Since it is self-defense, it is not bad.

"Well, since it’s a misunderstanding, let’s call it a day," said the captain.
Unexpectedly, the devil around Wang Cheng suddenly burst into a short and sharp laugh.
The laughter was so penetrating that everyone was a little uncomfortable.
Everyone remembered that Wang Cheng was accompanied by a powerful summoning devil.
The devil knocked out dozens of people at once, but for Wang Cheng’s stop, I’m afraid these people would have died long ago.
It seems that this is Wang Cheng’s card.
Funny white jade and Zhang Yilian dare to kill people without touching each other’s cards clearly.
Wang Cheng looked at the devil around him and looked at the captain.
"Captain, the devil has something to say to you." Wang Chengdao
"What words?" The captain asked dignified.
"It said that the second mate had been trying to kill me just now. I wonder if the captain could let the second mate tell a few words of truth?"
Chapter six hundred and seventy Captain Devil
The captain looked at Gu Qingshan.
See the ghost king devil dressed in a black armor, black line like fog and flame coming out of armor and shooting vertically at the virtual.
The devil wears a golden mask and has etched many fine mysterious runes to cover it.
The captain can feel the power of the devil.
After just trying the hand, the devil has adjusted himself to the peak state, and the murderous look is getting stronger and stronger, and the sharp sword is ready to go at any time.
This is a very dangerous guy.
What’s even more troubling is that the devil was only brought here by the law of summoning.
The devil can dissolve the law at any time and return to his own world.
In case he angered the devil, he didn’t want Wang Cheng to reward him for killing him here and then left.
….. this can’t be done.
The captain narrowed his narrow eyes and looked like a smile.
He cleared his throat and said, "I believe the second mate won’t deliberately target anyone."
There was an uproar all around
It was strange that it was not the captain’s second mate who spoke, but the captain who explained to the devil.
This is also a concession to some extent.
However, the devil did not appreciate it at all and continued, "But what second mate did Wang Chengdu accept the test but could not?"
The captain is a little hairy.
No one on this ship has ever dared to challenge him.
The captain looked quietly at Gu Qingshan’s hand.
Gu Qingshan was covered with black armor and pressed his sword.
The blade has tiny blue and white awns that keep beating.
….. master the elements and can also use swords, so that the devil has never seen them before.
It turned over a group of people with one sword.
The captain frowned.
-I feel that this devil is not so strong, but why does my mind gradually tighten?
Do you want to do it or not?
This will bring about two completely different situations.
The captain took a deep breath and was ready to make a final decision.
He opened his mouth and said, "You devil, I-"
The second mate interrupt that captain.
He suddenly came up to the black Jason Chung and said, "I want to identify myself in front of everyone. The second mate of the ship has never taken advantage of it and never wanted to frame and kill one of her own."
Voice falling
Black Jason Chung kept quiet.
It didn’t ring.
The onlookers cheered.
The second mate is telling the truth!
He immediately got everyone’s letter again.
The captain looked back at Gu Qingshan and turned to Wang Cheng again. "Look at me and say that no one on the whole ship dares to violate my rules."
"Those two people who designed to kill you will definitely avenge you even if you die behind their hands!"
He also spoke to black Jason Chung.
Black Jason Chung is still not ringing.
They cheered again.
After the second mate and the captain passed the death knell test one after another, the atmosphere at the scene was different.
People are no longer frowning and smiling.
It is the captain who has always been trusted by everyone.
The captain will definitely uphold the rules of the whole ship.
The second mate is also loyal, and he will not make personal decisions against himself.

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