Spread out and laugh wildly, the grassland temperature rises almost limitedly.

Ji’s eyebrows are almost locked in a knot, and the chaotic situation is beyond his understanding. Although the gv 10 did not reflect any warning signs, he still held his sword slightly forward for some reason.
Then move to complete the instantaneous blood color surge.
"Come on!" At this moment, Li Xun will be unshakable.
Even if Qing Yin’s "identity" threatens him, it is doomed to have an effect, which reflects his murder, and the impact of the blood shadow demon body is firm and not urging.
The grassland where Li Jue’s lotus flower is in sight is a barren, dark gray powder, and the sky is upside down. The dirty blood waves in this dead snow are like a roaring beast trying to hold the beautiful woman in front of him.
Qing Yin’s expression is like water, but she can’t see the microwave. The blade of her plain hand has been aimed at the blood wave, and the shock wave has been accumulated in the center, but it is like slowly accumulating a huge crossbow, which will break the ground … Li Jue finally faces the edge of the sword.
Lotus flower swallows Qingyin in an instant, but in a blink of an eye, the sword shines like a sun in the blood wave.
Qing Yin’s whole body is surrounded by firm but gentle, and all the filth and grievances are hard to get close. There is also a storm of firm but gentle of the earth. After the initial oppression, generate will come to the blood wave and completely stir up the smoke without staying.
However, the lotus flower scattered one wave after another.
This wave of blood coagulation, such as essence, seems to solidify when it sweeps away the virtual space, but when it breaks the imprisonment, it will tilt a hundred times more powerful than normal, and it will shake several times more finely, and the virtual space in the crack will be straight to choose someone and bite.
Transient than narrow Qingyin still looks calm, and her wrist quivers slightly, and her figure also blends into the clear light, which spreads with Guanghua, and finally becomes muddy as one.
Li Jue also praised the skill of breaking blood barriers. "It turned out that she was the’ too empty and unified divine light’. No wonder I was so good at invisibility. I still underestimated her!" Li Xun naturally changed his eyes when he saw Zongmen’s difficult and ingenious multiplication tactic, but his heart was full of murder without any impairment.
The half-hazy blood shadow flashed, and he himself broke into the blood barrier. The virtual crack shuttled through the spirit to capture the breath after the green songs and hidden sword lights.
The battlefield was suddenly compressed to ten zhangs Fiona Fang.
The two of them moved and transposed in this narrow area. Li Xun took advantage of thousands of blood barriers and blood shadows to attack the evil spirit, while Qing Yin was too illusory to control the sword-cutting power, so that Li Xun could attack and defend the translocation at any time and burst into a fatal blow.
In a blink of an eye, there are more than a dozen back and forth.
After all, Li Jue’s blood shadow demon body is mysterious and unpredictable, and the poison fire is rapidly gathering. Although this relatively closed Qingyin has cut the sword to protect itself, it still doesn’t show up in the end.
Li Xun wanted to lean out every other claw, but he realized that the nail-nailing technique should be solid, that is, the green songs were too empty to make the divine light disappear, and that the heaven and the earth could protect the flesh and the god could not protect her.
Qing Yin’s steep figure is followed by a sharp hissing noise.
Li Xun is still quite afraid of the power of cutting the sword. As soon as he feels that there is a difference in the firm but gentle, he will stop immediately, and Qing Yin will take advantage of the situation and follow the firm but gentle to easily break the blood barrier and get free.
"awesome!" Li Xun felt the power of firm but gentle, and he had to admit that Zhong Yin’s sword was really tricky.
But he won’t shrink back because of this. The blood shadow flashes again and rushes to the bleeding barrier, occupying an absolute advantage. The speed bypasses the left hand print of Qingyin.
The distance between the two sides has suddenly narrowed, and Qing Yin’s face has turned slightly to be as clean as jade, and his face suddenly bursts into a smile.
Li Jue is not yet white. What’s going on? The eruption of blood robbed Yuan Shen’s light, like tearing a layer of tissue paper, penetrated Qingyin’s protective shock wave and swallowed her up in an instant.
A shock in his heart just branded into the pupil smile suddenly became clearer.
Then the stars move!
Blood shadow demon body operation suddenly became difficult. Qing Yin was hit by the eclipse Yuan Shen light and fell backwards. The distance between them was no more than three steps. However, Li Jue was in a dark trance at the moment, and he seemed to have hit the boundary star.
It seems that the position is within reach, but it is so far away.
For a moment, all kinds of illusions finally gave in to Li Jue’s unbreakable will and collapsed.
Li Jue once again returned to the rising wasteland of Chaoyang, where the grey snow had not yet fallen, and the green songs were about to fall to the ground, but they suddenly slipped out before quitting Zhang Xu, and the sword light was going to fly to the sky
In Li Jue’s eyes, there was a flash of fierce light, and his body rushed forward to his arm, but he swung sideways, ringing in the side of his fist, and the blade collided and wiped off a line of sparks.
He was waiting for the opportunity to speed up, but people from the side had expected that this hand would suddenly intercept the firm but gentle shock wave. In the soft hum of the fingers, Li Xun had to go through the road and lay a flexible net. When two forces collided, Li Xun blocked two breaths, the firm but gentle net cracked.
At this time, Qingyin has accelerated to the height for the second time, and the side Ji Xianshi stands with a sword. Although he leads but doesn’t send a firm shock wave, he still bursts and can intercept for the second time at any time.
"Good calculation …" Li Xun had to say a word to Qing Yin.
This kind of sad situation, she still dares to play with fire, and her own bait leads to Ji’s hand. Presumably, it’s settled, and she won’t look at her legacy elders being killed by The Hunger.
However, if she is too vain to repair the weak line or her reaction is a little slower, she will probably have been absorbed into a dead bone by lotus flower at this moment.
Of course, everything said in front of the facts is empty.
I don’t know what caused the speed of the practice to explode, but for a short time, I didn’t see the blood, and the demon body flashed beyond the limit of Li Xun’s vision and quickly drowned in the morning glory.
Ear into a sigh, firm but gentle convergence and retreated a distance, but when Li Jue turned to his face, he still looked cool and poised. It seems that those twists and turns are still not over … Who believes it?
Li Xun’s heart rose at first, but he soon smiled bitterly.
Ji, I’m afraid it’s better to break your teeth and swallow more blood. They’re just in the same boat.
What’s more, he is a master of brainwaves.
Li Jue doesn’t want to sweep coldly when the waves are over, so he has to chase again. When his figure just moves around his ears, he feels the shock wave whistling and brushing his neck. The new chill is more effective than making a statement.
Li Xun figure stopped.
"Exotic demons are punished by everyone." Ji Xianshi’s face expression and tone are very strange.
Li Xun has heard this for thousands of times, and he himself has said it for hundreds of times. Every time he hears it, it is awe-inspiring but he has never seen anything like Ji.
He was dazed, and then he laughed. "It’s really a righteous move to punish evil spirits and slay demons … I’ve seen a lot of monks killed in Guizong all the way. Did the murderer not say that you didn’t punish her?" The tone of Ji’s drooping eyelids suddenly turned into an unprecedented resolute "about to go". In Li Jue’s laughter, the blood shadow demon body started explosively, broke through the barrier of the cloth, and instantly disappeared.
Later, Yi Xian Ji also rode the sword to catch up, but his speed was not the same as Li Juegen’s, but he fell far behind in three or five minutes and was finally completely dumped.
"Grandpa The Hunger forgave Grandpa The Hunger for his life!" Going east to the river, the waves burst, but they couldn’t be overwhelmed. There were four or five bodies lying on the river beach, and a five-big, three-thick man kowtowed like garlic and begged the devil to spare his life.
Li Xun’s facial expression shattered the internal organs of the Han Dynasty with a kick. By the way, he sucked Jingxue clean, and there was another monkey in front of him.
It is the fourth day since Li Xun left Lianxia Mountain.
In these four days, Li Xun has seen the strength and qualification of Qingyin as a monk, which makes the female monk’s breath melt into the dust of heaven and earth at any time, and makes her speed not as fast as Li Xun’s, but she always keeps a distance between them.
Especially after entering the dense area of monks in the middle of Tongxuan realm.
It’s the third time in a row that Li Xun caught her breath and was about to kill her, but when she crossed the road, she cultivated the monk’s cover and misled Li Xun to feel that she always managed to escape.
Once and twice, it was okay until Li Jue finally broke out in the third time, and the violent murderous look broke out. The gang went hand in hand and scattered and killed a clean one, but after delaying this period, the breath of Qingyin was even more lost.
Li Jue can feel that in the past few days, there are more and more ways to deal with his spiritual sensation. Although the two are still chasing and fleeing, they can take the initiative, but they seem to be slowly handed over from his hands.

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