"Wow, boss, you are great. Then I’m relieved!"

"Bao Nan, you come!" Two dog called Chen Baonan to the rooftop of the building and questioned her. "Tell me about Ah Wu. How much do you know about Ah Wu?"
"Five o? I don’t have a deep impression on him, but one thing is certain: he is not a confidant of Sandy! "
"Ok, I know!" I don’t know what’s going on. two dog always thinks that Ah Wu is hiding something from himself. It seems that he thinks too much after listening to Chen Baonan’s words.
It is no wonder that the former two dog suffered from several women’s betrayal, and his temperament changed greatly, and he didn’t dare to give 100% letters to others.
Let’s not talk about Chen Baonan. Whether she is sincerely obedient remains to be tested.
Suddenly Chen Baonan looked at him faintly and said, "Boss, I am your hand now. Aren’t you going to kill me?"
"ah? No, I don’t usually make unspoken rules for my opponents! " Now that a bunch of women around him are hungry again, it would be wonderful.
"Boss, you are different from other big brothers!"
"oh? Words and meanings have sneaked past you? "
"But the sand is changing. He often hangs me up and whips me!" Speaking of sand, Chen Baonan gnashed his teeth with hate.
"I’m going to work for him, and the king’s egg will torture you?"
"Boss, look!" Chen Baonan took off his clothes and turned his back to him. "The scars on my back and coccygeal vertebrae are sand. I hate him!"
It’s shocking to see scars from the light. It hurts just to scab.
"Bao Nan, I am immortal to help you treat the pain!" Said the skin two dog is put the palm of your hand according to Chen Baonan jade back fairy come and go like the wind into her lesions.
Ten minutes later, Chen Baonan was surprised. "Oh, my God, boss, you still see a doctor?" I don’t feel any pain now. I knew you were so awesome that I would come to you even at the ends of the earth! "
After calling a ghost, Bai Dongshuang floated from the building and changed his face. "The boss snake demon is coming!"
"Bao Nan follows me closely!"
When building Chen Baonan pale way "boss she how can she fly? God, this is not like a person? "
"Her name is Bai Dongshuang, which is the level after I raised a spectre. She won’t hurt her own people. Don’t worry!" Two dog couldn’t help laughing when he saw Chen Baonan scared like this.
"God, it’s scary enough for animals to become fine. Is there really a ghost in this world?"
"Of course, the ancients didn’t just talk about it." When two people went to the fifth floor, they saw a white snake standing half-way in front of Tian Huili Xiang and spit out a white light. The white light flashed across the place like cutting iron like mud, and a sharp sword crossed Tian Huili Xiang to avoid cutting her hair to the ground.
"Chen Baojuan!" Pi two dog counted several ghosting images, flashed big hands, and shot mana to form a tornado. The powerful suction twisted the snake demon into a twist! After hearing a piercing scream, your mouth spit out a giant demon core the size of a football!
Chapter 774 Guess the king’s hand
Pi two dog swallowed the giant demon nucleus in one gulp. As soon as the huge energy of the giant demon nucleus filled his body, Pi two dog’s belly suddenly swelled up like a pregnant woman last month.
I feel a heart-rending pain when I feel dizzy. The Yang God in Dantian is swallowing the giant demon nucleus in one bite. Every day, he swallows a bite of Yang God and grows wildly and turns it into divine power. It grows in several levels and explodes all the way. After half an hour, Yang God devours the giant demon nucleus, and his divine power has exceeded 40,000 Jin!
What is the concept of 40,000 Jin of divine power?
To tell the truth, Pi two dog doesn’t know. He knows it’s terrible. If you make efforts, you can probably bomb the helicopter.
I don’t know that it is possible for two dog, a powerful projectile like the desert eagle, to derail it.
Look at Chen Baojuan. Her demon core was absorbed by Pi two dog. The demon force changed from a refined snake demon to a snake that was caught by Tian Huilixiang and killed on the spot.
When Chen Baonan looked at two dog, he saw that he really put the snake demon down and could devour the demon nucleus. Suddenly, he was shocked and his heart was a little bit small.
"The boss is accustomed to sand. If we don’t hear from him for two hours, he will dispatch more killers to track it down before it’s too late. We’d better make room!" Chen Baonan suggested
"If a few of us don’t hide, there is still a pool of lotus fragrance. She is very important to us, then change hotels!"
After a while, Tian Huilixiang and Du Wen Baton Thani found an ordinary hotel.
A group of people quickly checked into the hotel Pi two dog. It was 9 o’clock in the evening when the maid Ma Pearl Krabs Jiao and the little cute one spoke softly, which was very flattering. She couldn’t hear the audio-visual kitten when she walked. She spoke very cute. "Master, I will wait on you to take a bath!"
"Ma Pearl Krabs, I can’t care about Du Wen!" Pi two dog wanted to be afraid that she was tired.
I didn’t expect his words to make Ma Pearl Krabs cry. Super cute hugged him and said, "Master, you hate me!"
"ah? Pearl Krabs, don’t be so exaggerated. You are cute. How can I hate you? "
"That you don’t let me wait on where I do not do well? Master, tell me, tell me, I’ll change it! " See Pearl Krabs talk just hair dia skin two dog in distress situation.
"Well, you’ve done a good job. I can’t find anything wrong. Will you stop crying?"
"Then shall I wait on you?"
At this moment, I suddenly saw a potbellied middle-aged uncle rush in and got into the path under the table. "Little brother, you look like a Chinese. I’m a Chinese here. I called Zhu Laoda Gucheng to do business and accidentally offended the big brother of Gucheng. Guess Wang Baguess Wang sent a big team to hunt down the little brother all the way. Give me a hand!"
Pi two dog fixed his eyes on the sight of this boss Zhu, who had been seriously injured and bleeding and dyed his clothes red.
"Lang Jun, this Zhu Boss is good. He has done a lot of business. He used to be the richest man in Gucheng. He did most of the business in our beauty tribe!" Du Wen woke up before
"Oh, it turned out to be a giant businessman. Du Wen, go back to the house!" Settle the family well. Pi two dog guards the door. At this time, Tian Huilixiang, Ah Wu and Chen Baonan are also on guard.
There was a rush of footsteps to listen to the messy footsteps. It is estimated that there are seven people.
The murderous air on the second floor of the hotel seems to be solidified.
Rushed to the gang wearing strange clothes, which made two dog’s glasses burst. It was actually a bald head in a monk’s robe. Behind the bald head were two women in leather, one with a black snake on her neck and one with a black can. It was terrible to look at Pi two dog.
Behind the leather woman are four gunmen, who are armed with live ammunition and murderous faces.
"Amitabha, brother, we saw Zhu Laoda enter your house. Will you hand him over? If you want to hand it over, we will give you one million yuan! " Monk-robed man speaks fluent Chinese.
Tian Huili Xiang said, "Master, we don’t have you here to say boss Zhu!"
"Amitabha, this beautiful woman, we saw Zhu Laoda enter your house. We will give you two million yuan. Will you hand it over?" Monk robe male deep voice way
"Are you guessing the king’s hand?" Pi two dog looked at the monk’s robe man with an expression on his face. He was suddenly stunned. This is a demon monk!
Seeing each other’s strength is not weak, two dog quickly summoned Bai Dong frost after the ghost, and a cyclone in her wrist called out. She was ready to disarm at any time by appearing behind the other gunmen.
"We are little brothers. You’re welcome to say that if you offend King Guevara, there is no good place to give you two million yuan in one hand and hand it over to others in the other."
"I’m also welcome to say that Boss Zhu is in my room and I won’t pay even if you give him 10 million!" Two dog arrogant way
"Oh, I’ll give you your name, little brother!" Monk robe man picked up Fo Yin and prepared to fight.

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