"Ahhh ….." A scream rang out, and some people were excited to shoot from the battlements or the gap in the city wall. The butch army had not come to respond, but they were shot down and turned into bodies by these roaring lead catapults.

However, the arrogance of these post-Jin Hanqi did not last long.
Because of the hundred mortars, the mortar group of Tiger and Leopard Army has adjusted its gun position and aimed the muzzle of the dark hole at them.
With the commander’s order, the flower bombs rained around them.
Not only that, but the Tiger and Leopard Army also divided almost half of the musketeers and began to suppress the shooting of these Han flag musketeers.
It is impossible to prevent the flowering bullets from flying overhead, and the eyes are as dense as fish lead bullets … These two weapons have just hit the Han flag musket array and were quickly beaten into a mess.
In order to avoid being slaughtered by the Tiger and Leopard Army, these Han flag musketeers had to disperse and shoot rounds of lead bullets at Chengtou, which were very messy and sparse.
Unless you are lucky, these lead bullets can’t kill the Tiger and Leopard Army on the wall.
Chapter five hundred and forty Huang taiji biting
In the face of this battle, which is more and more like a unilateral massacre, Fan Wencheng, the strategist around Huang Taiji, woke up with a dignified face. "It’s really too much to sweat and stop fighting butch weapons … there is no difference between fighting again and dying?"
Seeing that the expression on Huang Taiji’s face didn’t change at all, Fan Wencheng continued to open his mouth and woke up. "Sweat, we dispatched thousands of Khan flag soldiers to lose two thousand people, and the defending Liaoyang Tiger and Leopard Army lost two or three hundred people at the very most, almost seven Khan flag soldiers in exchange for the life of a Tiger and Leopard Army. More importantly, the longer this attack lasts, the greater the loss ratio between us and ourselves …"
"Khan quickly ordered the men to retreat … we lost the attack again …"
At this time, I have been paying attention to every move of the battlefield, so that I didn’t speak at all. Huang Taiji finally spoke to Fan Wencheng and the surrounding areas with a face of unwillingness
"Strategist, you’re right, butch’s ammunition is really too much … if we continue to attack according to this loss ratio, we can’t get Liaoyang even if we bring us the Khan flag to fight for the light."
"If you can’t take Liaoyang, there will be no way to eliminate all butch troops stationed in Liaoyang. Take Liaodong and take Liaoyang as your own. Even if you know that continuing the attack is to let Hanqi die, this attack can’t stop."
"Not only can’t stop but also further strengthen the offensive …"
When I heard this, Fan Wencheng’s face directly revealed a pair of eyes full of incredible shock
Huang taiji words just say that finish Fan Wencheng consciousness asked.
"Great Khan, are you going to …"
A dozen pairs of eyes looked at a thick murderous look at the same time, quickly emanating from Huang Taiji’s body, and then ordered without hesitation.
"Another 5,000 musketeers from Khan Banner will join the battlefield to launch an attack on Liaoyang City."
"Although we are equipped with muskets, the power is not comparable to that of the Tiger and Leopard Army, but we can overwhelm the Tiger and Leopard Army in number … In addition to the five thousand Khan flag musketeers, we can draw one thousand archers from the yellow flag to mix the musketeers and shoot the Tiger and Leopard Army in the wall …"
Looked at in a hurry to leave before Huang taiji continue to speak ordered.
"Musketeers and archers can’t be idle with the artillery … command the artillery team to aim the heavy artillery horse at the wall and make the flower bomb …"
"To be able to open a gap in the wall of Liaoyang City and rush into the city to light all the flowering bombs and all the heavy artillery units, and to be blown up by the butch army …"
"Khan don’t believe that stick to Liaoyang butch army is made of iron flowering bombs musket bows and arrows so many ranged weapons attacks can not battlefield collapse …"
The attacking troops have rushed to the foot of Liaoyang city wall, and heavy artillery has been used, but also the flower bombs have been used. For the post-8 Jin Army, there are not many flower bombs, and most of them may hit the heads of Khan Banner soldiers.
In this way, the flower bombs will certainly kill more troops attacking Khan Banner than the tiger and leopard troops.
Huang taiji ordered Fan Wencheng to express his opposition as soon as the Dahan flag was commanded in name.
But as far as his objection is concerned, he just finished two murderous eyes and shot at himself.
In these two eyes, the master was surprised that Huang Taiji, the military commander, shot out
Two eyes shot at himself, and at the same time, a murderous and very cold answer followed Huang Taiji’s mouth and spit it out. "When did Khan command turn you into a Han Chinese to question?"
"In order to be able to take Liaoyang and Liaodong, even if all the soldiers in the Khan flag die here, Khan will not knit a frown … the horse will go to Khan’s military artillery team to fire …"
"Boom, boom …" A lamp of tea kung fu opened from scattered artillery positions before a roaring cannon.
Dozens of flowering bullets with a scream crossed most of the Khan flag soldiers on the battlefield and did not hesitate to smash around the walls of Liaoyang City.
Fan Wencheng didn’t say anything wrong. In this shelling, more than 60% of the flower bombs fell directly outside the city. In the siege formation of the Khan flag, more than a dozen blood flowers mixed with fire and smoke were instantly dazzling and wonderful.
There are no tribal walls in the remaining 40% flower bombs.
But half fell to the wall and half to Liaoyang city.
However, even so, the Seven Sisters’ flower bombs fell off the city wall, and the blink of an eye caused almost forty or fifty direct losses to the Tiger and Leopard Army.
It is conceivable that if this kind of differential coverage shelling continues like this, it will not be long before the Tiger and Leopard Army will pay a very heavy price for sticking to the wall.
Not only that, but the defense line was very tight just now, and it will be blown up everywhere by these flowering bombs.
Some people may say that after the 8 Jin Army shelled, Khan Banner also suffered more losses than the Tiger and Leopard Army, but don’t forget that the total strength of Khan Banner participating in the attack was several times more than that of the Tiger and Leopard Army, even if Khan Banner paid twice as much as three times the loss in the shelling, Khan Banner could bear it.
And this is the place where the post-Jin Jun Emperor is too insidious and diabolical.
After the face of the 8 Jin j Khan flag, it seems that there is no stopping attack, and the flower bombs keep falling from the top of the head. Just after they arrived at the wall, the teachers of the first division were overwhelmed by the immediate pressure and changes before they could react from the surprise of getting the news from the governor’s office.
Wang Bo, frowning, cried with a dignified face, "We can’t let the post-8 Jin Jun blossom and eject to Chengtou again. Our troops are limited and there is no way for the post-8 Jin Jun to fight for consumption outside the city."
"After the heavy artillery regiment Ma Lian heavy artillery regiment to 8 jin j heavy artillery counterattack must be the shortest time to destroy them …"
The soldiers left the wall in a hurry and Wang Bo continued with a dignified face.
"After 8 jin j heavy artillery is too scattered … dozens of cannons of the heavy artillery regiment may not be able to destroy their department even if they bomb for an hour … we can’t pin our hope on the heavy artillery regiment."
"Give me two heavy mortar battalions. All mortar units will be mounted on the city wall. The range of heavy mortars will be fired from the city wall, just enough to reach the post-8 Jin Army heavy artillery position, even if they almost can’t disturb it-they will let them shoot flowering bullets and lose their aim."
In the face of the tiger and leopard army counterattack, especially after seeing the tiger and leopard army actually put the artillery on the wall, Huang Taiji’s murderous face finally changed a little.
The corners of the mouth quickly flashed a sneer and then ordered, "Hold on to the Tiger and Leopard Army in Liaoyang … Not only that, but we want to kill the Tiger and Leopard Army in the city wall by heavy artillery."
"Khan just watched carefully for a short time. Although there were less than 30 rounds of flowering bullets falling off the wall, these 30 rounds of flowering bullets caused more than 200 losses to the Tiger and Leopard Army."
"If we add the subsequent musketeers and archers to kill the butch army, we will wipe out six hundred butch troops less in this attack and we will lose less than three thousand people …"
"This result is absolutely different from the previous days."
"Now that we have reached the goal of attacking again, it will only increase losses … Khan ordered the horse to retreat … don’t forget to take all muskets from the battlefield when retreating …"
I heard that even Fan Wencheng’s face, which boasted that he was very good at strategy, showed a look of admiration for Huang Taiji.
Because the equipment is not as good as that of Tiger and Leopard Army, Huang Taiji’s tactical tactics are suspected to be the most suitable for the latter 8 Jin Army, so that the latter 8 Jin Army will have the least loss.
So Huang Taiji ordered Huang Taiji to say to him with admiration and compliment as soon as he arrived in Fan Wencheng, "Khan Ying’s slave is finally white and sweaty, so please forgive him for being blind."
Liaoyang City Wall With the ceasing of fighting and gunfire, it enveloped the wall and dissipated slowly. A bloody picture suddenly appeared in front of Wang Bo.
Wang Bo has felt that the loss of this guarding city battle must be greater than that of a guarding city battle during this period since it was shelled by the late 8 Jin Army.
But when he really saw the tragic degree of the wall, he was still shocked.
The wall stretch for two miles can be seen everywhere with that body of soldiers covered in blood.
Especially in the vicinity of the impact point of dozens of flowering bombs, it can be bloody than slaughterhouses.
In addition to all kinds of bodies, there are a large number of mutilated limbs blown into pieces by flowering bombs, which can be seen almost everywhere.
Of course, in addition to these bodies, the most is that the fallen wall is wailing the wounded.
See here Wang Bo face expression directly covered by heavy.
Because he just finished the battle, he vaguely felt that the next battle was definitely not as simple as he thought.
Soon the battle losses were sent to Wang Bo.
In less than an hour, the soldiers were killed directly, 553 people were seriously injured and 195 people lost their combat effectiveness.
Faced with this result, Wang Bo can’t imagine how many people will be left in his own division if there are more attacks.
Chapter five hundred and forty-one God
Wang Bo was not surprised when he received two attacks. After that, Huang Taiji covered the soldiers of both sides of the battlefield with a very cruel artillery fire.
After two attacks, 8 Jin j paid three or four thousand people for direct losses, and there were five or six heavy artillery pieces destroyed by the tiger and leopard army’s counter-attack fire.
However, after these two attacks, Jin Jun also caused almost a thousand people to die directly on the defenders of the city wall. It can be said that if the battle continues like this for three days, Liaoyang City will be occupied by Huang Taiji of the late Jin Dynasty because of insufficient defenders.

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