Brother Ping and others are here.

If you are not tall but full of momentum, you directly find a burly man with a big body and a big mouth in the old Xu family, and then your eyelids lift and say, "Let!"
Although the other party is big, it is still conscious.
If you are different, you will directly bring dozens of people to Yu Huifei and hand in hand. "Let’s talk about who you are doing today!"
I will not glanced at the crowd across the street, especially Xu Jie’s uncle laughed. "What did you just say? You look up and don’t shrink back! Come out and let’s talk. "
Uncle Xu Jie was so scared that he stepped back and said, "Boss Yu is a village. What can I say … I can’t apologize to you?"
Yu Huifei shook his head in the face of such a coward, and he meant it.
Speaking dozens of people came to Yu Huifei behind him, and it was dark and crowded into a ball. One by one, the big bald head was shiny, so I wouldn’t say it … That tattoo seemed fierce.
The big gold chain is even more glittering, and the momentum suddenly skyrockets!
I can’t help looking at these guys’ modeling, but I can’t help looking at a bald head on the side and then whispered, "Dude, you’re peeling again … buy some printed paper again."
The Han said through his teeth without moving his lips, "What can I do about temporary notice and temporary posting?"
I can’t talk for a while. It seems that this guy has the worst fake tattoo at dinner! Afterwards, he has to talk to Gou about whether it is time for this guy to drop out.
"Old xu? Let you practice with me? " I will not look at old Xu asked.
Old Xu’s lips trembled a little, but he said, "I … I’m here to reason with you!" "
I will not listen to the music, but clap my hands and say, "Brother Dog, he wants to reason with you. Come on, you can talk to him with a stick and make it clear."
If different grinned "into! Brothers copy guys! "
"No, no, no!" At first glance, Lao Xu really wants to start work. Finally, he got scared and hurriedly cried, "Yu … Yu Boss has something to say. We are all law-abiding citizens. What can’t we talk about?" Don’t start work, don’t start work. Brother Dog has something to say. "
If different shook his head, "today I came to Taiwan for my brother boss Yu, who he said would be hit!" So you want to talk, don’t tell me, you tell him. "
Hearing this, Lao Xu looked at Yu Huifei piteously. "Boss Yu can’t do this today. Let’s just let it go … I won’t bother you to rest."
"No, I can’t afford it." I will shake my head.
At this time, Lao Xu, the beast, suddenly cried, "I will not be bullied by many people!" What’s so amazing? "
I will not clap my hands. "That’s right! I just bully people with many people! "
After talking, I pulled Uncle Xu Jie out and laughed. "Brother, tell your relatives what you just said to me again?"
Hearing this, the young man suddenly flushed …
Uncle Yu Xujie wants to find a place to disappear.
Chapter 11 The wicked have their own wicked mill ()
The uproar here has long attracted the attention of the villagers, especially when the three tractors came, the chug chug sound echoed directly on the mountain, and the wolves in the mountain didn’t have to stop screaming and screaming as if they were challenging.
The villagers pushed the door one by one and came out to watch the fun.
There are more and more people on the periphery …
Seeing more people, Lao Xu came to the bottom again, pointing to Yu Huifei’s way, "Yu Huifei, don’t bully others! The folks are watching. I want to see if you dare to touch me! "
As soon as Lao Xu finished speaking, I came to him without a step!
I was so scared that Lao Xu jumped back and sat on the ground without stabilizing a butt squat.
I will have to say with smile "gee … I haven’t touched you yet, so you are lying on the ground. Why? Touch porcelain? "
They burst into laughter at the sight of this.
Old xu face red cried, "I will not you … you forcibly detain my daughter, this is illegal! I’m here to save my daughter. You’re relying on many people. Black will be your king! "
Hearing this, many people showed doubts and looked at Yu huifei.
However, many people know what kind of virtue Lao Xu is, and he smiles at him.
I will not be happy. "I said, Lao Xu, why did I kidnap your daughter for that little broken silver in your house?"
Xu Jie’s mother cried, "My daughter is beautiful, and you are up to something!"
Yu Huifei smiled more. "Your daughter may have been beautiful once, but now … you’ve beaten everyone. You told me she was beautiful?"
Speaking of the back, Yu Huifei’s smile gradually solidified and became serious.
As soon as everyone heard that there was someone shouting, "What’s the situation with Xiaoyu?"
"Let’s let Xiaoyu talk to her sister about it?" Wu Jie stood out in the crowd when she spoke.
The stunner in this village walks like a loach. The point is that the loach has teeth and the villagers are afraid to provoke a sense that there is no one around Sister Wu for three meters!
Seeing this scene, I will smile bitterly. If I had known Wu Jie was so fierce, what else would he call Brother Ping? Please ask Wu Jie to come directly to the gate to estimate that the Buddha has blocked the killing of the Buddha.
Wu Jie didn’t care if Brother Ping and Gou were different. She glared at the big bald head and said, "Go away."
The bald man was so scared that he quickly let …
Hurriedly get rid of this woman’s clutches and then raise your mobile phone and say, "Don’t say more, let’s see for ourselves! Let’s see if I kidnapped Xu Jie, the girl inside, or if I’m a hero! Behind me, is it a black meeting or a big hero! "
After the meeting, I have to press the play button. The first paragraph is recording.

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