
After windson underestimated his opponent’s evil heart, he shouted and killed four people, and they all got up and stayed to guard these people. Two of them came to the guards from Beijing together.
Two men armed with machetes on each side, the other two ways to attack windson, bringing limited manpower, machetes, and those who tried to get up and look at the slot to help the crowd squat slowly.
"Wang brought people back to kill" is very low. At this moment, those hands with different faces and expressions kept pointing.
"What should I do?"
"If we are handed over to the government or those poor sticks, it will be born to die."
"Fight for it"
One of them made an expression of eyes. At this time, the two guards were attracted by the fighting on both sides and didn’t notice that those people squatting were slowly approaching.
Almost at the same time, these people jumped up, and they were all good killers and pirates, and they cooperated with each other very tacitly. They jumped up and grabbed the legs of Fang Guards and pulled them conveniently.
Do you want to scream? Your mouth has been blocked by someone. Before one person, you took the machete from the guards without hesitation. The sharp blade instantly cut your throat.
At the moment when blood gushed from the throat, several people’s faces smiled strangely. It should be that they were clever and glad that the other person was almost the same fate.
"copy guy"
There are corpses and weapons all over the ground, so when Lin Feng and others concentrate on dealing with the offensive before and after, a group of vicious people approach quickly.
Boom, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump
Behind him, the big brigade rushed out and impacted the front camp. The pressure on the cronies of Taiping House was greatly reduced. The first person laughed. "I don’t want to help Wang with water."
The sudden appearance of these people is like the sudden ambush on the battlefield, which can often play an unexpected role and be equally fatal to the opponent’s heart.
"Tang Niu, keep this place and leave it to me."
"Brother Lin, rest assured"
Tang Niu waved his fist to stop two people approaching his legs. Almost two people pushed and ran behind him, and a big gun in one hand stabbed Tang Niu. He suddenly stopped his arms and shook his body. Two figures fell backwards and smashed three people along the way.
"Roll" hand grabbed the gun and pushed the man directly by Tang Niuguai.
When Tang Niu played brute force to stop the crowd, Lin Fengfei flew backwards and the blood slowly dripped down the machete. The speed of the thieves slowed down and he was afraid of this man’s knife method.
"Don’t be afraid that he will be alone."
Stones, sticks, and machetes are attacked at the same time. The sticks break and the machetes are sold, and the lotus flower splashes reflect the blood knife in the hands of Sun Yat-sen Lin Feng, which is intoxicating.
One man, one knife, facing 50 or 60 people, the knife light keeps turning, and there are screams in his ears. At this moment, Lin Feng once again becomes a murderous maniac.
Those horrible situations in my memory are repeated here at this time, and the knife light keeps changing. The person in front keeps pouring his eyes full of murder. At this moment, Lin Feng becomes more terrible, and his throat growls like a beast. There is nothing wrong with him enjoying the moment when machetes break each other’s throats.
At this time, Lin Feng has already learned to distinguish what is benevolence and what is magic, and he can keep wielding a knife when he lives.
Breathing becomes heavy, and you can hear the breath enter the body and then slowly flow out. At this moment, the surrounding environment becomes quieter than the forest air world. These people will die in front of them.
A dragon in the water shows his stunts, and two iron forks keep changing. Li Hu is not only an enemy of the dragon in the water, but also the other person is not weak. A knife and two forks are a little hard. Look at Feitianyan and others, who are also surrounded by people.
The iron fork slammed into Mars, and Li Hu’s attention was instantly attracted by the strange moves of the other side. When he stepped back carelessly, his speed was a little slow, and he was stabbed by another person in the thigh position.
The dragon in the water succeeded in one move and gave a sneer, "I’ll give you the second one."
"Don’t worry, big brother."
Li Hu was hurt by a black-faced man with a broadsword, and his confidence suddenly increased. Li Hu’s leg was injured, and his flexibility was affected. He could watch the dragon leap from his control side.
Li Hu is not afraid of there. He is not afraid of Tang Niu and the knife method and amazing control. Lin Feng doesn’t need to bear too much pressure because of his responsibility. Just try his best. These are exactly what Lin Feng said.
At that moment, the dragon in the water jumped past Li Hu and regretted seeing that it was a demon who killed his red eye. If one person had more than an inch in the blade distance, then look at that person’s root method to avoid the knife, which is like having magic.
The whole person fell to the ground with the knife light and growled like a wounded beast in the jungle. At this moment, several people kept retreating, and they forgot to run back. Compared with turning around and running,
Fear can slow down a person’s brain, which is very slow. It is also a person who pours blood. There are five people left in front of the knife, and there are more than 50 people in the team. In an instant, there are five people left in tourist trap.
"Kill" low growl from windson throat sends out an amazing murder, which makes people feel uncomfortable, especially staring at their eyes.
"Windson, you can’t be alive."
The dragon in the water was pale, and Lin Feng was covered in blood. His hair was wet with blood until he was close enough to the dragon in the water. Only then did he see that this man was a terrible opponent of Lin Feng. At that moment, only a glimmer of hope was completely extinguished at the bottom of my heart.
He is still alive. It is not clear that Lin Fengru survived the explosion like that. At this moment, he finally figured out that the person who made hidden weapons people look familiar just now was the man who was on the boat with Lin Feng that day. At this time, his hair was scattered into a woman.
"Lin Feng and your vendetta against me?"
Lin Feng approached the water step by step, and the dragon swallowed a mouthful of water. His figure retreated with his red eyes and blood knife. At this moment, there was a word in his mind to escape.
"Not me, I was forced."
Lin Feng sneers that he will never believe such a lie again. The reason of the wicked is almost strikingly similar. When facing the weak, the ugly face and heart are completely released. Once in danger, the face will be changed immediately. Of course, these people are the scum of the wicked. Although the wicked have backbone, they will not kill anyone.
"Soon that field will be just like you."
The blood knife raises the dragon in the water, clenches the two forks, and the palms are sweaty, so ask yourself how to avoid the other side’s offensive. What can you do to escape smoothly?
In the water, the dragon’s heart gave up, and Li Hushen was entangled in the second child’s arm and his leg was injured, so he could support it hard.
Fierce kick kicked the front to help the people with a lot of strength. The man turned out to be retreating and his ass was kicked by manpower. His whole body quickly moved forward and his mouth was wide open. He didn’t scold Lin Fengdao for having arrived.
Longli in the water is a way to seize the opportunity and go straight to Li Hu’s attack. The purpose is very simple. If Li Hu is in danger, Lin Feng will give up himself. That is the only chance to escape.
Windson figure forward is almost a habitual flick knife two close to help the instantaneous made a knife ghost didn’t stay legs speed is not affected.
Chapter four hundred and forty-one The endgame
Once again, the dragon in the water was wrong. Li Hu was really in danger at this time. Forty percent of the dragon in the water suddenly attacked Li Hu, and his body quickly moved to the nearest position to the courtyard gate of Houshan.
Li Hu’s eyebrows are wrinkled, and the broadsword in the dark-faced strong man’s hand goes straight to the other side to split it. At ordinary times, he can easily avoid the opportunity to launch a counterattack. At this time, the injured thigh is numb and numb, and he can hold a knife with both hands to a frame. The man is bigger than Li Hu and a lot of strength will inevitably suffer.
At this time, Lin Feng should kill the big black man who poses a threat to Li Hu. It may take a knife to fight for such a short time. The dragon in the water recognizes that it is his own day to escape.
If you make a mistake, you must be punished
As soon as the dragon in the water retreated behind Li Hu, the instantaneous forest air had reached that point, and the knife was directly chopped into the dragon in the water, which was worse and more malicious than the previous knife.
The dragon in the water hasn’t said a word yet. The fork in his hand raised half his eyes wide and he saw the knife in Lin Feng’s hand and slowly turned around.
A blood stain quickly appeared from the top of the head to the knife directly, thus hitting it until the death. The all-powerful leader of Taipingfu Trough Gang couldn’t believe that every calculation was seen through by the other party.
This is the biggest gap between winners and losers.
When the knife fell to the ground, Li Hu knelt on one knee and bled too much. He struggled to support his body and reached the limit. "Leave it to me here."
Windson walked past Li Hu and patted each other’s shoulders. The dragon died in the water. The remaining groove helped those people immediately panic. One person moved slowly. The sword in the flying swallow instantly stabbed the toes, and quickly rushed out of the encirclement from the three people’s camp, just as the eagle lost its wings and had no advantage to finish flying.
Poop-poop, the flying swallow jumps up and instantly shakes his left hand. Two hidden weapons hit the throat key accurately from behind.
"Lin Feng is still alive!"
Tang Niu Lin Feng here blocked dozens of people from attacking Lu Jun and other human offensives, and the camp of attacking the island was losing ground.
The water dragon reinforcement camp hasn’t appeared for a long time, so it’s so popular that how to explain to the adults when they get back? Maybe we shouldn’t consider this question now, and it’s not certain whether we can escape.

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