Speaking of which, Suk smiled at Ah Wan and kissed her lips.

And A Wan didn’t behave as shy as before, but responded very obediently. After all, both of them are husband and wife, but for various reasons, those secular ceremonies haven’t been held yet.
China, Magic Capital
When Fang wan to lead that dreamer team into the international cross-battlefield.
Netease CC or Fish Fighting or major live broadcasts, almost all his games, what live broadcast rooms are dead, and there are less than a thousand people. Even some top anchors have tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people at ordinary times, which is more deserted than this time.
All netizens poured into the live broadcast of this fantasy westward journey game, and many netizens who didn’t understand the fantasy westward journey were among them.
Actually, it’s just like some girls watching football. Although they can’t understand it, it’s very exciting, and the most important point is that today’s game is not just a game, but a return from Japan to China. If the return is successful, it will certainly be a great joy. If the dreamer team loses, then the butterfly effect is afraid that the market of Fantasy Westward Journey, a game country, will really be deserted!
Chapter four hundred and sixty-one Cut into the battle
Will the dreamer team let this happen?
Do you think it will happen?
The answer is naturally no!
Intense preparation
Shenzhen Netease building
Although it is already night at the moment, the conference room of Netease Building is full of people. Everyone has a notebook in front of them. All the pictures are CC live broadcast in Jia Ling at this moment. Because of this international war, Jia Ling is live broadcast.
The theme Ding Sanshi and the secret Xu also stared at the brain screen.
Honestly, it’s impossible not to be nervous.
After all, this game has affected too many interests.
Although it is known that the strength of the dreamer team is much stronger than that of this Japanese team, Ding Sanshi and others still dare not relax.
Because once the dreamer team loses, the dream westward journey market in China is likely to fall into a state of stagnation, which is definitely not what Ding Sanshi wants to see.
"Boss, do you think the dreamer team can win?"
Although Xiao Xu has played fantasy westward journey before, he prefers to play games by fighting and killing, and his secret is Ding Sanshi’s personal secret, but his salary is not enough. He created a multi-million account like everyone in the dreamer team. It was after that Jingwu Tianshen League that he was infected by the dreamer team as if he were possessed
Full of enthusiasm for the fantasy westward journey.
Is also heard Xu Ding Sanshi pretend calm said.
"The dreamer team can definitely win this game, but I’m afraid it’s not here."
"You also know that before we let the rapid development of foreign fantasy westward journey catch up with the country’s fantasy westward journey in the shortest time, and that’s why we are very wide to foreign markets. Now, the development of those foreign devices is advancing by leaps and bounds, and many foreign players have played that beautiful fantasy place two years ago. I’m worried that there will be other teams sneaking around. After all, you also know that there is no such thing as the first and the second in the fantasy westward journey game. Even if the dreamer team is already the strongest team in China, it’s hard to say whether it is the best team in the end."
"The boss, you also agreed to let them have such a competition and also planned the 3S ball championship after half a year."
Xu was puzzled by Ding Sanshi and asked.
"That’s because-"
Ding Sanshi said with a wry smile.
"Everyone thinks that the game of Fantasy Westward Journey has memories and youth, which is role-playing and boring turn-based system. I need to let everyone know."
"Fantasy Westward Journey is not lacking in blood compared with competition!"
"And if it is a country that holds events like Jingwu God and Meteor God War, it will be a bit really boring. After all, no matter how you compete for the final champion, it is also a national team. Even if it is not a team, you won’t have much response. But what if you add other countries? Will it better ignite the player’s blood? "
"This is a fight between interests and strategies. Although I don’t know what the final result will be, I hope it will be a win-win situation."
When it comes to the last sentence, to be honest, Ding Sanshi himself has lost much confidence.
He is different from some good game officials. Although he is more open to foreign fantasy markets, he will not secretly intervene because he wants the country to win. What he needs to see is a natural competition and a fair fight. Even if the country is in danger, he will not intervene and will not allow others to intervene.
This is just like the former old Murk in those dangerous events.
After listening to Ding Sanshi’s remarks, Xiao Xu once again showed an enlightened expression. To tell the truth, what kind of feelings can people have around them? What Ding Sanshi has brought him is not just some good ideas in shopping malls, but also some principles of being a man and doing things.
And see Xu so Ding Sanshi also turned his attention to the brain screen at this moment in his own heart is also very uneasy.
Maybe I’m worried about coming to this game
Or maybe it’s the future of the country.
General Ding Sanshi’s heart is also very tangled and complicated at the moment.
This is also the time.
Fang Xiang and others have seen the team from Japan across the international battlefield.
That’s a team called Bushido.
On the other hand, Japan is indeed very particular about the spirit of Bushido. Although sometimes Japan will make people laugh and cry, we have to admit that there are some places worth learning from them. After all, the ruling party and the people are different.

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