Outside linzi city of qi state

Jiang Tai and Sun Fei visited the whole Linzi road. Jiang Tai briefly talked about what happened in these years, but it was inevitable to talk about Dai Zhai.
"The peach lady?" The little witch bit her lip
Jiang Tai nodded. "Yes, but she’s not a lady. She’s just hiding herself!"
The little witch nodded a slight silence.
It took a while for the little witch to say, "I heard my father say that the chef family used to want to take her to Qi, but she refused."
Jiang Tai a slight sigh.
The two of them walked to a mountain outside the city and sat on the top of the mountain. They looked at the sunset in the distance.
Two people sit together
Jiang Tai’s attitude towards Sun Fei is also white.
It was a mistake, maybe it was fate, and everything became so natural.
It’s not a mistake for Sun Fei.
But the two of them have experienced life and death together. Jiang Tai Sun Fei blocked an arrow, and Sun Fei even helped Jiang Taisheng eat carrion and cut blood to feed Jiang Tai. Jiang Tai blocked an arrow.
Long before Sun Fei left for the first time, Sun Fei couldn’t help kissing Jiang Tai. The second time we met, we experienced life and death, and the affection had already crossed the friendship.
I have never taken the last step.
This is a piece of window paper, and no one has punctured it.
Jiang Tai didn’t hide what had happened.
So they looked at the sunset, and the sunset reflected the sunset glow, which was particularly beautiful. Looking at Sun Fei seemed to be a little drunk.
Jiang Tai looked at Sun Fei and didn’t control his desire any more.
The right hand gently released Sun Fei’s right hand.
Sun Fei shivered gently, which is different from holding hands. This time it seems to represent some kind of ceremony.
The little witch shivered and gently leaned against Jiang Tai’s shoulder.
They leaned together and watched the sunset fade away and the sun set slowly.
There are bursts of snow in the sky, and the sun sets, but the snow is more beautiful.
The little witch curled up in Jiang Tai’s arms.
Looking at the beauty in your arms, they just watched without saying a word.
Finally, Jiang Tai’s lips printed Sun Fei’s lips.
Sun Fei’s body trembled and did not resist to cater to it.
Suddenly, a large number of avenue roots appeared, and the two of them were wrapped in a huge sphere.
The two of them have tasted the wine for many years.
Can’t help being intoxicated.
"Ah … it hurts!" Sun Fei sings softly.
Bang bang bang!

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