The idea of this moment comes to everyone’s mind. Look at Chen Gong’s face. If you really do this to deal with the 200,000 Han army, that’s enough. But it is estimated that the civilians of Liang will suffer all the way to Luoshui. At that time, it was definitely a disaster for many lives …

"Sir, I don’t agree with Mr. Chen. I’m counting on Liang Guomin to die."
Huang Zheng was the first to refute Chen Gong, but his face remained unchanged and continued-
"If we do this at ordinary times without warning, we will naturally be robbed of several people in Liang, but now the Han army has come to attack several people, and all the people have experienced the yellow turban insurrectionary chaos. According to the news from the Palace, there are few people in Luoshui City, Liangzhou, and now we are still enough to get to Luoshui City as soon as possible to evacuate people along the road to minimize casualties."
"If you can’t, you will defend your country and protect yourself. Liang Guomin, we do this and kill me personally. Liang Guomin is different …"
Huang Zheng once again retorted that he disagreed with Chen Gong’s practice, because he made it clear that no matter how to evacuate, it was impossible to evacuate everyone. Someone would always stay. When the dam came, the whole Luoshui Lake would be a disaster.
"I agree with Mr. Chen’s approach." When Huang Zheng and Chen Gong were deadlocked, Yang Feng came out. "Now the Han army is coming, that is, if we can’t repel the Han army, our whole Liang country will be caught in a war. This is an extraordinary time to be extreme measure."
"At the end of the month, I will also agree with Mr. Chen’s practice of being a extreme measure at all times."
This time, Xue Gui came out.
"It will be seconded at the end …" "Although Mr. Chen’s plan is extremely harmful, it can be regarded as a strategy."
In the end, other military commanders in Zuojiao and Zhang Baiqi also rose to support Chen Gong’s speech.
"You … you …"
Huang Zheng is pointing at Chen Gong, Xue Gui and others speechless.
"Report-"At this moment, there was a long sound outside the door, and then a soldier came in with his tent up and knelt down to salute Ning Caichen, saying, "Report to the angel of the general court!"
The angel is the imperial court bearer, such as an imperial Ning Caichen, and others. When they are one leng, they see that the camp has been lifted. They see a man dressed in a black robe, but his every move is accompanied by some sissy men and two soldiers.
"Ning Caichen takes orders"
"last general"
Ning Caichen one leng then got up and made a ceremony, devoting himself to face each other’s narration. Yang Feng and others also got up and made a salute to meet the purport. Generally, they have to kneel, but Ning Caichen didn’t intend to. The father-in-law seems to have no intention to look at Ning Caichen and say-
"Fengtian carried Wang Zhaoyue, a surname of Xiaoqi, Ning Caichen to slay Zhang Jiao and Zhang Bao to pacify the yellow turban insurrectionary chaos, and specially sealed General Nanzheng to immediately set out to pacify the rebellion and recover Dongyan County."
"At the end of the general purport xie positions" Ning Caichen said.
"General Ning, congratulations!"
The father-in-law handed the imperial edict to Ning Caichen’s hand and smiled.
"Please father-in-law" Ning Caichen took the imperial edict with a smile, but there was one more thing in his hand. It was a good piece of jade and handed it to the other party from the eunuch’s hand.
The eunuch got something and secretly looked at it. It was a good jade, worth less than a hundred gold, and there was a surprise in his eyes.
"Oh, General Ning is so angry."
"Where positions there still need a lot of kind words from my father-in-law" Ning Caichen smiled. The Yan is easy to provoke the imp and difficult to send money to settle him. He doesn’t mind Dora with these people.
"General Ning, where are you now? But I am a great hero of Liang Guo, but I am very fond of the general." The eunuch didn’t look at his eyes and smiled, and then whispered, "By the way, he also asked me to take a message to the general. General Chen’s death will be kept secret for the time being."
"Confidentiality" Ning Caichen’s face was slightly coagulated and then he said, "Be careful, however, when the message is received in the Han country …"
"General Ning is really witty." When he heard Ning Caichen’s words, there was a flash of admiration in his eyes. He thought of the problem as soon as he said Ning Caichen. This kind of thinking made him sigh, but then he found something wrong. Ning Caichen’s face was a little weird and his eyes were a little weird.
Soon he found that not only Ning Caichen yard, but also others looked at him with strange eyes.
"What’s the matter? Is there something wrong with General Ning?" The eunuch looked at Ning Caichen.
"To tell the truth, I’m afraid there’s no need to hide the death of General Chen." Ning Caichen grinned. "I just got the news that Fan Kuai, the Han Dynasty, has led a great army to break the valley of letters a few days ago!"
"ah! Han army breached the valley of letters … "
This is the eunuch exclaimed the whole people just stood there.
"Please take this news to the king," Ning Caichen added. "I will lead the army to resist the Han army on the day of mining."
"good! Ok! ….. Ning general rest assured that I will bring the news to … "
Finally, the eunuch went out, but it seemed that he was scared by the news that the Han army had broken into the valley of letters. When he went out, his steps were unstable and he almost fell down. That was a mess.
"Look at his bear" Xue Gui looked at the father-in-law from the back disdain snorted.
"Congratulations to the coach"
Then they congratulated Ning Caichen, who was not a soldier’s dream, but Ning Caichen joined the army for almost a month, but now he has become a general. It is estimated that no one will believe him if he tells it.
"All right, let’s not talk about it. It’s urgent to meet the coming war when Yang Feng, Zuo Jiao, Zhang Baiqi and Huang Zheng."
"last general"
"I order you four pioneers to set off for Luoshui City to find out the news of the Han army and evacuate the crowd. Remember not to alert the Han army."
Four people brought Huang Zheng face changed and finally went out.
"Luoshui Lake in Gongtai, when the Han army arrives, I want to see Luoshui Lake inundate the whole Han army camp."
"Xue Gui, you will lead me to Lanre Temple!"
Xue Gui should be a suit, but his heart is confused. Ning Caichen said Lanre Temple.
Chapter 23 Coming to Lan Ruo again
Lanre Temple is located in the Woods ten miles south of Guobei County. It is a gloomy ancient temple. Lanre Temple has always been a fierce name. People in Guobei County talk about it, but there was a big battle there more than two months ago. In front of Lanre Temple, a large forest collapsed and destroyed several mountains. Fiona Fang was in ruins for miles. Some people bravely entered Lanre Temple, but there were no ghosts anymore …
Some people say that a fairy came to Lanre Temple that night to collect the monsters in Lanre Temple, and some people say that a Taoist priest came here to see Lanre Temple, but these are all things before …

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