The square was finally quiet. William II said slowly, "Ladies and gentlemen, I’m glad to see you gathered here. I’m your emperor Friedrich William Victor Albert von hohenzollern. You can call me Friedrich or Victor …"

William II is carrying out nationalism to incite everyone to be more and more fanatical. After all, there is no reason why Germans should not be excited when they face their own emperors and are an ambitious emperor.
Two people in the bell tower nodded to each other. Now William II is still relatively quiet. Once William II gets excited, his limbs will move too much. It is not easy to aim, and it is easy to produce deviation.
Meng Qi whispered, "Kofso, can you do it?"
Kofso is the sniper with the best shooting skills among the black sharks. Because the sniper rifle is too powerful, he is afraid of causing serious damage to William II. Kofso has to choose a Krupp rifle to weigh on KoMeng Qi, but he is really worried that Kofso will miss.
Kofso nodded and replied, "Captain, there is no problem. I am 100% sure!"
Meng Qi whispered, "Well, lock the target immediately. Be careful. Once locked, shoot yourself!"
After Kofso locked William II, he pulled the trigger decisively and flew to William II like a flash!
William II was speaking when he was shot.
High-speed flying bomb bursts out of a gorgeous blood flower in William II’s shoulder socket!
William II bellow has always fallen behind!
The whole municipal square was instantly plunged into chaos, and someone actually assassinated William II at this time!
Hearing the crisp gun, everyone began to run around trying to avoid the coming massacre of thousands of people. The narrow area began to be crowded, pushed and trampled! The shrill screams rang constantly.
Surrounded by fierce gunfire, teams of German soldiers began to search for latent enemy attacks in all directions!
German soldiers’ anger has reached its zenith. William II’s position is attacked. Life and death. No, if it is really dead, I’m afraid all the soldiers in charge of security will be in great trouble! Damn it, killer! It must be the French, or they won’t give up. The remnants of Alsace Lorraine, the empire, can’t get away from the French anyway!
At this time, the William II Guard has carried William II to the hospital for emergency dressing, and immediately rushed to the hospital to seal off the whole hospital. Strict strangers are close!
The whole city of Alsace is in chaos, and there are soldiers everywhere to catch the murderer, but at this time, KoMeng Qi Kofso has already disappeared, and it is impossible to catch them just by relying on these soldiers.
However, the Germans were not the only ones who won more than a dozen Alsace radical points and were arrested by the Germans. Not only were they, but even those French traitors who had caught themselves in the trap had been pressed into the secret prison for a surprise trial.
However, such a huge event was concealed by the intelligence agencies of various countries.
There was a terrorist incident in Alsace. When some unidentified people William II gave a speech, William II was seriously injured by a gun attack on William II. The specific situation was that the murderer Alsace was a former French resident, and a series of news began to spread at a high speed in various countries.
In the shortest time, one newspaper after another put a big event on the table of leaders of various countries. When it is really a big event, now the two camps in Europe are at loggerheads. At this time, the sudden attack on William II, the supreme leader of the Allied camp, is not absolutely shocking to the world!
Zhang Yi’s desk has a report from Wu Peifu personally, and almost two reports from the German branch of Tribulus terrestris arrived at the same time, describing the attack.
Zhang Yi showed a smile at the corner of his mouth, and it was finally time to start. Cong William II found a wonderful excuse and then he was attacked and injured and threw the responsibility for the war to the French. Anyway, the French suspect is the biggest. At this time, two witnesses or murderers will come out to testify, and the French will be really unlucky
Afraid that William II won’t leave any time for the French to prepare for the war, it will definitely launch a thunderous offensive!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and thirty-seven Sharpen
The Alsace Central Hospital is now surrounded by the German Army Guard Battalion and is on strict alert.
At this time, Meng Qi Kofso has come to the hospital, and William II is lying in bed with bandages on his shoulders and being watched by medical staff.
Meng Qi asked in a low voice, "How are you?"
William II ha ha smiled. "What a small shot. It’s really accurate. It’s okay. It’s just a hole in the shoulder to rest for a few days."
Meng Qi breathed a long sigh of relief, and when he received this time, he felt extremely stressed. Whose idea was this? I really want to tear up that bastard and do experiments with the emperor. Even if there is a slight error, it will kill him! The whole black shark brigade will be unlucky!
But William II will face to face to decorate their own things without any room for manoeuvre! I can grind my teeth to resist these days, and I have already given Meng Qi Kofso two people a quick toss-up of crazy Alexander!
William II asked, "Is Ke Meng Qi outside General Mao Qi now?"
Meng Qi nodded to call moltke into the intensive care unit.
William II glanced at Xiaomuzhi and asked, "How is General Mao Qi’s preparation?"
Xiaomao Qishen replied, "Now our 50 divisions have completed the knot on the Belgian border and can attack France at any time through Belgium. The army on the south side of the western front has also been ready to respond to the French counterattack at any time. Fifteen divisions have advanced toward the eastern front to protect our eastern side and guard against the Russian attack behind us."
William II nodded and then asked "take to attack? How are you getting ready? "
Little Mocky laughed. "Everything is going well. We have successfully bribed three Alsatians and promised them that they would admit that they did it to protect their lives from damage, and at the same time, they would give each of them 1 million francs in compensation. All kinds of evidence have been prepared. This time, the French will definitely jump into the Atlantic Ocean and can’t get rid of their stains!"
William II laughed "very good! This time, the old shot was worth it! The day has already announced our findings to the world and immediately declared war on the French. It is necessary to launch the most violent attack from the Belgian plain and defeat the French army in the shortest time! "
Xiaomuzhi nodded and said, "Don’t worry, this time we have transferred two tank divisions, four artillery divisions, five cavalry divisions and thirty-five infantry divisions, all of which are our most elite troops. They want us to capture Belgium in two days, and the French army opposite Liege fortress is definitely not our opponent!"
William II’s eyes sparkled and replied, "No, we have too many troops on the south side. Although we can keep the French army out of the country in the future, it’s not a good thing for our future strategy. Our plan is to let France into Alsace Lorraine. If we want to defeat the main force of the French army on the north side, we will March straight into the front and fight the dog from behind the French army. More than ten divisions in the south wing and forty divisions in the north wing will attack the invading French army in one fell swoop!"
Xiaomuzhi hesitated and replied, "Although the battle plan is perfect, what if we can’t defeat the northern wing French army in a short time?" Then our plan of encirclement will fail, and the French army will push the front directly into the hinterland of our German Empire, and China will be under great pressure! "
William II replied, "General Mao Qi, you want to know the history of the world war. No general war plan can be absolutely sure. At the beginning, General Wu Peifu also pointed this out. What you have to do now is to ensure that our main force can defeat the main force of the French army opposite Belgium in the shortest time and then quickly encircle the French army on the south side! If we succeed in these two campaigns, the main force of the French army will be hit hard by our department, and France will definitely lose its ability to resist in a short time! "
Xiaomozhi nodded and his face gradually showed a determined look. To be honest, Xiaomozhi was not a level general compared with schlieffen at the beginning, and he was not a great chief of staff. Indecision and weakness were his great defects and the biggest taboo for generals. If it was not for William II’s strong support for him, he would not be able to sit on the throne of the chief of staff. Xiaomozhi’s ability to be a star is everywhere. I have to say that this is a huge mistake of William II!
William II slowly closed his eyes and then said, "Get ready at once. Once the war begins, I will immediately choose to return to Berlin, and the battle at the front of the Berlin Command will be left to you!"
"Yes!" Xiaomuzhi promised to walk out of the intensive care unit.
It’s chilly in spring. When Xiao Mochi walks out of the central hospital, the cold wind will blow a chill. A rare war is about to begin, and the supreme commander of the Allied camp will be under great pressure. Not everyone can bear this burden.
"If general schlieffen can be ten years younger, it would be great if he only needs his face to assist in the command. He doesn’t care now …"
Xiaomuzhi heart secretly wry smile way now schlieffen is bedridden and may die at any time. It’s really a little overwhelming to carry yourself under great pressure …
However, all this will not be changed by myself. What we can do now is to fight this battle according to our requirements. The first goal is that the Belgian fortress Liege must do its best to raze the fortress Liege in the shortest time!
Little Mocky shook his fist tightly and whispered, "Let’s go to Alsace City Hall!"
With this, Little Mocky got into the car and returned to Alsace City Hall.

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